Sunday, October 29, 2006

Another of my Favorite People - Linda Windsor

Linda and I were longtime, online friends before we ever met. Now we're sisters of the heart. I love her humor and quirky way of looking at things. If you haven't read her any of her Moonstruck series, rush out and buy the first two in the series Paper Moon and Fiesta Moon. Although each book will stand alone, you'll want to read them in order, and when you've read one, you'll have to read them all. Linda is giving away an autographed copy to a winner chosen from the people who leave comments on the interview. You might win a copy of the third book in the series Blue Moon.

Look at this beautiful picture of Linda. I'm afraid it hides her fun, quirky side from you. Tell us how much of yourself you write into your characters, Linda.

Most of my characters have my sense of humor, knack for misadventure, and my tendency to question God on occasion and/or complain a bit. Sometimes God and I aren’t always in sync on things.

What is the quirkiest thing you have ever done?

Okay, I looked up quirky in the dictionary to be certain that I answered this correctly. It says a quirk is an abrupt twist or turn. Hmm. Unless it’s following up on an impulse to play joke on or tease someone, I’m not really inclined to make sudden changes in direction. But I do have a quirky sense of humor…look out! You could be next.

Don't I know it? When did you first discover that you were a writer?

Writing was never a challenge in school, but I can’t say I enjoyed it, because I ‘had’ to do it. Yet, I was always making up stories in my mind. They rarely made to pen and paper, unless it was a free assignment where I could choose what I wanted to write about. It wasn’t until I began to read historical romance that I ever entertained any thought about writing a book. Upon reading one that I thought mediocre, I decided I could do that. And I did. Boy, did I write one…185,000 words worth. It was finally published at a pared down 140,000 words.

Tell us the range of the kinds of books you enjoy reading.

I enjoy books of all genres, from romance to futuristic to suspense and thrillers. And I like reading non-fiction, especially history, journals or biographies.

What other books have you written, whether published or not?

I’ve never written anything except romance. I did write sixteen secular romances for Zebra/Kensington and Meteor/Kismet Romances, prior to my first CBA book Hi Honey, I'm Home. That was followed by Not Exactly Eden, Unlikely Angels Anthology, It Had to be You, Along Came Jones for Multnomah Publishers, and my latest Moonstruck romcom trilogy for Thomas Nelson/Westbow Press—Paper Moon. Fiesta Moon, and Blue Moon. I also did an Irish Celtic historical series for Multnomah called The Fires of Gleannmara, which included Maire,Riona, and Dierdre.

How do you keep your sanity in our run, run, run world?

I don’t. But by faith I cling to the world’s window like that stuffed Garfield one sees in cars. Somehow life hasn’t shaken me off yet. Tenacity, I think it’s called. God enables my tenacity...or in Garfield’s case, claws.

How do you choose your characters’ names?

My main characters’ names are the hardest. Most of the time I pour through name books until the right one with the right meaning jumps out at me. Sometimes I hear a name in a movie or on TV that suits the character forming in my mind. I honestly can’t begin a book until I have the names of my hero and heroine established. In only one of my twenty-eight books to date have I ever changed a main character name in mid-book. Along Came Jones’ Deanna was originally Dianna, but somehow she turned Italian and more gutsy than glamorous after I met a real Deanna at a party while writing the novel.

What is the accomplishment that you are most proud of?

That’s a hard one. I could say my kids or the way God has used my music and writing to touch others. But that’s not really pride. That’s humility...gratitude. I suppose I could say that I’m proud to still be hanging on to life’s window by His Grace. Nothing I’ve ever accomplished has been done without it.

If you were an animal, which one would you be, and why?

A pampered house cat that doesn’t have to kill and eat living things and doesn’t know what’s in my crystal Fancy Feast bowl. Because of my chemical depression, which is always worse in winter, I’m solar-powered like cats. I love napping in the sun…by the sea. It’s the ultimate muscle relaxer to me. Hmm. Make that a pampered lighthouse keeper’s cat.

What is your favorite food?

Thin slick dumplings. For those of you who are not from the Eastern Shore of Maryland, those are little pasta-like squares cut from a thinly rolled dough of flour, water, and dash of salt; cooked in a well-seasoned chicken (or beef/duck/etc) broth to absorb the flavor; and then the broth is thickened to a gravy. Keep your chocolate, gals. Give me the starch.

What would you like to tell us about the featured book?

My featured book is Blue Moon, the last of the Moonstruck RomCom series about the Madison siblings. It’s about the baby sister and prodigy Dr. Jeanne Madison. Success and faith have always come easy to the young marine archaeologist, including receiving specific information as to the whereabouts of the sunken galleon Blue Moon. Until she meets Captain Gabe Avery of the Fallen Angel, the only boat her limited budget as a novice will afford. The name of Gabe’s boat says it all, challenging Jeanne to aim at salvaging more than sunken treasure in this adventure of a lifetime. If the incorrigible captain isn’t enough to fray Jeanne’s nerves, her eccentric crew is. Then, just as success is within their reach, Gabe’s dark past comes back to haunt them and Jeanne’s untested faith goes through the fire, as well as Gabe’s barely recovered one.

Writing about untested faith was new for me, but after hearing on the Minirth-Meyer Clinic radio show one day, how those who’ve never had their faith tested are more likely to cave in under life’s challenges, than those who’ve been through the fire time and again, I thought that would make an interesting spiritual conflict for Jeanne and a contrast to Gabe’s spirtual struggle. As in real life, God uses all degrees of faith to accomplish His will, even when it’s not all it should be. I guess one could say that a little faith goes a long way in His hands. Oh, and did I say God has a sense of humor?

And I'm glad He gave you one, Linda. Your posts often fill my office with laughter as I read them. Thank you for spending this time with us. I look forward to being with you again.

Remember readers, leave a comment for a chance to win a copy of the featured book. While you're at it, stop by on Kristy's interview and leave a comment there, too.


Laura said...

What a fun interview, Linda! I loved all your books so far. My favorite (I think!) is the one on a cruise ship. :)

Marion Kelley Bullock said...

I enjoyed your interview, Lena. Linda is one of my favorite people. I only see her at our conferences, but I've grown to appreciate her--as I appreciate you, Lena.



Anonymous said...

Linda and Lena, thanks for the wonderful interview! Linda your books are among my favorites! :-)

Many blessings to you both,

Jennifer Y. said...

Another great interview! I would love to enter.

Sheryl said...

Thank you for the great interview Linda & Lena :-)

Linda is such an inspiration to me. Her perseverance in writing while in the midst of personal difficulties is a wonderful testimony for the Lord, and a tremendous encouragement to me.


Anonymous said...

great interview! i read linda's old palisades novels and i loved them. please enter me!

Julie Dearyan said...

Okay, Linda, you whet my appetite for the cruise ship book! Now I have to read it. Love all your books and loved your interview.

Anonymous said...

Great interview! It is always fun to learn new things about an author whose books you enjoy.

Anonymous said...

Wow, thank you all for posting such encouraging comments. I really needed them after today's disasters. I'm putting up new siding and replacement windows. None of the windows fit. I have 1" gaps between inside frame/facing and the window itself. Every one will have to be re-trimmed from the inside. Four were two inches too long, one was installed wrong, another broken, and all of them were the wrong models. I didn't notice until six had been installed, so am keeping them. Re-ordering six dormer windows. Oh, and they sent the wrong siding.

Now, imagine all of this with a wonderfully cooperative group of Mexican carpenters. Only one spoke decent English. My mother carried on a five minute conversation with one who did not:)

Meanwhile, my 'other' job is calling me in to replace someone who was let go. I report tomorrow for that task.

Oh, and my galleys came today. I did the first two chapters with a saws-all roaring in my ear.

Scripture says rejoice in our woes. Okay, I can see humor rearing its head. Definitely fodder for a book. I kept thinking through all this, The Lord is my shepherd...thy rod and thy staff...are beating the dickens out of me:) It's okay. My God has a sense of humor...I HOPE!

Thank you Lena for highlighting me and Blue Moon. If I survive another day--the siding people come tomorrow--I'll share some of the adventures I had in Mexico researching BLUE MOON. Oh yes, there were adventures. Okay, MIS-adventures:)

Blessings on you all,
Linda Windsor
WEDDING BELL BLUES 6-07 Avon Inspire

Anonymous said...

Ooh! Blue Moon sounds good. I'll have to look for all those. Please, sign me up for your drawing!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful interview, you two! Linda, thanks for sharing your thoughts and a typical day in the life! LOL

Margo Carmichael

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed reading this interview. I love historical fiction and now plan to check out Linda's Irish Celtic series. Thank you again for introducing me to a new writer I've not read before!