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A TEXAS MOON - Laura Kestner - One Free Book

Welcome back, Laura. Why do you write the kind of books you do? I want to write something suitable for any member of my family to read. Something entertaining and uplifting. 

Besides when you came to know the Lord, what is the happiest day in your life? I find it difficult to pick just one day. My wedding day, birth of my children, birth of grandchildren, seeing my name on the cover of a book, all rank right up there. I’m blessed and grateful. 

I agree with those choices, but I can add birth of great-grandchildren. How has being published changed your life? I work longer hours, for less pay, than I did in my previous jobs (newspaper work), but I’m happier and more fulfilled. 

What are you reading right now? His Holiday Prayer by Tina Radcliffe. 

What is your current work in progress? I’m working on the fourth book in my current series (the first three were Remember Texas, A Texas Promise, and A Texas Moon). I’m also working on a cozy mystery, and I’m in the editing stage of a romantic suspense. Hope to finish all three in 2021. 

What would be your dream vacation? Visiting England, Ireland, and Scotland

How do you choose your settings for each book? So far, my books are all set in the tiny town of Moccasin Rock, Texas. The setting, and characters, were inspired, in part, by research I did for newspaper stories, particularly historical features. Small Texas towns are rich in history: gun-toting preachers who presented the gospel in brush arbors and tabernacles, train-robbing outlaws, etc. So, I asked myself two questions when I stumbled across something interesting: What if? and What Now? Then I let my imagination run wild. 

If you could spend an evening with one person who is currently alive, who would it be and why? I would enjoy a chance to spend time with a Texas Ranger, for research purposes.  

What are your hobbies, besides writing and reading? Photography, genealogy, and visiting small town museums (a treasure trove of inspiration and information for an author). But my favorite pastime is spending time with my family. 

What is your most difficult writing obstacle, and how do you overcome it? I have a short attention span. I would love to say that I sit down at my computer and write a chapter, or even a scene, every morning at a specific time, but I’m easily distracted. I write in fits and spurts. I’m most productive when I don’t fight that. Some of my best scenes have come to me while washing dishes, or riding in the car, or trying to sleep. I’ve learned to keep notebooks and pens in every room of the house and in the car.  

What advice would you give to a beginning author? Don’t quit. There’ll be days you want to, maybe days on end, but there truly is nothing like holding your first book in your hand. The hard work is worth it. Also, look for contests to enter in your genre. Judge commentary and critique can be so valuable.

Tell us about the featured book. When a medicine show stops near Moccasin Rock, Texas, life changes for Dr. Nathaniel Calhoun in a way that has nothing to do with elixirs and tonics, and everything to do with the arrest of a beautiful young woman named Lenore.

She’s a swindler, a pickpocket, and a part of his past he’d rather forget.

Lenore Adams spent her life traveling across the south with a medicine show, dreaming of a home, family, and roots—and for a brief time after meeting Nathaniel—believing it was all possible. Lenore understands why he isn’t glad to see her in Moccasin Rock though. She once tricked him, robbed him, and wronged him in other ways he doesn’t even know about.

Now, Lenore longs to be the kind of woman Nathaniel wants…and will want to keep. But will he ever trust her? Forgive her?

They are both still struggling with just those questions when a tornado strikes Moccasin Rock and suddenly there’s no time to focus on regrets or second chances.

In addition to caring for the injured, mourning the dead, and helping rebuild the town, Lenore and Nathaniel must deal with an escaped outlaw, questions of faith…and friends who aren’t at all what they seem. 

Please give us the first page of the book.

Moccasin Rock, Texas

April 1892

Nathaniel Calhoun dropped down on the side of his bed, yawned and closed his eyes.

He’d spent most of the night sewing up a man who’d picked a fight with a bull, and lost, but thankfully, would live to tell about it. Now all Nathaniel wanted was sleep. He leaned toward the bedside candle just as a sharp knock sounded at the back door.

 “Come on, open up,” his brother called out. “I got a prisoner at the jail that needs doctoring.”     

Nathaniel was up, into the kitchen, and throwing the door open while still pulling his clothes on. Buttoning his shirt, he tried to read the expression on Eli’s face.

“Saloon fight?”


That was different.

Within minutes Nathaniel was fully dressed and following his brother out onto the street and into the jail, then nearly running him over when Eli stopped just inside the door.

Craning his neck to look past him, Nathaniel caught sight of a woman pushing open a cell door and slipping through. She froze when she saw Eli.

Raising her hands, she gave him a shaky smile. “Sheriff, I didn’t expect you back so soon.”

“And I didn’t expect you to make such a miraculous recovery while I was gone,” Eli said. He turned to Nathaniel. “Sorry, looks like I got you out of bed for nothing. The way this woman was carrying on I thought…” 

Eli continued talking but Nathaniel was no longer listening. He was looking. And not believing his eyes. The woman wore a resigned expression when addressing his brother, now she was gazing at Nathaniel, wide-eyed and fearful.     

And she should be afraid.

Eli glanced back and forth between them. “Everything okay?”

Was it? Nathaniel couldn’t answer that question.  

“Do you know her?” Eli said.

And he didn’t want to answer that one. 

How can readers find you on the Internet?

On Facebook:  

On Twitter: @LauraConnerKest

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Thank you, Laura, for sharing this book with my blog readers and me. I will be reading it soon after the holidays.

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Laura Conner Kestner said...

Good morning, Lena! Thanks for interviewing me, and for the opportunity to meet your followers. Much appreciated!

Elly said...

Ooh! 😯 I’ve not heard of this one! Adding it to my TBR right now!😉

Melanie Backus said...

Sounds like one not to miss!
Melanie Backus, TX

Sherida Stewart said...

Laura, so fun to learn a bit more about you! England and Scotland are on my “someday” list. I’m right in the middle of A Texas Moon. Your writing style is amazing....I feel I’m “right in the middle” of Moccasin Rock, Texas! These characters are so engaging! This is probably too much gushing...but I simply LOVE this story. That there will be a fourth book has me smiling!!! Blessings...and merry Christmas!

Terri said...

Laura, your book sounds wonderful and I love a good series! I enjoyed the interview. It’s always nice to learn more about authors.

Laura Conner Kestner said...

Hi Elly, thank you so much for adding my book to your TBR list!

Thank you, Melanie!

Sherida, thank you so much for the sweet words of encouragement! At some point, the Calhoun family started to feel like old friends to me. So happy to know that you're enjoying their stories too.

Thank you, Terri! I appreciate you stopping by!

Stacy T. Simmons said...

What a wonderful interview, Laura's book sounds fantastic, and the cover is beautiful. I hope you both have a very Merry Christmas!!

Laura Conner Kestner said...

Thank you, Stacy! Wishing you a Merry Christmas, too!

Rhonda Starnes said...

Wonderful interview! Your book sounds wonderful.

Laura Conner Kestner said...

Thanks for stopping by, Rhonda! Glad you enjoyed the interview.

E. Ann said...

The first page has definitely captured my interest. I'm wide-eyed right along with the characters. It's on my TBR list! Merry Christmas!

CatMom said...

Great interview, Laura!
I can so identify with your writing in spurts. And loved reading that your best ideas often come to you when you're doing other activities. I've laughed and said some of my best story ideas pop in my head when I'm in the shower, LOL!

Your newest book sounds great---can't wait to read it!

Merry Christmas, sweet friend!
Hugs, Patti Jo

Kassy Paris said...

I can't wait to read this one!
I live in East Texas.

Robin in NC said...

This definitely sounds like an intriguing page turner! Thanks for sharing.

Robin in NC

Laura Conner Kestner said...

E. Ann, thank you for adding my book to your TBR list! Merry Christmas!

Patti Jo, thank you so much for stopping by! Merry Christmas!

Kassy, thank you! Merry Christmas!

Hi, Robin! Many of my ancestors are from North Carolina. I've never been there but hope to go one day soon. Merry Christmas!

Lucy Reynolds said...

Good morning ☀️. This one sounds fascinating. I must add it to my list. Merry Christmas from WV.

Laura Conner Kestner said...

Thank you, Lucy! Merry Christmas!

rubynreba said...

I enjoyed the interview and the first page of the book makes me want to read more!
Merry Christmas!
Beth from Iowa

Laura Conner Kestner said...

Thank you, Beth! Merry Christmas!

Wendy Newcomb said...

This sounds like an interesting book, thank you for the chance to win a copy.

Wendy in Nebraska

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Laura Conner Kestner said...

Thank you, Wendy! Merry Christmas!

Elly said...

Oops, forgot to add from Indiana😉

Caryl Kane said...

Love stories set in my home state of Texas!

Caryl K in TEXAS

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Sounds so good!
Merry Christmas 🎄
Connie from Kentucky

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Enter me in your awesome giveaway!!
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Sounds like a great book Merry Christmas Sarah from Ohio Sarahbaby601973(at)gmail(dot)com

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Hi Caryl!

Thank you, Connie!

Hi Sharon!

Sarah, thank you!

Merry Christmas everyone!