Sunday, July 01, 2007

Time for Winners - Again

Cherie J won a copy of A Bigger Life by Annette Smith.

Kimberlee won Love's Lie by Seye Oke.

You both need to send me your mailing address, so I can start these books on their way to you. Just click on the email link under my picture.

Remember, if you sign up for FeedBlitz, also under my picture, you will be notified when there's a new post on the blog.

I will be posting two interviews a week this month, but not always on regular days as I try to do. I will be going on a trip, and I'm not sure if I'll have Internet connection while I'm gone.

There's still time to leave a comment on the Interviews by Nikki Arana and Nancy Tobak.

Have a wonderful holiday this week.

1 comment:

Cherie J said...

Thank you Lena! I sent you an email with my address. Congrats to Kimberlee as well.