Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A DAUGHTER FOR CHRISTMAS - Margaret Daley - Free Book

Welcome back, Margaret. How did you come up with the idea for this story? 

I love the concept of the secret baby. I decided to do one with a twist.

Oh, I love twists. If you were planning a party with Christian authors of contemporary fiction, what six people would you invite and why?

Just six—that would be hard because there are so many that are wonderful, gifted writers. Robin Caroll, Colleen Coble, Irene Hannon, Lynette Eason, Terri Blackstock and Dee Henderson—they are all romantic suspense writers and I love the genre.

Now let’s do that for a party for Christian authors of historical fiction, what six people would you invite and why?

Again that’s a tough one because I would leave people I love out—Vickie McDonough, Mary Connealy, Julie Lessman, Miralee Ferrell, Winnie Griggs and Jillian Hart. I’d love to get their take on the historical market.

I'd like to crash each of your parties. Many times, people (and other authors) think you have it made with so many books published. What is your most difficult problem with writing at this time in your career?

Finding enough time to do all I want to do writing wise. I’ve been in this business long enough to know an author never “has it made.” It can change so fast.

Tell us about the featured book.

Dr. Max Connors had no idea he'd fathered a child thirteen years ago. Or that his baby girl had been given up for adoption. He locates his daughter in a small Oklahoma town and moves there, hoping to become a part of her life. But when he meets her widowed mother, Max is unsure how to reveal his identity. As he helps Rachel Howard with her plans to homeschool the girl, he's welcomed into the family. But with the holidays approaching, Max must tell Rachel who he really is. Can he make his dreams of family come true by Christmas?

I like it already. Please give us the first page of the book.

On his second day in Tallgrass, Oklahoma, Dr. Max Connors opened his front door to discover the one woman he wasn't quite ready to meet. Rachel Howard. Mother of his child.

Although she didn't know that. Yet.

Prim, proper Rachel, with her reddish-brown hair pulled back in a twist, held up a plate full of fudge. "Welcome to the neighborhood."

The smile that graced her full lips transformed her plain features into radiance and needled his conscience. His reason for being in Tallgrass would totally shatter her world.

When he didn't say anything right away, she added in a cultured voice, "I'm part of the welcoming committee for Ranch Acres Estates."

I can hardly wait to see how this plays out. How can readers find you on the Internet?

My web site is http://www.margaretdaley.com/  and my blog is http://margaretdaley.blogspot.com/ .

Thank you, Margaret, for spending this time with us.
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Patsy said...

This book sounds really good to read for Christmas. I love Christmas stories as well as all Love Inspired books. Looking forward to reading this one. Thanks for giving away a copy.

Robyn said...

That first page left me wanting more. He obviously knew what he was doing when he moved in...but I wonder at his motives.
Thanks for the giveaway!
coolestmommy2000 at gmail dot com

Laney4 said...

Hi there!
Thanks so much for sharing. We read about some great books here, and this one is no exception.
I love the storyline. Even though I read at least 250 books a year, I just KNOW I haven't read a book with this plot line. (I forget tons of other stuff, though!) I'm looking forward to reading it!
Oh yeah.... Ontario, Canada.

Deborah M said...

Wow! what a plot. Another great Margaret Daley book. I've been reading Debra Dixon's "GMC" and this is a great example .

Please sign me up.

Deborah M.

Margaret Daley said...

Thanks for stopping by and entering the drawing, Patsy, Robyn, Laney and Deborah.

karenk said...

thanks for the chance to read this novel :)

kmkuka at yahoo dot com

Jan Cline said...

First of all I love the idea of having a party with all my favorite historical authors!!

grannyvon said...

I love a book with a happy ending and I know this will have a lot of twist but it will turn out good in the end. I would love to win this book. ybutler@oppcatv.com

Margaret Daley said...

I'm glad to see grannyvon, Jan and Karen here. Thanks for stopping by.

Edna said...

I would love to read this book

I follow your blog

mamat2730 (at) charter(dot)net

Charity said...

I would love to be entered in this giveaway! Please enter me. Thanks!


And I am from IL:)

Rhonda Gibson said...

I am so looking forward to reading this book. I'm going to download it now. Margaret is one of my favorite authors.

apple blossom said...

Oh, I love Christmas stories, and the love inspired books. please enter me. thanks

ABreading4fun [at] gmail [dot] com

holdenj said...

This sounds like a wonderful story for the holidays. Thanks for the info and chance to win!

Linda Kish said...

This sounds like a terrific story.

lkish77123 at gmail dot com

Pam K. said...

I would like to read more of "A Daughter for Christmas." Please enter me in the drawing.


wmmahaney said...

This book sounds like a great story. I would love to be entered.

cynthia said...

Sounds like an interesting story. I can't wait to find out what happens between the two characters. Thank you for doing the giveaway.

scottsgal said...

I love feel good holiday stories!
thanks for the chance
msboatgal at aol.com

Kristen said...

I love the "Love Inspired" books, and this book sounds very interesting! Please enter me in the drawing.

(I'm in Texas, near Austin.)

Claire Koenig said...

Sounds wonderful! Sign me up. :)

Daughter of the King said...

Sound like a very good book. Would love to have a copy.
I am Debbie from North Richland Hills, Texas.

Renee Ann said...

Sounds so good! Please include me in this drawing!

Julie Lessman said...

HOLY COW, Margaret ... that opening reeled me in like a bass on a hula grub!!! WOW -- GREAT PREMISE -- can't wait to read it!!

Thanks, Lena and Margaret, for a such a great interview, the chance to win AND for "inviting me to the party, Margaret -- what can I bring??? :)


margaretdaley@gmail.com said...

Julie, you can bring chocolate and I'll supply the ice cream. Rhonda, I hope you enjoy the story. I hope to get an e-reader soon. Thanks everyone for visiting-Claire, Renee Anne, Scottsgal, Kristen, Debbie, Edna, Charity, Abi, holdenj, Linda, Julie, wmmahaney, Pam, and Cynthia.

Maureen said...

What a beautiful cover.
What a great story line.
Please include me in this giveaway!

Shirley said...

I've read "Love Lessons" and "Heart of a Cowboy" in the Helping Hands Home Schooling Series (enjoyed both) and have "A Daughter For Christmas" on a Wish List with Amazon. I would love to be entered. I live in Georgia and love so many authors and read a lot but still have "many" books to read! Maybe I will get them all read one day! But, then I still keep buying more thanks to all you great people.

kristen said...

What a cute plot! please enter me

Edwina said...

This story sounds wonderful and I'd love to read it!


~Ley said...

Ooh, secret baby! I love these books. Hehe.

Trinity Rose said...

I would love to win this book.
Wonderful interview.
Thanks for the giveaway.
Trinity Rose

I live in Ohio!

rubynreba said...

Please enter me. This sounds like a wonderful book.

rubynreba said...

As soon as I hit the send button I knew I forgot - I am from Iowa!

Edna said...

Please enter me for this book


Mozi Esme said...

The storyline sounds intriguing - a great start for a romance!

janemaritz at yahoo dot com

We posted about this giveaway at Winning Readings: http://winningreadings.blogspot.com/2010/10/daughter-for-christmas.html

Emma said...

I like reading all the Love Inspired books. This book sound wonderful.Please enter me in the giveaway.Thanks for the wonderful giveaway.augustlily06(at)aim(dot)com.

Inspired Kathy said...

Sounds like a great book.
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Norma said...

This books sounds interesting. I always enjoy the stories that involve children and of course Christmas

Bakersdozen said...

This book sounds interesting. The first page has drawn me in.

Nancye said...

Sounds like a really sweet book! I would love to win a copy.

nancyecdavis AT bellsouth DOT net

P.S. I love the name "Rachel" That's my daughter's name!

Charleydog said...

Thanks for offering this giveaway.
I file my Christmas books in a special section of my library so I can read them in the month preceding Christmas.

Please enter my name in the giveaway for the book. Thanks!

pboylecharley AT hotmail DOT com

barbjan10 said...

This book appeals to me already by it's lovely cover. I know it will be a touching romantic story and I like the subject Margaret has chosen to write about in this book. My husband is from OK originally, and we live in Arlington, TX, between Dallas and Ft Worth. Thanks for the giveaway and the chance to win Margaret's book. I hope I do!

Barb Shelton
barbjan10 at tx dot rr dot com

Anonymous said...

my friend is the girl on the cover of this book! so cool

Anonymous said...

my friend is the girl on the cover of this book!