Thursday, September 16, 2021

CHRISTMAS LOVE THROUGH THE AGES - Lisa Bell, Gail Kittleson, Paula Peckham, Cleo Lampos, Lena Nelson Dooley - 5 Free Books

Lisa Bell – “Listen”

Imagine Christmas from the eyes of an angel. With so many people focusing on everything but Jesus, do the angels get frustrated? In “Listen,” fly with Gabriel, Michael and a band of loveable angels as they determine the best ways to capture the attention of humans and turn their thoughts back to celebrating Jesus’ birthday.


Gail Kittleson - Gold Mine Christmas - Set in WWII, a young Arizona woman in a chaotic family finds her voice. The risk she takes leads her far from home, but still near in heart to the clutch of younger sisters she has always nurtured. As she dedicates herself to the local U.S.O, she discovers a treasure far more valuable than she ever imagined.

Turtle Creek Christmas -
An Orphan Train girl named Irene loses touch with her birth family as she comes of age in her new Iowa home. As she experiences a schoolroom for the first time, a caring teacher makes all the difference. Irene also makes her first friends, and discovers to her surprise that someone strong and kind finds her interesting and desirable. Through it all, the promise of the very first Christmas nestles down in her heart. 


Paula Peckham - The Father’s Gift - This story is a continuation of my debut historical romance novel, Protected. I enjoy writing historical fiction, and the collection needed a story from my time frame. I got to know Manny and Abby while writing Protected, and I was eager to follow them through their new life together. (Spoiler alert: In Protected, they fall in love. Sorry to ruin the ending for you, but it is a romance, after all.) In the new story, they look forward to the birth of their first child.

When I first started writing The Father’s Gift, I intended for the character Gabe to be a pseudo angel figure. I saw him playing a part that would almost qualify as a miracle. However, as the story grew legs, Gabe became a different character altogether. I won’t give that away, but I think he brings the story much more mystery and excitement.

Some other characters from Protected make an appearance, too. We get to see Yaideli, Manny’s grandmother, and Jonathan, Manny’s best friend. If you enjoy Manny and Abby’s story, you can go back to their beginning in Protected, arriving from Elk Lake Publishing, Inc. in March, 2022.

A Christmas Hallelujah - I based this short story on an actual event. My husband, John, and I were traveling, and we were sitting in the gate area, waiting for our flight. People crowded the space, and not a single seat remained open. A woman sat on the floor, leaning against a column. She stared at the floor the entire time, exuding sadness. I watched her for a while, then the Beth Moore story I mentioned popped into my mind. I felt God urging me to go speak to her. So I got up, walked over, kneeled beside her, and asked if she was okay. She told me her father was sick, and she was flying home. We prayed together, then I went back to my seat. I never spoke to her again. From that kernel, I layered the rest of my story around it.


Cleo Lampos - Blessings on the 38th Parallel - The Korean Conflict rages in 1952 on the 38th Parallel as North and South troops fight for territory. Robert McAllister, a Radio Technician at Kimpo Air Base celebrates Christmas Eve fixing radio equipment at another base where he encounters the orphans who survive near the GIs. On the way back to his home base, Mack is given a baby boy. How will he handle this orphan? Meanwhile, at the MASH  unit, nurse Valerie Pazan leaves a midnight Christmas Eve service and discovers a tiny baby in a pile of rocks. She is able to attend to the physical needs of the infant, but worries about the prospects ahead for this child. On Christmas Day, these four person’s destinies will cross.

A Bookmobile Noel - Dorothy Wagner knows she is fortunate to have a job in the Great Depression of 1935. A graduate of library school in Chicago, her trial assignment as a bookmobile librarian in southern rural Illinois will determine her future. As Dorothy travels in the bookmobile, which is driven by a CC Lieutenant Tom Nelson, she faces the depth of the economic conditions of the country. The lack of nutritious food, medical care, birthing facilities, clothing, and homelessness. Visiting a hobo’s camp changes her perspective. Dorothy is able to assist in a scurvy outbreak, as she realizes that her future in this impoverished area would be a Christmas wish come true.


Lena Nelson Dooley - Rescued Christmas

When Rose Ellen Murphy becomes a mail order bride, the unthinkable happens. It is the worst mistake of her life. Or is it? Jedediah Strong finds a woman's beaten and bloody body in a gully on his ranch, high in the mountains of Wyoming. He starts to bury her, when he notices a slight movement. She's not dead. He takes her home to his mother.These two people help heal Rose Ellen’s body. Can they also help her emotions heal from the trauma she’s endured?

“A Divine Romance” - When God first told me to become a professional writer in 1983, He also told me to use my gift to bless people at Christmas instead of sending Christmas cards. I’ve only missed writing a Christmas short story four times since then. This is one of those stories. A friend leads Jolene to Colorado and then to Jesus.

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Lucy Reynolds said...

I love Christmas books and this one sounds inspirational and interesting. Thank you for sharing. Blessings from WV.

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Lucy, thanks for stopping by and leaving a message. I love Christmas books, too.
Lena Nelson Dooley

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I don't read a lot of Christmas stories, but I want to read this one since I know several of the authors and consider them friends.
Connie L. in Texas

Cleo Lampos said...

Historic fiction and Christmas are two topics that are high on my reading list. Put the two together, and I am ready to make some hot cocoa and get out my Christmas quilt for some satisfying stories.

Jan Bos said...

Love historical fiction and personally have read most of Cleo's books so would love to win this book.

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I don't remember ever not loving Christmas, and taking part in creating this book will be one of my favorite memories going forward. Welcome to Christmastime everyone. Start a little early this year and savor each story in this collection.

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I love Christmas books. PA. Thank you for the chance to win.

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Enter me in your awesome giveaway!!
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Christmas books are wonderful!
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This sounds like a wonderful collection. Thanks for sharing and thank you for a chance to win.
Connie from Kentucky

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Christmas books are THE best! I retired from teaching in Tennessee and now have time to read what I want instead of essays!

Lena Nelson Dooley said...

Thank you all for coming by. I'm looking forward to seeing who will win the books.

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I Love Christmas books and this one sounds amazing SARAH from Ohio!

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I enjoy Christmas stories.

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I love Christmas books! Cherie from Florida