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I love Christmas novels, Dan. What are some of the spiritual themes you like to write about?
I like to write about the themes that matter most in life (by God’s definition, not so much ours). Then I like to craft stories that reveal God’s perspective on these themes, played out in the lives of credible, captivating characters going through big dramatic things (and occasionally a few interesting small things). Situations get pretty tough in the beginning and middle of my books, and maybe even more so near the end but, because I’m writing from a Christian perspective, I love endings that reveal the power and lovingkindness of God, so that the reader is stirred to put their hope in God for whatever they’re going through in real life.

What other books of yours are coming out soon?
In November, I have another book coming out, this time with Guideposts called Autumn Light, for their Miracles of Marble Cove series. But readers can only get this through their book club, not in retail stores. Here’s a link if you’d like to check it out:

Next April, my 5th book with Revell releases, called The Discovery. It’s already available for pre-order on Amazon (look it up if you’d like to find out a little bit about the story, or just check out the amazing cover the art department came up with). I’ve recently finished my 6th book for Revell, called The Reunion, now in the editing phase.

If you could spend an evening with one contemporary person (not a family member of yours), who would it be and why?
It would have to be Dr. Gary Smalley ( ). I’ve recently signed to do a 4-book fiction series with him for Revell (actually working on the first novel right now). I’ve gotten to spend some one-on-one time with him already, but not near as much time as I’d like. He’s a fascinating man who, at age 71, has accomplished amazing things for God in the areas of family life and personal relationships over the last 35 years. Yet, he’s so humble and easy to be with, and he has great stories to tell.

What historical person would you like to meet (besides Jesus) and why?
Either the apostles Paul or John. I love their epistles so much (and John’s gospel), but I’d love to be able to spend time with them, particularly to find out what their personal walk with Christ was like. You know, the day-to-day behind-the-scenes stuff, not so much the epic Bible events they experienced.

How can you encourage authors who have been receiving only rejections from publishers?
The first thing would be to keep your eyes on Jesus, and make your relationship with Him the most important thing. Pursuing any earthly goal can easily become a preoccupying idol that will rob you of the peace and joy God wants you to experience along the way.

On the practical side…put most of your energy on the writing itself, crafting the best book you can possibly write. That’s what matters most (not things like social networking, building a platform, etc. although they do matter some). My editor, Andrea Doering (who just won ACFW’s Editor-of-the-year) said whenever she’s given an author proposal, the first thing she does is skip to the writing. She reads the first 3-5 pages, because to her the main thing is how well the author writes. She can spot the telltale signs that show whether an author’s work is really up to par, and if his/her writing style really captures her interest. If the writing isn’t there, she passes on the proposal.

Publishers are still, and will always be interested in a great story, well told.

That is so true. Tell us about the featured book.
I love the one-line sentence the marketing folks came up with: Can one Christmas change a life forever? That really sums up Remembering Christmas well. Here’s a little more about the storyline:

Rick Denton is a young successful CPA who lives his life on his terms. He works hard, plays hard, and answers to no one. So when his mother calls on Thanksgiving weekend begging him to come home after his stepfather has a stroke, Rick is more than a little reluctant. He's never liked Art and resents the man's presence in his life, despite the fact that his own father abandoned the family when Rick was just twelve. What was supposed to be just a couple days helping out at the family bookstore turns into weeks of cashing out old ladies and running off the homeless man who keeps hanging about.

Slowly but surely, the little bookstore and its quirky patrons―as well as the lovely young woman who works at his side each day―work their magic on him, revealing to Rick some startling truths about his family, his own life, and the true meaning of Christmas.

Please give us the first page of the book.
I can do a little better than that. Click on this link, and you can read the first chapter of Remembering Christmas (it’s short, maybe 3 pages):

How can readers find you on the Internet?
From the homepage on my website, there are buttons to read my blog or follow me on Facebook or Twitter. It’s (you can also preview my other novels and find links to order them from the major online stores).

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Patricia said...

Dan it is amazing how God can turn a bad situation into something good. It is difficult to understand God's will at times. I know from past experience that when I looked back on certain situations in my life I was able to see His plan unfold.
I am looking forward to reading your book.

plb1050 at gmail dot com

Roanna said...

I love Christmas stories and this one sounds like a good one. I've also never been able to read one of Mr. Walsh's books, and I would love to be able to do so.

Please enter me.

Thank you!
Roanna from Ohio

Jo said...

I love Christmas stories and this sounds like a wonderful book. Dan is another new author to me and would love to read this book.

Jo from Southern Arizona

Coolestmommy said...

Sounds like a wonderful book to curl up by the fire with; eating Christmas cookies and drinking hot apple cider. Can't wait!!

coolestmommy2000 at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

I would love to win a copy of this book.

angela from KY

Wendy Newcomb said...

Sounds like a good read, thank you for hosting the giveaway.


Annette W. said...

I want to give this to my dad.
Annette in PA.
derekannette @ gmail dot com

Unknown said...

Lena, i love so many things about your blog...this winter can i pick your brain for abit? i would love to win this book by Dan Walsh


from Peace River Country, Alberta

Lorna Faith said...

Loved reading your 1st page...your writing draws me in:) Would love to be entered for a chance to win "Remembering Christmas."

Lorna from Alberta

lornafaith at gmail dot com

Dan Walsh said...

Good morning everyone. Thanks Lena for hosting the interview and giveaway. I'll be checking in over the next several days. And will read every comment.

If you have any other questions you'd like to ask me, feel free.


Patty said...

Sounds like a good book! Would love to have a chance to read it.

Patty in SC

Nancy said...

I am so thankful to have found Dan Walsh as an author! It is a blessing to read books where we share the same thoughts and values, I never have to worry about passing his books along but have a hard time letting them go for fear of not getting them back!
Can't wait to read this one!

Jackson, NJ

Bakersdozen said...

Dan, congratulations of the book deal with Dr. Smalley. I would love to read this book. I live in S. California.

Mike G said...

Dan is a personal friend and a GIFTED writer. My favorite work so far was HOMECOMING...can't wait to read "Remembering Christmas". I highly recommend Dan's books - he delivers a compelling plot alongside memorable characters.

scottsgal said...

Love this season when all the new holiday books are coming out - sounds wonderful
cheryl in IL
msboatgal at

Cathy said...

I'd love a chance to win this Christmas book. I've never read anything by Dan Walsh. I do have his books on my TBR list and they all look good! Thanks for the chance to win this one.
Cathy from B.C. Canada

Linda Kish said...

This sounds like a wonderful story.


lkish77123 at gmail dot com

Pam K. said...

I read the opening of the book and liked it. I read Dan's " The Deepest Waters," which was really good as well. Since I enjoy reading Christmas books, "Remembering Christmas" would be perfect for me.
Thanks for the opportunity to win a copy.


rubynreba said...

Please enter me. This looks like a great Christmas story.
Beth from Iowa

Linda said...

After meeting Dan in a small writer's group, I was amazed at how real and humble he is. I am looking forward to reading his Christmas book because I love Christmas!

apple blossom said...

I love Christmas books. thanks for a chance to win this one.

I live in ND

ABreading4fun [at] gmail [dot] com

Laney4 said...

Like most of the others have said, "I love Christmas stories" and yours sounds like one I'll enjoy reading.
Thanks for sharing!
... I'm in ON, Canada

Judy said...

I haven't read any of Dan's books yet. I did enjoy the interview with him. I like the fact that he writes from a Christian perspective and that he loves endings that reveal God's power and love, so we as readers can put our hope in God no matter what we are going through!

I would love to win a copy of "Remembering Christmas".

Thanks for the interview and giveaway.

Judy B from Indiana

Unknown said...

I am glad he writes from a Christian perspective. Thanks gahome2mom/gmail/com

Patsy said...

This book sounds like a great read. Who doesn't love Christmas stories! Would love to read it.

from South MS

Wilma said...

I have read all of Dan's books & they are some of the best I've ever read.
Would love to win this copy.


Cynthia A. Lovely said...

Love Christmas books, please enter my name.

Abigail Mitchell said...

Looks interesting. Please enter me in the drawing.
Thanks and God Bless!
Abigail Richmond
Blanch, N.C.

Jackie S. said...

I would love to win this book because I love Dan's books! Read his first two and hope to read all of them! He is a great writer and a blessing to us all!
Jackie in NE Georgia

Anonymous said...

He is such an amazing writer, would love to win this one!

JoyAnne in TN

Mama Cat said...

Sounds wonderful! I will look forward to my next Marble Cove series book, as I have not read one of Dan's books before. Will also look forward to his upcoming work with Gary Smalley - may your collaborative work be as incredible as the Baxter series that he co-wrote with Karen Kingsbury - a real blessing! I live in Phoenix, and look forward to reading Dan's upcoming books.

Ms. Greer said...

Sounds like a great book, would love to win it. Thanks, Ms. Greer/Oh

Kristie said...

Sometimesd when we are reluctant to something but do it anyway God uses that as a teachable moment. A little nudge toward His path for you. I'm from Ohio. kristiedonelson(at)gmail(dot)com Thank you.

Ann Lee Miller said...

I enjoyed The Homecoming and would love to read Dan's latest.

Ann Lee Miller
Gilbert AZ

Sarah Rebekah Richmond said...

It looks interesting!!
Please enter me in the drawing.
I like Christmas time.
God Bless,
Sarah Richmond

Nathanael Richmond said...

Looks interesting! Would love to win,please enter me in the drawing.
Nathanael Richmond
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Maggie Carr said...

I could read Christmas books all year long and be one happy camper!

Maggie in Northern Indiana

misskallie2000 said...

I love Christmas stories so I know I will enjoy yours Dan. Thanks for stopping by to chat and share.

Thanks for the opportunity to enter giveaway.

I live in Georgia

misskallie2000 at yahoo dot com

Sharon Richmond said...

Enter me I would love to win a copy of this book! Thanks and God bless!
Sharon Richmond
Blanch, NC.