Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Author Kim Vogel Sawyer - WHERE THE HEART LEADS. - Free Book

Kim, I'm very happy to welcome you back to my blog with your newest release.

Why did you become an author?

I became an author because God planted the desire in my heart (it has been a part of me from my earliest memories), and He clearly opened the doors to make writing possible. I love the opportunity to write stories that present the hope we can possess when we place our lives in God’s hands. I am very blessed.

If you weren’t an author, what would be your dream job?

Before writing full-time, I was an elementary school teacher. I love what I’m doing now, but I miss the kids tremendously. I’d really enjoy working with kids again.

If you could have lived at another time in history, what would it be and why?

I would like to have been around at the time the prairies were being tamed into cities. All of the changes that took place would have been fascinating. I’m also very curious what the landscape looked like before buildings and roads and telephone poles sprang up everywhere.

I'm withyou on that. What place in the United States have you not visited that you would like to?

I have always wanted to visit the New England states. There is such a rich history there (as a former history teacher, it intrigues me), plus I’ve never seen the Atlantic Ocean. I would love to take a short cruise and go whale watching.

The closest I've been to the Atlantic coast is Washington, DC. How about a foreign country you hope to visit?

Someday I WILL go to Germany and Russia. I want to visit the places of my ancestry—especially the Molotschna area in Russia, which is where my family lived prior to coming to America. That is on my “list of things to do before I die.” :o)

My family was from Norway and Sweden. I'd like to go there, too. What lesson has the Lord taught you recently?

He is there, and He is enough. It really is an on-going lesson, but it has been reiterated recently in the midst of personal conflict. God gives strength and grace, peace and comfort when it makes no rational sense that you can feel comforted and at peace. I’m so glad He keeps His promise to never leave us or forsake us.

Kim. tell us about the featured book.

Where the Heard Leads is the sequel to my first Bethany House historical title, Waiting for Summer’s Return, which released in June of 2006, so it has been a little while in between! I had great fun revisiting the characters of Gaeddert, Kansas, and getting a peek into their lives ten years after the first book ended.

Where the Heart Leads features a grown-up Thomas Ollenburger, who has accomplished his father’s dream for him: earning a college diploma. The only question is…what should he do with this hard-won education? Open doors invite his entrance, and he finds himself caught up in a campaign for a presidential candidate with some questionable values. The root of Thomas’s faith is threatened as he seeks his footing in adult life. Two women—one from Gaeddert (readers of the first book might remember snippy little Belinda Schmidt) and one from Boston—create further conflict for Thomas as he wonders to whom he should give his heart.

I hope readers will enjoy the chance to return to Gaeddert and reconnect with Peter, Summer, and Thomas in Where the Heart Leads.

I'm sure they will. Your writing is wonderful. How can readers find you on the Internet?

It is very simple to find me. :o) Just go to www.KimVogelSawyer.com or www.shoutlife.com/kimvogelsawyer. You can find my author pages at my publishers at www.BethanyHouse.com or www.BarbourPublishing.com. Please stop by—I enjoy visitors!

Kim, thank you for spending this time with us. I always enjoy having you and letting the readers learn more about you.

Readers, check out all of Kim's Internet sites. You'll find a lot of interesting information.

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CherryBlossomMJ said...

I'm glad you got your "access" back. I haven't read any of Kim's work yet, but would like to. Please include me.


cherryblossommj (at) gmail [dot]com

MaryZ said...

I would love to read "Where the Heart Leads". Thank you for introducing me to so many good books!


Carolynn W. said...

Please enter me, I love Kim's book! Thanks for the chance to win!

Anonymous said...

I like the underlying theme. It's very real. So many times you feel that tug when you know someone around you is doing something that you don't agree with and/or it goes against your moral/religious compass. It sounds like a very good book.

windycindy said...

Hi, I read her first book of this series and really enjoyed it! It is fun to follow books in succession to see how the characters have evolved. Thanks for an interesting interview and I would appreciate being entered in your book drawing. Many thanks, Cindi

Jenny said...

Enjoyed the interview - and I certainly enjoy Kim's books. Thank you for entering me into the drawing.

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sarah w said...

I've read a few of Kim's books and realy enjoyed them. Please enter me in the contest.

Saph said...

This sounds like a book I'd love to read. :) Thanks for doing the giveaway.

Katrina said...

this book sounds like a good one! I would love the chance to win it!

Janna said...

I haven't gotten to read Kim yet and would love to - please enter me...

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Cherie J said...

Great interview! Would love to be entered in the drawing for this book.

Bethany said...

Kim writes wonderful books. I've enjoyed every one I've read, and I'm sure I would love this one, too. Please enter me.
Thank you,

bigguysmama said...

Lena, I'd love a chance to win Kim's book. I've never read one of her books before. Please enter me.

In Christ,
Mimi B

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Carole said...

Kim's books are a "comfort" read for me, and I always enjoy their Christian theme. Thank you for the interview and chance to win a copy.

cjarvis [at] bellsouth [dot] net

luv2read said...

I've never read this author but know she is popular. Enter me in the drawing. spowell01(at)bellsouth(dot)net

Kim S. said...

Thanks, Lena, for featuring Thomas's story--and thanks for the comments from those who have previously picked up a book. A "comfort read..." I really like the sound of that!

God bless!

cpullum said...

I am so glad we have authors like you making Godly book to entertain us. Would love to read this book!

Abi said...

I'd love to win this book.

Jo said...

I would love to get entered in the drawing to win Kim's book. I haven't read any of her writings yet but just got my first book from her that I am starting.