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MEDICAL JUDGMENT - Richard L Mabry, MD - One Free Book

Welcome back, Richard. Do you have a favorite genre to write? If so, what is it?
I’ve always enjoyed suspense and thrillers, and although I started out writing straight novels, I eventually moved into writing in that genre. Because I have almost four decades of experience in medicine, it seemed natural to write in that sub-genre. And as for Christian fiction, I’ve been a Christian since my mid-teens, and it just seemed natural to write from that viewpoint.

If you didn’t live in the part of the country where you do, where would you live?
For several years, Kay and I had a timeshare condo in North Carolina for a week in the fall, when the leaves were turning. We liked the people, and the weather was nice when we were there—but I don’t think I’d like to live there year-round. There are lots of other areas in the US we enjoy visiting, but I think when all’s said and done, we’re happy staying in north Texas.

It is a good place to live, but the last few days haven’t been so pleasant with all the stormy weather, hail, and tornados. What foreign country would you like to visit and why?
We loved Germany, and would like to go back, not just because I speak the language and we enjoy the food and the scenery, but also because we were treated well by the people we encountered. Of course, that may have all changed since we were there last. Actually, our whole world has changed.

Yes, it has. I almost don’t recognize our own country right now. Describe what you think would be the most romantic vacation you could take.
I’d enjoy going back to the little inn on the island of Santorini in Greece. It was a lovely setting, and our time there was very relaxing.

Sounds wonderful. Where would you like to set a story that you haven’t done yet?
Thus far, all my novels and novellas have either been set in the Dallas area or in fictional towns I’ve created based on real places in the area, mainly because I’m familiar with them. If I decided to change my setting, I’d probably choose somewhere in the northeast—Boston or New York. Of course, that would require a tax-deductible trip for research, and even after travel there I’d probably get something wrong.

What is the main theme of this novel?
Medical Judgment is about a widowed emergency-room doctor who, although she seems to have lost her support system, struggles to be strong and survive despite crisis after crisis.

Tell us about the story.
Someone is after Dr. Sarah Gordon. They’ve stalked her, then set a fire at her home, and she has no idea what will come next. Her late husband’s best friend and a recovering alcoholic detective are trying to solve the mystery before it’s too late, but both appear to be vying for her affection as well. Sarah finds herself in constant fear as the process plays out. The questions keep mounting. Who is doing this? Why are they after her? What will they do to her? Will it mean her death? And, meanwhile, whom can she trust?

Please give us the first page of the book.
Acrid smoke assaulted her nostrils and nudged Dr. Sarah Gordon out of a restless sleep. Was that really smoke? Or had she dreamed the whole thing? She sat up in bed and sniffed the air around her. No, the smoke was real.

Her sleep-numbed brain struggled for only a few seconds before it hit her. Her house was on fire. She had to tell Harry. Then she’d run down the hall and get Jenny. The family had to reach safety.

Sarah reached to her left across the king-size bed, but when her hand touched a bare pillow she realized her husband wasn’t there…and why. He was dead. He’d been dead for eight months now. So had Jenny, her daughter. Sarah was alone… in a burning house.

Or was she alone? Hadn’t she also heard a noise? Was someone there, waiting for her to come down those stairs? Should she stay up here? No, the “someone” might or might not be real, but the fire wasn’t the product of her imagination. She needed to act, and quickly.

Rules and admonitions, read or heard in the past and almost forgotten, swirled through her mind, paralyzing it with indecision. Sarah forced herself to stop. You’re a doctor, Sarah. You’ve faced countless emergencies. Fast isn’t good unless you’re accurate.

She threw on a robe and shoved her feet into slippers. Sarah dropped her cell phone and keys into the pocket of her robe. She took two steps away from the bed, then turned back and picked up the flashlight that had sat on her bedside table since Jenny’s birth. She flicked it on, and in a few strides that displayed more confidence than she felt Sarah covered the distance to the door leading to the hall. Feel the door. If it’s hot, find some other way out.

Cautiously, she pressed her palm against the door. When she discovered it was cool, Sarah let out a breath she didn’t know she was holding. She opened the door and saw no flames. Then she sniffed, and there it was again—a faint aroma of smoke wafting up the stairway—not enough to choke her, not an amount capable of blocking her vision, but sufficient to send her hurrying down the stairs.

Guided by the flashlight, she descended to the first floor. As she got lower, she coughed a little, her eyes watered a bit, but she could breathe, could see through the tears. The smoke still wasn’t bad.
At the bottom of the stairs, she stopped to listen. Was that a noise? She strained her ears, but heard nothing more. Maybe there was no intruder. Maybe it was all in her imagination. Maybe.

I’m eager for my copy to get here. I want to know what comes next. How can readers find you on the Internet?
I love connecting with my readers and invite them all to connect with me via the Internet. My website is I’m on Twitter ( and Facebook ( I blog twice a week at

Thank you, Richard. I love featuring you on my blog, and my readers look forward to finding out about your new books.

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Richard Mabry said...

Lena, thanks (as always) for having me as your guest, as well as for our friendship through the years. Appreciate it.

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Thanks for the giveaway! Love mystery/suspense

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Richard Mabry said...

I appreciate the comments--keep 'em coming. And to answer the question that's been asked, Yes, the next one is already written and will be out this fall. Just can't announce the publisher yet. Stay tuned.

Diana Flowers said...

I have never read many books written by men, but this one is on my have-to-read list! The cover is the BoMb and the description is so exciting! I would love to try one of Richard Mabry's books!

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Thanks to all of you for your comments, and to Lena for hosting me (along with your friendship over the years).