Saturday, September 27, 2008

Last September Winners - Check It Out!!

Photoquest is the winner of Crossing the Line by Glenn Rambo. By the way, I met Glenn in person for the first time at the ACFW conference in Minneapolis last week. Nice to see you, Glenn.

Sj is the winner of John's Quest by Cecelia Dowdy. Cecelia and I shared a table at the booksigning at the Mall of America during the ACFW conference. That mall is really somthing, and I enjoyed being with Cecelia.

Piece of me is the winner of Wyoming Christmas Heroes by Jeanie Smith Cash, Linda Lyle, Jeri Odell, and Tammy Shuttlesworth. I saw some of these authors at the conference, too.

Now all you winners need to send your mailing address to me, so we can get your books out to you. The link to my email is in my profile in the right hand sidebar of the blog.

1 comment:

photoquest said...

Thank you so much for your contest. I was very happy to see i was chosen to win this book. I sent you my address Thanks again!