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Author Marta Perry - MISSION MOTHERHOOD - Free book

Another series of Love Inspired romances is starting, written by six different authors. We're going to feature all of them the month their book releases. Today, welcome Marta Perry. Her book Mission Motherhood is a July release.

Welcome, Marta, I just love reading these series by Love Inspired. What is the name of the series this book is in, and where in the series does it occur?

MISSION: MOTHERHOOD is the first book in the Homecoming Heroes series from Love Inspired. This is the first time I've written Book One in a continuity, so it was a different challenge, but I loved it. MISSION MOTHERHOOD will be released in July, and the other five books will follow one each month.

Who came up with the idea for the series?

The basic idea for the series came from the editor, but the authors worked together to flesh if out. One of the best things about doing a continuity is working with the other authors. They're a very talented bunch!

I know that working on a series that weaves together takes a lot of work. How did your team schedule the work?

Well, since I was doing the first book, I had the first deadline, so I really had to fly on it. We were very fortunate to have one writer who knew a lot about Texas and the military and another who could give us answers to all of our medical questions. People just jumped in and offered to find the answers we needed, and it really worked out well.

I've written the first in a novella collection, and I prefer doing that. Did you find it hard or easy to work within the series framework?

Certainly it's not easy, since everything I wrote had implications for the writers who would follow. But it's a very rewarding experience. Writing can be a lonely profession, and the experience of working together on a project is just a lot of fun!

I'll agree with that. It really gives you a bond. What other books have you had published?

MISSION: MOTHERHOOD is my 32nd book, so there's a long list! My most recent titles are FINAL JUSTICE, the last book in the Reunion Revelations series from LI Suspense; the three titles in my THREE SISTERS INN series: HIDE IN PLAIN SIGHT, A CHRISTMAS TO DIE FOR, and BURIED SINS; and before that the seven books in my Flanagans series.

When you aren't writing or spending time with your family, what is your favorite activity?

Mostly I'm either writing or spending time with my six beautiful grandkids. My husband and I are both very active in our church, and we love to travel. We'll be embarking on the trip of a lifetime this June, when we take a Northern European cruise on the Baltic Sea.

That sounds like fun. I love to cruise. Where do you do most of your writing?

Anywhere I am! I have an Alphasmart, which I just love, and I can even write in the car on a long trip with the radio playing. And my husband driving, of course! But I do love my office. I'm looking out the window right now to the view of our springhouse, the azaleas that are blooming on the bank, and the hedge of lilacs that are bursting into flower.

What part of the country do you live it? And why do you like that part of the country?

I live in central Pennsylvania, in the country, in a valley between two mountains. It's beautiful here in every season, and I cherish all the things that are unique about Pennsylvania. Thanks to William Penn's ideas about religious freedom, our history is filled with people who came here for that reason, including my own Pennsylvania German ancestors.

But I do have a second love--our vacation home on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. We spend every winter there now, and we've discovered that our kids and grandkids especially love to visit us there!

Tell us about the featured book.

MISSION: MOTHERHOOD is the story of Caitlyn Villard, who finds herself the instant mother of five-year-old twins when their parents are killed in action in the Middle East. Forced to give up her high-powered job in New York and return to Prairie Springs, Texas, the small military town she'd left years ago, she discovers that becoming a mom isn't especially easy. When her part-time job involves her in the difficult task of bringing an injured child from the war zone to a Texas hospital, she has to put aside her independent ways and lean on the strength of army chaplain Steve Windham. None of it is easy, but she eventually discovers that sometimes you find the man--and the life--of your dreams where you least expected.

How can my readers find you on the Internet?

I hope your readers will visit me at If they write to me at I'll be sure to reply, and I'll be glad to send them a bookmark and, if they want, a copy of my booklet of Pennsylvania Dutch recipes.

Readers, you'll want to check out her web site. I'm going to ask for a copy of the Pennsylvanie Dutch recipes.

Before you go, leave a comment for a chance to win a free copy of Mission:Motherhood.


katy said...

Please enter me in the book drawing. It sounds like a real life love story.

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I really enjoyed Marta's "Three Sisters Inn" books and would love to be included in the drawing.

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Please enter me also This book looks really cool.

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We all have a mission and motherhood is no exception. This sounds like a wonderful book read. I'd love to win it.

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Anita Mae Draper said...

I haven't read a Marta Perry book yet that I haven't enjoyed.

This new series sounds fascinating especially since it is part of a continuity.

I am a former member of the Canadian Armed Forces and can relate to those men and women who serve whether they are on actual duty, or 'just' the spouse left behind to hold down the fort until the hero comes home.

A puzzle to me has been how the chaplains/padres who accompany the soldiers handle the commandment not to kill.

I would love to win Marta's book.

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Hi! I also enjoy reading the "Love Inspired books. This new series is going to be fantastic! I love the theme of her book. Becoming a mother of twins would not be easy! Please enter me in your drawing. It is always appreciated.....Thanks, Cindi

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This is such a tragic yet sweet love story and I think it would be a wonderful book to read. Thank you for the chance.


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