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A SOUTHERN SEASON - Linda W. Yezak (and 3 others) - One Free Book

Dear Readers, I’m featuring this novella collection today. We have excerpts from each of the stories and the bio of each author. No interview.

From A Southern Season: Four Stories from a Front Porch Swing

Excerpt from Ice Melts in Spring by Linda W. Yezak
He studied her for a moment, and she raised her chin. She would not squirm under the scrutiny of the local preacher. He had no clue what she’d gone through, no inkling of how cold that Being he worshiped could be.

 “You know your Bible,” he said. “You should know that He promised He’d never leave you or forsake you. Doesn’t matter if a person is faithless to Him, He remains faithful. He can’t go back on His promises.”

Oh, but He could, and He had, and she’d given up waiting for Him to offer some measure of comfort.

Linda W. Yezak lives with her husband and their funky feline, PB, in a forest in deep East Texas, where tall tales abound and exaggeration is an art form. She has a deep and abiding love for her Lord, her family, and salted caramel. And coffee—with a caramel creamer. Author of award-winning books and short stories, she didn't begin writing professionally until she turned fifty. Taking on a new career every half century is a good thing.

Excerpt from Lillie Beth in Summer, by Eva Marie Everson:
Granny always said God doesn’t shut a door but what he doesn’t open a window. Only when Granny said it, she said, “God don’t never shut a door, child, but what he don’t open a winda.”

I smile every time I think of it. Because Granny was right. And because I can’t help but remember her words, the cadence of her speech. The way she’d nod her head once to let me know she meant business.

Granny always meant business.

Elma Frances McCall was really my husband’s grandmother, but in my heart, the minute David introduced me to her in the front room of their two-story farmhouse that smelled of bacon grease and Pine Sol, she became my own. She embodied the embrace of all the love I’d never known. Not once in my sixteen years.

Eva Marie Everson is a bestselling, multiple-award-winning author of both fiction and nonfiction. She is the president of Word Weavers International, the director of Florida Christian Writers Conference, and the managing editor of Firefly Southern Fiction. She and her husband make their home in Central Florida. Website:

Excerpt from Through an Autumn Window, by Claire Fullerton:
I’ve never minded the rain. Autumn has always been my favorite time of year in the South. I’ve missed its stark changes since I moved to California. I still wait for it with fevered expectancy. In California, I look for any hint of fall in the air, and almost will it into being. The temperature drops, and that’s me in the slightest of breeze, putting on a knee-length coat and wearing autumn colors in shades of khaki, maroon, and green. Californians look at me as if I’ve lost my mind, but I don’t care. I’m a forty-year-old Southerner, I have carte blanche to be as off-beat as I want.

Claire Fullerton (Through an Autumn Window) is the author of Mourning Dove, Dancing to an Irish Reel, and A Portal in Time. She is a transplanted Southerner from Memphis now living in Malibu, California. Website:

Excerpt from: A Magnolia Blooms in Winter, by Ane Mulligan:
“Morgan? Is that you?”

“Who else would be answering my phone, Mama?”

A siren—police or ambulance?—filtered through my window, an ever present part of New York City. Trapping my cell phone between my shoulder and ear, I entered ninety seconds on the microwave’s digital pad. After sniffing the leftover Chinese takeout for edibility, I slid in my supper. Mama’s laughter wrapped around me like a warm hug from home as the plate spun around.

“You’ve lost most of your drawl, sugar. I hardly recognize your voice anymore. For a second, I thought it was Lisa or Michelle.”

I’d heard that lament several times. My roommates were from California and I’d worked long and hard to adopt their accent. I’d never play a convincing Silicon Valley housewife with a Southern drawl.

Ane Mulligan writes Southern-fried fiction served with a tall, sweet iced tea. She’s an award-winning, multi-published novelist and playwright, who believes chocolate and coffee are two of the four major food groups. Website:

Thank you, Linda, for sharing this new collection with my blog readers and me. The stories sound interesting.

Readers, here are links to the book.
A Southern Season - Stories from a Front Porch Swing - Paperback
A Southern Season: Stories from a Front Porch Swing -  Kindle

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Linda Kish said...

I would love to read this book. All of the stories sound wonderful. Linda in CA

lkish77123 at gmail dot com

Robin in NC said...

This book sounds wonderful! Thanks for sharing.

Robin in NC

Linda Yezak said...

Linda and Robin, thanks for your comments. We're so excited about this collection. Each story is different, and they're all quick reads, but I believe they're as full and fulfilling as a 350-page novel. I hope you get a chance to read the collection!

Vera Godley said...

Oh this sounds rich! I'm Southern though I try not to have too much of a Southern twang to my speech and I certainly try not to behave like a "Southern hick". But I'd love to see where these authors take these stories.

Love each of the intros to each of the stories. I read Eva Marie Everson's GOD BLESS US EVERYONE and loved her work. The other 3 authors are new to me but sound wonderful.

Vera - I'm that Southern Lady in central North Carolina that blogs a bit on "Chat With Vera"

Thanks, Lena for hosting this book feature. I shared a link to your feature on Facebook. :)

Southern-fried Fiction said...

Thank you, Linda. We think they are!

Southern-fried Fiction said...

We hope you enjoy them all. I hope I never sound like a hick but I have had characters show up like that sometimes. Not in this book, though. lol

Southern-fried Fiction said...

I echo Linda’s comments. I think it’s a wonderful collection 😁

Melanie Backus said...

What a great book! I would love to read it and I appreciate the opportunity. Melanie Backus, TX

Linda Yezak said...

Melanie, I appreciate your enthusiasm! Good luck in the drawing!

Vivian Furbay said...

I haven't been in the south for many years but this sounds like four good stories about people's relationships and where God fits in. Vivian Furbay of CO

Linda Yezak said...

Vivian, each story has a good taste of southern living, even mine, set on the Texas Gulf Coast!


Thank you so much would love to read this book!


Thank you so much would love to read this book!

Linda Yezak said...

Good luck in the drawing, Sarah!

Sharon Bryant said...

Enter me!!
Conway SC.

Linda Yezak said...

Good luck, Sharon!

rubynreba said...

I always enjoy these novellas.
Beth from Iowa

Linda Yezak said...

I'm glad you're a novella lover. These are four of the best. Good luck in the drawing!

Connie Porter Saunders said...

Great authors and a great-sounding book! Thanks for sharing!!

Shelia64 said...

sounds great! Shelia from Mississippi