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BRIDES OF BLACK HORSE MESA~TEXAS - Patricia Pacjac Carroll - One Free Ebook

Dear Readers, Patricia Pacjac Carroll is a dear friend of mine. She’s a very popular author on Amazon. Most of her books are westerns, and I love them. I think you will, too.

Welcome back, Patty. Why did you become an author?
I have stories that attack me and want to be told. I believe the Lord gave me a gift and I love it.

If you weren’t an author, what would be your dream job?
This my dream job.

If you could have lived at another time in history, what would it be and why?
Well, I love the old West, but to be honest, I am totally spoiled in the time that the Lord has placed me in. Not sure I would be happy without electricity and computers and AC. 

Amen to that, Patty. What place in the United States have you not visited that you would like to?

Me, too, that and Hawaii. How about a foreign country you hope to visit? 

What lesson has the Lord taught you recently? 
Humility.  And that is an ongoing lesson. Lol

I became haughty and would tell people that if you gave me a name or place~ I’d come up with a story. And then one foggy night, I needed a story to put in an anthology for Christmas and proceeds to go to a charity. Well, friends gave me a name, a place, and my mind was blank. There was no story. It was due at noon the next day. I went to bed sad. I could not come up with a story. And I was a bit shaken. I boasted about being able to come up with stories, and I’d hit a dry well. But GOD, He got hold of  me and told me the stories are His. I woke up at 5:30 AM and had a picture of a cowboy on a horse pulling a Christmas tree and knew I had a story and that wasn’t even where the story started. And I did. I wrote the story and turned it in before noon. God is good.

Yes, He is. Please tell us about the featured book?
Brides of Black Horse Mesa is a collection of three mail-order bride novellas. I love these books. The characters surprised me at every turn. It all starts when the oldest of three brothers decides he needs a wife. Wait until you read Greta’s solution to her predicament at the end of her story. Tom and Maggie start their story off in a crazy twist that leads to Matt’s story. I hope you’ll enjoy these stories. I sure had a fun time writing them.

I am eager to read them. Please give us the first page of the book.
Greta’s Story
Greta Pederson lifted the beaten plant and groaned at the sight of the bug infested squash. Gone. What the insects hadn’t eaten, last night’s hail had ruined. They were finished. She dreaded going into the little farmhouse to tell Grandpapa.

She stretched her back. The letters in her pocket crinkled, reminding her of the possible escape from their dire circumstances. Perhaps her grandfather wouldn’t be so set against the idea of leaving the farm. She brushed the dirt from her hands, fished the first letter from her pocket, and opened it.

Wanted: A respectable woman twenty years to twenty five. Must not be ugly. Blonde hair a plus. Must know how to cook good and be friendly. I have a good ranch. Come west to Texas and Black Horse Mesa. Ask for Chase Logan.

She stuffed the letter back into the envelope. She’d already written to Chase and told him she’d come, and he’d quickly sent her the money for the travel fares. Dreading what she had to do, she trudged to the ramshackle two-room house.

Opening the door, her heart sank at the sight of the old man sitting in the rocker. Gently, she nudged him. “Grandpapa, we need to talk.”

Waking, he rubbed his eyes and stared at her. “Henny?”

She shook her head. Poor man more often than not drifted to the other world her Grandmother had passed into. “No, it’s me, Greta.”

“Ah, I see better now.” His eyes brightened. “What is it my little Greta girl wants?”

“I’ve made up my mind. I’m going to Texas to Black Horse Mesa and marry Chase Logan. I’m taking you with me.” Shocked that she’d included him in her plans, she knew that was the only thing she could do. She couldn’t leave him alone.

I know my readers will love this story, too. How can readers find you on the Internet?
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Connie said...

Thanks for sharing Patricia's thoughts and the first page of Brides of Black Horse Mesa.
Connie from KY

Elly said...

These sound so good! I LOVE mail-order bride stories!
Elly -Indiana-

Patricia PacJac Carroll said...

Thank you Connie and Elly.

Anonymous said...

sounds good! Shelia from Mississippi

Vivian Furbay said...

I like swesterns and this one sound really good. Would love to win a copy.