Thursday, September 17, 2009

Two Hardback Large-Print Editions - Lena Nelson Dooley

For the first time, I've had two of my books go to Thorndike, large-print, hardback editions. I only received two copies of the book, so there won't be a giveaway for this one. However, if you or someone you know needs large print books, you might be interested in these two. They are available at the Thorndike Press web site and on Amazon. Also, many libraries buy these books. So if your library doesn't have them, you could ask the library to stock them. I'd appreciate it.

The Spinster Brides of Cactus Corner

The Cactus Corner singles scene is shrinking. . . . Many were unmarried by choice, others by circumstances, but single women living the 1800s carried the unfortunate label of “spinsters.” Once branded, can a spinster find love?

India Cunningham is happy running the ranch her father left her when a man she doesn’t remember from her childhood arrives to help her. Can she trust Joshua Dillinger, or is he there to steal her land?

Lawyer Anika Windsor is pitted against her first and only love, law school beau Tucker Truesdale. Can these two opposites find true and lasting love, or will their differences keep them apart forever?

Elaine Daly has dedicated her life to caring for orphaned children and has no desire for a husband. But when new doctor Dan Murray comes to town, he changes her world. Can he also change her heart?

Jody McMillan is determined to raise enough money to buy a vacant property to expand the overcrowded orphanage. Unknown to her, Aaron Garrett has already bought the lot. Can they come to an agreement? Or will both lose what they want, including the one they love?

Can You Help Me? and Caught Red-Handed

When Valerie Bradford asks a Home & Hearth employee for assistance, she doesn’t guess that she will get more than she bargained for. Austin Hodges can’t believe what the feisty blond woman plans to accomplish by herself. Because of his profession, he knows how much help she needs, but for right now, his advice will have to do. Can God lead them through the misunderstandings they encounter toward a bright future together?

Gary Andrews works security at the H&H when Janice Jones begins working in the flowers and plants department. Soon her activities become suspect. He can have her arrested or try to save her from a life of crime when personal feelings and moral responsibility become entangled.

This Carolina superstore is buzzing with romance, but will love find a firm foundation to build upon?
Readers, thank you for stopping by. If you are interested in obtaining a copy of either of these books, here are links where you can order them.


Buukluvr81 said...

Congrats! They look lovely!!! Blessings!!!

host said...

Both books sound very interesting :)

Sheila Deeth said...

Always nice to read about your books too. I'm going to get new glasses next weekend, so hoping I won't need large print, but I wish those eyes didn't keep getting older.

Sherry K said...

That's great! The older I get the smaller the print gets in the books so large print are REALLY nice. You can read late into the night without blinking a hundred times.


Sherry K

Susan Page Davis said...

Wonderful, Lena! I live about 14 miles from Thorndike Press, and I recently learned they are also putting my Hearts in the Crosshairs into large print. I love it when our books are made available to people with impaired vision.

Edna said...

They really look good Lena, you have a lot of books, all of them that I have read are really good.