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FINALLY A BRIDE - Vickie McDonough - Free Book

Welcome back, Vickie. How did you come up with the idea for this story?

I had written the first two books in the Texas Boardinghouse Brides series, and knew there would be a third. In the first two books, I have a young tomboy who causes problems for her single mother and gets into all kinds of trouble. I knew that the third book—Finally A Bride—had to tell Jack’s story and tie up some lose ends about other characters. I also knew it would take a very special man to tame Jack and I found just the right one in Noah.

If you were planning a party with Christian authors of contemporary fiction, what six people would you invite and why?

Margaret Daley, Susan Page Davis, Carrie Turansky, Linda Windsor, Gail Martin, and Bonnie Blythe. Why? Because they are all friends of mine, and we’d have a great time.

I'd love to be at your contemporary party, too. I love those women. Now let’s do that for a party for Christian authors of historical fiction, what six people would you invite and why?

This is harder because I love so many historical authors. Tracie Peterson, Cathy Marie Hake, Marylu Tyndall, Julie Lessman, DeeAnne Gist, and Lori Copeland. Because I’d love to pick their brains, learn how they research their books and come up with such creative ideas for their stories.

I love these women, too. I guess I'd just have to crash both parties. Many times, people (and other authors) think you have it made with so many books published. What is your most difficult problem with writing at this time in your career?

Right now, I’m struggling with having to write books in too short of a time. I only have two months to write the book I’m working on now, and with all my family responsibilities, it’s difficult. I have to rely on God’s strength and pray for creativity and time to write without distractions or interruptions. Success is wonderful, but it comes with its own set of pressures.

I'm in the same postion right now. Two more months to finish a book, and I only have four chapters written. Tell us about the featured book.

Finally a Bride is the third book in my Texas Boardinghouse Brides series. It’s the story of Jacqueline Hamilton Davis aka Jack, the feisty tomboy from the first two books, The Anonymous Bride and Second Chance Brides. Here’s the back cover blurb:

Jacqueline “Jack” Davis is a newspaper reporter for the Lookout Ledger bent on discovering the truth and nabbing her story at any cost. When Noah Jeffers comes to town as the temporary pastor, Jack suspects there’s something hidden beneath his shepherding ways. Jack begins to become attracted to the new pastor despite her initial hesitation. But as she uncovers the truth, will this story cost her too much? Will she reveal what she’s discovered, or keep it hidden to protect newfound love?

Sounds wonderful. My copy came this week. I'll get to it soon. Please give us the first page of the book.

Lookout, Texas

Jacqueline Davis had done a lot of daring things in her life, but this deed had to be the most foolhardy. She held up her skirt with one hand, holding her free arm out for balance, and slid her foot across the roof's wooden shakes. The mayor's chimney was only a dozen more steps away. She peered down at the ground far below then yanked her gaze upward when a wave of dizziness made her sway. She sucked in a steadying breath. If she fell the two stories to the packed dirt below, she'd become tomorrow's news instead of the story of the mayor's latest scheme.

She just had to find out what he had up his sleeve. Weeks had passed since she'd landed an exciting story for Lookout's newspaper. She had to get the scoop—whatever the cost. Maybe then she’d have enough clippings in her portfolio to land a job in Dallas as a reporter and finally leave Lookout.

The sweat trickling down her back had nothing to do with the bright April sun warming her shoulders. A moderate breeze whooshed past, lifting her skirts and almost throwing her off balance. Her petticoat flapped like a white flag, but she was far from surrendering. She swatted down her skirts and glanced around the streets, thankful no one was out yet. “Oh, why didn’t I don my trousers before trying this stunt?”

“Because you reacted without thinking again, that’s why,” she scolded herself just like her mother had done on too many occasions to count. Would she never learn? Sighing, she carefully bent down, reached between her legs, pulled the hem of her skirt through and tucked it in her waistband. Holding her arms out for balance, she righted herself again.

The hour was still early, but with the mayor's house resting right on the busy corner of Bluebonnet Lane and Apple Street, she couldn't exactly listen outside his parlor window to the meeting he was holding inside. If the two well-dressed strangers hadn’t ridden right past the boardinghouse while she’d been sweeping the porch, she’d have never known of their arrival.

Her knock on the mayor’s door for permission to listen in and to take notes had resulted in a scowl and the door being slammed in her face. Scuttlebutt was running rampant around town that Mayor Burke had some great plan to bring new businesses to Lookout. He was up to something, and she meant to be the first to find out what it was.

She slid her left foot forward. Listening through the chimney opening was her only alternative. She just hoped the men's voices would carry up that far. Sliding her right foot forward, she held her breath. Her task must be completed quickly before anyone saw her.

"Jacqueline Hamilton Davis, you come down from that roof right this minute—or I’m calling off our wedding."

What fun! How can readers find you on the Internet?

I’m on Facebook, and my website is

Thank you, Vickie, for stopping by again.
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Thanks for the interview - I went to college in Texas and miss it so I enjoy reading books based there
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I love Vickie's writings. Count me in. I know this book will be great.
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I loved the interview. Jack's story sounds a little bit suspensful. I look forward to reading all about her.

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LENA!!! I LOVE Vickie AND her books, so thanks for a great interview!!

And, Vickie, you sweetheart, you -- I would DEARLY love to come to that what-if dinner for historical authors because you sure know how to pick 'em, girl!! THANK YOU for including me on the list -- I am TOTALLY BLESSED!!


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Vickie McDonough said...

Scottsgal, I'm kind of sort of a Texan. My grandpa was born in Sherman.

Patsy, I live in the Bible Belt too. :)

Robyn, Jack manages to get all kinds of awkward situations. She's probably still upset at me for doing that to her.

Hey, Julie! I think we should make that gathering happen. It would be loads of fun. Well need to bring Lena too.

Cindi, it's ironic that you compared my cover to Oklahoma! That's where I live. :)

Karen and Angela, Thanks for stopping by today!

Molly & Charity, I'm glad to know you enjoyed my books.

Lorna, Thanks so much!!

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I LOVED the first book in this series, I cant wait to read the second and this one!!
Its sounds AMAZING!!

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Oh I love Vickie's "Brides" books and would love to read Jack's story.

I think I would want to crash both parties too!

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Vickie McDonough said...

Thanks for all the sweet comments about my books. You gals are the greatest. I wish I had a case of books so I could send one to each of you.

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