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LOVE'S COMPASS (PRIDE'S FALL) - Darlene Franklin - One Free Book

Dear Readers, this is an interesting new kind of collection. I love the writings of both of these authors, and Darlene Franklin is a long-time friend. We’ve been in collections together before. I’ve spoken to the ACFW chapter near where she lives and we’ve attended special writing retreats and conferences at the same time.

Welcome back, Darlene. How did this collection come about?
Love’s Compass combines two of three books written back in 2013. The three original titles, Shadowcatcher’s Daughter, Pride’s Fall, and Almost Arizona, captured the history of the Four Corners National Monument through events happening in three of the four corner states (New Mexico, Colorado, and Arizona).
We only included three states because Barbour liked to publish trilogies of Heartsong books. Our books never made it into a trilogy. Susan Page Davis’s book (Almost Arizona) was republished as Desert Moon earlier this year.
My story, Pride’s Fall, was added as a bonus to Love’s Compass, the new title for Carla’s story.

Are these stories connected in some way?
Both stories have at least one scene at the point of the future national monument. In Carla’s time (1875), they were just surveying the boundaries. By the time of my story, a small concrete marker had been placed at the exact connection point. Aside from geography, the stories aren’t connected.

Who chose the setting for this collection?
I did. The Four Corners region has drawn my attention ever since I was a child studying the map of the United States. Living in Colorado only increased my interest. I have driven over the border from Colorado to New Mexico and from Utah to Colorado. Artificial lines, perhaps, but it’s like moving between different worlds.

I’ve love the place where the corners of four states meet, but I’ve never been there. Would love to sometime. What did you want the reader to take away from your story?
Do they have issues—like pride—that come between them and God?

Readers want to get to know the authors they read. Can you tell us three things my readers probably don’t know about you?
Although a New Englander by birth and a westerner as an adult, I lived in Alabama at the time of the Montgomery Bus Boycott. In fact, I appear to have deep family roots in Georgia, South Carolina, and Kentucky. Unfortunately, I don’t know those sides of the family well.

I learned how to play the clarinet before I started to play piano.

I don’t like lasagna.

Please give us the first page of your story.
Mesa Verde, Colorado
June, 1899
Standing Corn waits at the entrance to her home on the cliff, gazing across the valley floor, looking for a sign that her promised, Killdeer, has returned from the hunt. She hears the call of the horn, announcing his return. Three short blasts followed by three longer blasts announce a successful foray, with plenty of food. The tribe will eat well tonight.
She rushes to the circle of elders to celebrate Killdeer’s return. The women of the tribe grab bells and drums, and together the people go out to meet the men returning from the hunt.
Standing Corn sees Killdeer, the skin of the mule deer draped across his shoulders, leading the hunt party. The remaining hunters carry poles loaded with deer and pheasant and other trophies of the hunt. The juice of berries runs down Killdeer’s beardless face.
Killdeer stops the procession in front of Standing Corn. He points to the bounty of the hunt, brandishing his bow and arrow. She lays an admiring hand on his muscled arm before she clasps her hands together and lifts them to the sky, showing her appreciation for his process. The expression on his face doesn’t change, but he opens a pouch around his neck and hands her a necklace made of the teeth of a wolf. She clasps it to her breasts and holds them high for everyone to see. Cheers erupt from the crowd.
So far, so good. Rex Pride had climbed to the second level of dwellings built into the side of the cliffs. From here he could see the panorama of action taking place before him. He had never worked with untrained extras before, let alone a group of Indians. They found their marks; it should work on film.

Where can my readers find you on the Internet?
Twitter: @darlenefranklin

Thank you, Darlene, for sharing this collection with us. I’m eager to read it.

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Melanie Backus said...

I love collections and I love Darlene's work. Thank you for sharing!

Melanie Backus, TX

Darlene Franklin said...

Why, thank you, Melanie! Good luck!

Unknown said...

I miss this collection of Darlene's and it looks and sounds fascinating to read. I love reading Darlene's books. Thank you for sharing your talent, Darlene.

Barbara Thompson (LA)


Britney Adams said...

Darlene is such a delight! I enjoyed this interview and would love to win a copy of this collection!

Britney Adams, TX

Darlene Franklin said...

Barbara, God blessed me with an abundance of publications in May, so I haven't spoken much about this book with Carla. But it was a wonderful group to work with and great stories to share. I appreciate your interest

Darlene Franklin said...

Britney, I'm a delight? You'll give me a big head if you keep that up, lol. Good luck with the drawing.

Cindy W. said...

I love Darlene's books and Carla Gade is a new author to me. I would love to win a copy. Thank you for the chance.

Cindy W. from Indiana

Darlene Franklin said...

Cindy, Carla's written a great book. Thanks for your kind words and good luck!

Library Lady said...

Our church library readers love Darlene's books. This ones looks like a keeper.
Janet E.

Darlene Franklin said...

Wow, Janet, that's exciting! Good luck.

Brenda W said...

This sounds like an interesting Western story. I haven't read many Indian stories lately. I always thought it would be interesting to visit the 4 Corners area.
Brenda W in TN

Darlene Franklin said...

Brenda, Carla did an amazing job with her mixed-raced hero. I believe you would enjoy this book. Good luck!

Sharon Richmond Bryant said...

Enter me in your awesome giveaway!!
Conway SC.

Darlene Franklin said...

Sharon, Thanks for your interest, and good luck!

Paula Shreckhise said...

This one looks really good! I'm from MO!

Darlene Franklin said...

Hi Paula! Thanks for stopping by.

Trixi said...

Fun interview, Darlene! Book sounds terrific, of course :-)

Trixi in OR

Darlene Franklin said...

Hi Trixi! Glad you enjoyed the interview. This book was a lot of fun.