Saturday, December 08, 2007

A Winner Bonanza!!!

Okay, if you have Feedblitz and received the last post, I apologize. I have a really bad backache, and I'm not thinking straight. I gave away two books that had already been given away.

Tetewa, since I made that mistake and don't have another book to give at this point, email me your address, and I'll send you a copy of one of my books.

Here are the real winners:

Cheriej is the winner of Bluegrass Peril by Virginia Smith.

The winners for all the giveaways from Susan Wales and Robin Shope.

Lilo's mom is the winner of all three books.

Audra Marie wins The Chase.

Maryann wins The Replacement.

Scaramooche999 wins The Candidate.

Windycindy will receive the movie Amazing Grace.

Wow! That's 6 winners all at once!!!

Congratulations to each of you. Now you must send me your mailing address to receive your prize. There's a link to my email address under my profile in the right hand column. Please when you send me your address, tell me what you won, so I won't have to look it up.

Readers, you, too, could be a winner on this blog. These interviews are still open:

Lisa Harris - A Matter of Trust
Kristen Collier - Joy the Jellyfish
Virginia Smith - Bluegrass Peril

If you don't want to miss a single interview or winner announcement, sign up for Feedblitz in the right hand column under my email link.


windycindy said...

Hi, I hope your back is feeling better. Backaches are no fun. I used to get back spasms! You did have a winner bonanza and I am so happy that I am one. You are very generous in your giveaway. Take care,Cindi

Cherie J said...

Thank you! Congrats to the other winners as well. Just sent you an email with my address.