Saturday, March 22, 2008

Oh, Goody!!! More Winners!!!

Patty won Recipe for Murder by Lisa Harris.

Betsy won Hope for the Journey Through Cancer by Yvonne Ortega.

Janet Spaeth won Wildfire by Roxanne Rustand.

All three of you need to send me your mailing address. There's a link to my email in my profile.

Another interview coming up soon.

There's still time to leave comments on these posts:

Cheryl Wyatt - A soldier's Family
Tracie Peterson - A Lady of Hidden Intent
James E. Robinson - Prodigal Song

I pray that each of you have a very blessed Easter. My family will be celebrating the birth of our Savior at my house.


Betsy said...

Thanks so much! I praying that this book will minister to the person I am planning on giving it to.

Janet Spaeth said...

YEAAA! Thanks so much, Lena.

And I hope you have a WONDERFUL Easter!

shirlnay said...

Yes, I came on over to take a look
While here I commented to win a fab book.
I really, really hope my name is picked.
So I'll win a good book, just not too thick. (-: