Thursday, September 13, 2007

Molly Noble Bull

Molly and I have been friends for a long time. I'm please to introduce you to her new release.

Molly, why do you write the kind of books you do?

I am a born again Christian, and I write Christian fiction and non-fiction because that is who I am.

Besides when you came to know the Lord, what is the happiest day in your life?

There have been several. Certainly the day I married Charlie was a happy day for me, and I was happy when each of our three sons were born.

How has being published changed your life?

Being published gives me the opportunity do what I enjoy doing, and that is writing.

What are you reading right now?

I read mostly non-fiction and especially Bible prophecy. The book I am reading now, The Nephilim and the Pyramid of the Apocalypse by Patrick Heron, is about the giants mentioned in the OT. Scary stuff, I know. But interesting.

What is your current work in progress?

I am working on two books at once for Tsaba House right now—a non-fiction book on dyslexia and the sequel to Sanctuary.

What would be your dream vacation?

I would love to go to Israel one day. In fact, like all true believers, I will be living there when Jesus returns.

How do you choose your settings for each book?

The settings for each book put a frame around my stories and helps make them come alive.

If you could spend an evening with one person who is currently alive, who would it be and why?

As I mentioned, I like to read books on Bible prophecy; so I would like to spend time with a Christian who knows a lot on that subject—like Perry Stone and J. R. Church.

What are your hobbies, besides writing and reading?

I like to spend time with my family. We laugh a lot, and that always makes me feel good.

What is your most difficult writing obstacle, and how do you overcome it?

Until I started selling what I write, I never had writers block once. But now that I have book contracts in my hand, I have to spend time promoting my books. Nobody ever told me I would have to do that. Though I enjoy doing it, it really takes time away from my writing.

What advice would you give to a beginning author?

Never give up.

Now, Molly, tell us about the featured book.

Sanctuary will be) published in trade paperback on September 15, 2007. The Huguenots were French Christians who weren’t members of the Church of France, and some were persecuted because of it. Set in France in 1740, Sanctuary is a fast-paced, romantic adventure story about the Huguenots and forgiving the unforgivable.

I was privileged to write an endorsement for Sanctuary. You'll really like the book. Molly, how can readers find you on the Internet?

Thank you for spending this time with us, Molly.

Readers, you'll want to visit Molly's web sites. If you want a chance to win a copy of Sanctuary, leave a comment on this interview.

Because I injured my knee, and I'm going to the national American Christian Fiction Writers Conference in Dallas, the next few interviews will not follow the established schedule. So if you don't want to miss any of the authors, sign up for FeedBlitz under my picture. You'll be notified about new posts.


Marion Kelley Bullock said...

I enjoyed the interview. I count Molly as my friend, too, as she has encouraged me.


Cecelia Dowdy said...

Molly's book, Sanctuary, sounds like an exciting story! I can't wait to read it!

Janna said...

This book looks great - what an interesting period of history to write about!


ChristyJan said...

Great interview. And, SANCTUARY sounds like a great read.

Delia said...

This was a great interview and it sounds like a great book!

Have fun at the conference!

Sue H. said...

Terrific interview! I have enjoyed all of Molly's books. Please enter me in the drawing.

Unknown said...

Please enter me for the book drawing forest_rose[at]yahoo[dot]com This sounds like a great read - a two-fer for me. I love historicals and this one's set in France where I spent a semester studying in college - had to go after spending 7 years studying the language and then I took another two years of it after coming back. Am I a glutton for punishment - perhaps to some but I just happen to like the language.

Melissa Meeks

Anonymous said...

the past few weeks that I've found this site has brought me in light of many new authors and I'm so excited. there are so many books that I've had to add to my wish list. This too sounds like a very interesting and good book. Hope I win it.

Anonymous said...

This sounds intense. A teacher friend on mine has a great interest in church history, and this would be a wonderful Christmas present for her if I win!--that's assuming I can bear to part with it after I read it. Hmmm. How often does that actually happen? ha ha

Norma said...

Sounds like a great book - I would love to win it!

Kathie said...

As usual, I greatly enjoyed reading your interviews.
Blessings from Costa Rica

Kathie said...

Almost forgot! Can you enter me in the drawing also? Thanks
More blessings from Costa Rica

Anonymous said...

Great interview. I have enjoyed all of Molly's books. Please enter me in the drawing.Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I never heard of you before now but if Lena puts you on her blog, God bless you. I have met some nice authors here. It was interesting to read your blog. I love history type stuff so your book Sancuary sounds interesting and unusual. God Bless.
Jane Squires

tetewa said...

Sounds like my kind of read!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for introducing me to an author I haven't heard of. The book sounds good.
Please enter me to win.