Sunday, August 24, 2008

SNOWBOUND COLORADO CHRISTMAS - 4 Free Books - Authors Tamela Hancock Murray, Lena Nelson Dooley, Susan Page Davis, Darlene Franklin

Today I'm introducing the first of several Christmas books being released for this season. And I was privileged to be part of the team writing Snowbound Colorado Christmas.

Love Snowballs in Four Couples’ Lives
during the Blizzard of 1913

by Susan Page Davis, Lena Nelson Dooley,
Darlene Franklin, Tamela Hancock Murray

Love Arrives with a Blizzard

In Tamela's book, Thalia Blooms’s Christmas party on December 3, 1913, is the talk of Denver, but no one dreams the gently falling snow will continue six days and accumulate to nearly four feet.Thalia’s only dread is having to see the man who once jilted her. Could an allergy to rhubarb ruin her whole party or bring together two people who are meant for each other?

In my novel, Rose Fletcher attends her friend's party and becomes reacquainted with a man who used to work on her father's ranch. Are her feels just lingering infatuation, or could there be a future for two people from such different backgrounds.

In Susan's novel, Patricia Logan also has trouble getting home, becoming snowbound with a former admirer, a cranky midwife, and questions from the past. Can Patricia rekindle an old camaraderie and see it transform into lasting love?

In Darlene's novel, an accident while leaving the party has heiress Natalie Daire taking refuge at the Brown Palace Hotel. What could a sudden friendship with a ordinary mechanic teach her about life?

If they live through the storm, will love be there to greet each young woman on Christmas morn?

Now for the interview:

What is the name of your novella, and where in the collection does it occur?

Lena: My novella, The Best Medicine, is the second novella in the collection.

Who came up with the idea for the collection?

Susan: I’m not sure, so I’ll leave this to someone else to answer.

Tamela: We’ve had a great time trying to decide!

Darlene: My recollection is that Lena Nelson Dooley posted a request on an authors’ loop looking for people to work on a Christmas collection with her. Fortunately she invited me to work with her, Tamela Hancock Murray and Susan Page Davis—especially since I’m the only two-name author of the group! Joking aside, I feel honored to work with such a great group of writers.

How can readers find you on the Internet?

Lena: I am found several places. – my website where I write book reviews and give away free copies of my books in the monthly newsletters – my blog where I interview other authors and help promote their books. - the Internet community that I call home

Susan: Visit me at And if you’re coming to Maine, drop me an email and bring some insect repellant.

Tamela: Visit to find out about my work. I’m also a literary agent so you’ll see lots of info and links to other authors’ sites. Please send me an email to let me know you dropped by. Enjoy!

Darlene: Check out my blog,, or my website,

And you won’t want to miss the rest of the Blog Tour. Each site has a different set of questions and answers. You'll need to visit all of them to learn more about the book and each author:

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I want to thank each person who agreed to be a part of the blog tour. Each blog will give away a free copy of the book.

And, readers, leave a comment on this blog for a chance to win a free copy. We're giving away 4 copies on this introductory blog.


windycindy said...

Christmas books are so special and extra fun to read! What a wonderful book with excellent authors. The 1913 time period is close to the year of my dad's birth year. He is 90 years old and I enjoy listening to his stories about growing up. I would be honored to win one of these books of Christmas love stories. Please enter me in your drawing. Many thanks, Cindi

Cheri2628 said...

I love, love Christmas anthologies! I read several every year, and this one sounds wonderful! Please enter me in the drawing. Thanks! :-)

Cheri2628 said...

Sorry! I forgot to leave my contact info!


Cherie J said...

Ooh! I so enjoy these Christmas anthologies that come out every year. I really look forward to them every time it gets close to Christmas. What a great idea to use the Blizzard of 1913 as the focal point for a plot. Great idea. Would love to win a copy. Thanks for the chance.

WK said...

ohhh wow it sounds like a great collection of stories. And such a great interview. Please enter me to win!


Ausjenny said...

Oh please enter me Ilove Christmas novels and novella's I always stock up on them.
ausjenny at gmail dot com.

Ivan Girl said...

wow, sounds like a fun read to me. I love reading books like these.

if you're sending international, kindly include my name in the hat.


Lisa Harris said...

How fun to see some of my crit partners all together on this story. I love a good Christmas story, so count me in the contest!


Abi said...

Oh, I'm going to have to follow this tour. Christmas romance. I love them. 4 in 1 stories what more could a person ask for. I'd be set. Please include me in the drawing.

Mary said...

Snowbound Colorado Christmas is just what I need to curl up with on a snowy day! Please include me, thanks.


Smilingsal said...

I would like to be considered for this Christmas book giveaway. Thank you.

Norma said...

This sounds so interesting - I love Christmas stories, anthologies - and snowbound, well that is another interesting twist.

sarahw said...

i love christmas stories and books with 4 stories in one. please enter my name in the draw.
sarahwoll at hotmail dot com

Darlene Franklin said...

Hi everybody! Thanks for stopping by today. I believe you'll enjoy our stories!

Darlene - author of Dressed in Scarlet

Carole said...

Now you've got me thinking about Christmas while it's still hot and dry where I live! I love Christmas-themed books and appreciate this great giveaway.

cjarvis [at] bellsouth [dot] net

Anonymous said...

This would be such a wonderful book to read as the weather gets chilly and I picture snuggling on the couch with a blanket while reading this delightful book and sipping a cup of hot tea. Love stories get me every time and it's been a pretty heavy year for me so I think this would be particularly nice to read. Thanks for the interview and the chance to win.

Pamela J said...

What a grand book to read, not just at Christmastime but any time of year. Each paragraph the author wrote about what their story was about drew me in and made me WANT to read them. PLEASE, enter me in your drawing. Thanks SO MUCH!!
Pam Williams
cepjwms at yahoo dot com

Lena Nelson Dooley said...

Wow! I'm glad so many of you like Christmas novella collections as much as I do. thanks for stopping by.

Susan Page Davis said...

I just got my author's copy of our book today. I'm glad so many are interested in our giveaway! It's a fun read.

Maureen said...

I do enjoy Christmas stories. It's an exciting and special time of the year.

Carolynn W. said...

Please enter me, i would love to read this book, thanks!

Anita Mae said...

This book has 3 things I love:
- Christmas
- history
- snow

It sounds like a fascinating book to curl up by the fire with and read how other folks are faring in the cold, snowy weather. 8)

acdaisy95 said...

I would like to win this Christmas book.

sunflower95_daisy AT yahoo DOT com

Cori said...

My favorite time of year... Christmas! My favorite stress relief.... a good book! If you can mix in the past (in a romantics mind, the more gentle years..) I have a perfect recipe for a terrific time! I would love to read these books! Please place me in your drawing!
Many thanks for your work

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