Tuesday, November 15, 2016

MY ENEMY, MY HEART - Laurie Alice Eakes - One Free Book

She has recently relocated to a cold climate because she is weird enough to like snow and icy lake water. When she isn’t basking in the glory of being cold, she likes to read, visit museums, and take long walks, preferably with her husband, though the cats make her feel guilty every time she leaves the house.        

Welcome back, Laurie Alice. Do you have a favorite genre to write? If so, what is it?
I love writing historical fiction, especially eighteenth and early nineteenth century America and Great Britain, but I truly enjoyed writing my contemporary novels.

If you didn’t live in the part of the country where you do, where would you live?
In Appalachia. I love those mountains.

What foreign country would you like to visit and why?
Scotland. I’ve been to Europe three times, but have yet to get to Scotland. I love their history. It is fascinating, sad, and a symbol of courage—or stubbornness. And I have a lot of Scots in my ancestry.

Describe what you think would be the most romantic vacation you could take.
I would love a little cottage on a beach. Just me and my sweetie alone with the sand and waves and wind. Going for long walks along the shore, close enough to a town for dining and entertainment like music or theater—live theater, but no true demands on our time.

Sounds wonderful. Where would you like to set a story that you haven’t done yet?
I haven’t yet set one in Scotland and would like to—contemporary or historical.

What is the main theme of this novel?
What is family and the importance of family.

Tell us about My Enemy, My Heart.
Deirdre is an American woman who has known little more than life aboard her father’s merchantman. Then the War of 1812 is declared, her father’s ship is captured, her father dies, and she enters into a marriage of convenience with an Englishman for her protection. But while she is welcomed into his family and begins to love them and her husband, her loyalty is split between them and her crew, what she has always considered family, who are in an English prison. She determines to free them, but in doing so, she betrays her husband and his family. 

Please give us the first page of the book.
From Chapter 1 of My Enemy, My Heart
“Nothing to worry about.” Her observation of the ship on the horizon complete, Deirdre MacKenzie shoved the spyglass into her waistband, swung into the rigging, and slid down a backstay to land on the deck with a barefooted thud. “It’s only a British merchantman, Captain, sir.”

Daniel MacKenzie gave her a faint smile, amused to have her call him Captain instead of Father, as she had done since she could talk. Despite the smile, his face remained pale, grayish due to the ill health that had plagued him since their rough passage around Cape Horn. “If it’s only a merchantman, we’re safe running up the Stars and Stripes.”

“Are you certain about that, sir?” the first mate, Ross Trenerry, asked from where he stood manning the Baltimore clipper’s wheel. “We haven’t been what one would call friends with the British lately.”

“Only their navy, Ross.” Father pressed one hand to his chest, and his breath rasped loudly enough to be heard above the whistle of wind in the rigging.

Deirdre bit her lip. She wanted to wrap her arm around her father’s too-thin frame and lead him below, suggest he lie on his bunk and let Ross or her make contact with the other merchant ship if the British came their way. He wouldn’t welcome the solicitude, though. She knew that all too well.

“British merchantmen aren’t impressing men from American merchants.” Deirdre spoke more to reassure herself than convince Ross or her father.

Ross shook shaggy, dark hair out of his face and snorted. “The British think they can do whatever they want. I think we’re better off hightailing it out of here.”

“You may be right.” Father sounded as though he’d been running a footrace. “I’d like a bit more wind . . . for that. Deirdre, nip up top again and get their heading. We’ll evade . . . them . . .”

How can readers find you on the Internet?
My web site has excerpts:

My author page on Facebook has tidbits about me and chances to win prizes or join my street team

Or Twitter, where I tweet whatever strikes my fancy, from tidbits about my life, to interesting articles I read.

Thank you, Laurie Alice, for sharing this new book with us. I just finished reading one of your books this morning. You know I love your writing. And I love the cover of this book.

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Patricia said...

Been seeing this cover today and loving it? Anxious to read this book.

Proud to be Texan!

Cathy C said...

What a striking cover! Enjoyed learning more about Laurie and also always enjoy her books. There aren't as many books set during the War of 1812 time frame as we find set during the Civil War, so that is an added plus to those of us who appreciate historical fiction of all eras. Cathy - TX

Deborah said...

I love this cover. I'm from Florida

Laurie Alice Eakes said...

Thank you for stopping by. The cover did turn out lovely. This was a fun book to write and came straight from my heart.

Vera Godley said...

This sounds truly fun & lovely to read. Totally enjoy Laurie Alice Eakes books.

Vera in North Carolina

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Hi from Oklahoma! I always enjoy Laurie Alice Eakes' books.

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This sounds like a very interesting book.
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I love the cover too, and it sounds great!
Abigail in Clarksville VA.

Connie said...

Laurie Alice, thank you for writing the historical fiction that I love to read. And yes, the cover is beautiful!!
Connie from KY

Library Lady said...

Our church library readers love her books and can't get enough of them.
Happy Thanksgiving to You and Yours!
Janet E.

Winnie Thomas said...

This looks and sounds so intriguing! I love historical fiction.
Winnie T from Utah

Caryl Kane said...

Wonderful interview with Laura! Thank you for the excerpt. I enjoy historical fiction.

Caryl K in TEXAS

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Love the cover! Sounds like a wonderful read!

Beth in Montana

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Sounds good. Love the cover. North Platte Nebraska.

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This sounds really interesting. I love the intrigue and I just love Laurie Alice's historicals. Thanks for the interview and the giveaway!

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Beautiful cover--can't wait to read it! <3

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This sounds like a wonderful story! Thank you for the giveaway opportunity.

Britney Adams, TX

dguz said...

Wow, stunning cover, and fascinating synopsis. I'm in California.
-Diana Guz

Dianna said...

It sounds like a case of doing the wrong things for the right reasons. Would love to read it!
Dianna in TN

Sharon Richmond Bryant said...

Enter me in your awesome giveaway!!
Conway, SC.

Terrill R. said...

I've heard great things about Laurie Alice Eakes' books. I'm looking forward to finally reading one for myself.

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I love historical fiction and enjoy reading about this time period.
Beth from Iowa