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Since you’re being published regularly, what new avenues will your future books take?        
I got a little tingle when I read that! “…published regularly…” Sounds lovely, doesn’t it? Thanks for that! I’ve recently signed with a new publisher, a division of Moody Publishers called River North Fiction. I’ll write at least two books for them – maybe more, if the series takes off. They’re contemporary romantic comedies based (very loosely) on fairy tales. The first one, If the Shoe Fits, is a Cinderella-inspired story, and the second one, Rise & Shine, runs with the tale of Sleeping Beauty. In addition to that, I’m working on at least one book for the Quilts of Love series just launching from Abingdon Press, and we’ll see if there are more to follow. There are a few other things in the works, and I’ll tell you about them when they solidify.

Keep me in the loop. I love your books. What conferences will you be attending this year? Will you be a speaker at any of them?
I don’t think I’ll be attending any conferences this year. Last year was pretty scary, and I spent about six months of it in/out of hospitals. I’m doing much better at last, but six months with no income can make for a very lean travel budget! So I’ll be sticking close to home for most of the year and devoting my time to writing really fun books.

If you were in charge of planning the panel discussion at a writing conference, what topic would the panel cover, and who would you ask to be on the panel, and why?      
That’s a really great question! Several topics spring to mind, but I think the first one I’d love to put together is one of those “What No One Ever Told Me” discussions for aspiring authors. I’d have a range of writers there, from someone new to just burst on the scene all the way to today’s heavier-hitters, like Susie May Warren, Tracie Peterson, and Karen Kingsbury. I’d sprinkle in a couple of editors who have a wide range of experience that reaches from editorial to marketing, like Julie Gwinn from B&H; a couple of agents experienced in (and with a heart for) building Big Picture careers, like Rachelle Gardner from Books & Such and Barbara Scott from Wordserve Literary. Then I’d probably add a mentor or two, like you, Lena. And we would all give a realistic and detailed look at what the world of publishing is really like because, frankly, I came into it like a big blind monkey with way more confidence than smarts about what I thought I wanted to do. Of course, we’d have to take frequent breaks and give the attendees cold compresses and Tylenol because sometimes the truth is a little hard to take. J

That’s true, but I’m kind of glad I didn’t know at the first. I personally might have given up, and I wouldn’t want to have missed the benefits this writing life brings you. One of the greatest is the wealth of friendships with author across genre lines. Knowing people like you would never have happened for me. How important is it to you to be active in writing organizations?   
Very important. I think it not only keeps you current and delivers a lot of inspiration (such as reminding you that you’re not the only one going through the maze), but more importantly it’s a way of giving back to the people coming up behind and beside you. I’m a judge for several writing contests like The Frasiers, and I also devote time to speaking to writing and reader groups as well as mentoring certain writers who have reached out to me. Writing is such a solitary business that it’s really important to become part of the community whenever you can.

Yeah. Other writers are the only people who can really understand our quirks. Where in the community or your church do you volunteer? 
I am active in raising funds and awareness for ovarian cancer and Parkinson’s research, and I’m an advocate for dogs through my devotion to various animal rescues. Ialso lead one of the writing teams at my church that converts the pastor’s Sunday messages into a daily Bible study throughout the week called Living It Out.

Cool. Last year, and now this year, I’m taking part in author Brenda Novak’s auction to raise funding for diabetes research. Who are the five people who have made the most impact on your life, and how? 
Wow, you ask some good questions, Lena!

1. Marian Miller. I’ve known her since we were in high school and, even though we’ve spent a lot of our lives moving around, we are solid BFFs. Marian is a beautiful Christian woman, and I’ve taken such joy in watching the development of her faith over the years.

2. Barbara Scott. She was the senior editor at Abingdon Press who bought my first book for them (The Big 5-OH!), and who had the idea of turning Always the Baker Never the Bride into a series because she saw the potential in those characters and setting. She’s since moved on from editing and is an agent now, but she is still one of my most fervent cheerleaders, both in my career and in my personal life. Even though she lives two states away, when I was so sick last year and didn’t have any family to take on the intense care that I needed, Barbara packed a bag, got on a plane and gave me SIX WEEKS out of her life to provide medical care and advocacy. There is NO ONE like her. (I knew that, and I prayed for both of you.)

3. Rachelle Gardner. Rachelle has been my agent for several years now, and she initiated the concept of developing Team Sandie, which is surrounding yourself with a group of loyal, capable people who are on the same page. She’s one of the few people I’ve ever met who can keep me in line without making me feel like she’s doing it. When I’m worked up, she hears me out. When I’m confused, we talk it through. We don’t always agree, but I do know that she has my interests at heart. How many writers can say that about their agent (and mean it)? (I have an agent like that. It’s a priceless treasure.)

4. Jemelle Tola. I met her within my first week of leaving L.A. and coming to Florida. We have almost nothing in common, from our beliefs to our backgrounds. She is stunningly beautiful, one of the coolest people I know, and one of the most honest. Even though it drives me out of my mind at times, she will NEVER tell me what I want to hear. She lays it right out there and makes no apologies for it. And she’s almost always right, which also drives me a little crazy. I think of Jemelle like a stunning piece of candy. She has a tough exterior with a sweet, gushy center.

5. David Page. I also met David soon after arriving in Florida, and I was a mess. Somehow, he saw through it, and we got to know one another. I fell in love with him pretty early on, then fell out of love a couple of years later; we got mad, got glad, got happy, got sad, got confused, felt abused…You know. Like real-life. I can tell David ANYTHING. And (the poor guy) I usually do. He is hands-down the funniest, smartest person I’ve ever met, and – Bonus! – he truly believes I’m fabulous, talented and destined for great things. You really don’t find someone like David very often in life. He’s one of my most essential and valuable relationships.

If you could write the inscription on your tombstone, what would it be?           
“She changed lives, never gave up, always believed, nursed instead of wounded. And she was SO FUNNY. Did you know she was funny?  If only she’d have learned to look before she leapt off that cliff.”

Tell us about the featured book.     
Borrowing from CBD.com’s description of the book:  “No matter how busy she is, dress designer Audrey Regan can't say no to her friend Carly when she asks her to be maid of honor---and create the perfect wedding dress. Carly's nuptials promise to be the event of the year. Then the groom's best man---tattooed biker J.R. Hunt---walks in and turns Audrey's world upside down!”

I have loved all the books in this series. Please share the first page with us.       


“Audrey, the car will be here any minute. You’re going to miss your plane.”

“Shh. I just need another minute.”

She leaned down over her sketch pad, nibbling the corner of her lip as she put the finishing touches on the train of an elaborate A-line wedding dress.

“Oh, Audrey! That’s beautiful. Is it for Kim?”

She didn’t reply for another moment or two; not until she felt perfectly secure in the fact that she could lay down her pencil and be done with it.

“There are two others in the leather portfolio in my closet. The messenger will be here at three o’clock to pick them up and get them into Manhattan by four.” She handed her assistant the finished product, pausing for an instant to admire the drawing. “Be very careful about it, but put this one with the others, and be sure to zip it all the way around so they aren’t wrinkled. Just give him the whole case, and call Kim once he’s on his way to give her a heads up that they’ll be delivered to the penthouse.”

“Will do.”

“My plane lands in Atlanta at five-something, and it will take me an hour or so to get out to Roswell where this hotel is located. You’ve shipped—”

“And confirmed. Carly’s dress is safe and sound at The Tanglewood Inn, awaiting your arrival.”

Audrey sighed as she cast a quick glance toward the door where Kat had lined up her pink plaid luggage. One oversized rectangular case and one large round one, both on wheels, both packed to full capacity.

Audrey applied a glaze of Cherry Bliss to her lips while Kat added the final sketch to the leather case. She paused with the wand in mid-air until she heard the vvhht of the zipper. As she slipped the tube into its compartment inside her purse, the buzzer sounded.

“That will be your car,” Kat announced. “But before you go…” Kat grabbed Audrey’s hand and placed a compact little cell phone into it, closing her fingers around it. “Now this is the simplest cellular phone available.”

“Kat, I do not want one of these. I told you that.”

“I know. But you have to.”

Audrey stared at the strange thing on her palm. “What do I do?”

“If it jingles, you open it. Like this.” Kat demonstrated. “It will either be a phone call, in which case you press the blinking green button. If it’s a text, it will come up automatically.”

“Ah, maaan…”

“I know. But it’s the best way to keep in contact. You want to keep in contact with me, don’t you?”

Audrey groaned. “Yes.”

“So put this in your purse.”

Audrey reluctantly tossed the thing into her bag as Kat pressed buttons on her own much more complicated-looking cell phone. An instant later, Audrey’s purse began to…sing.

“It sounds like a harp.”

“That’s your cue to pull it out and open it.” Kat stared at her for a moment before nodding at Audrey’s purse. “Go on. Answer it.”

“I already know who it is.”

I can’t wait to read this one. Where can my readers find you on the Internet?
I have a Web site at www.SandraDBricker.com .
I also write a weekly blog that I hope your readers will come and follow: http://sandradbricker.blogspot.com .
I host a reader page on Facebook that they can “Like”:
They can follow me on Twitter: SandieBricker
And they can sign up for the weekly Living It Out Bible studies from CedarCreek Church to be sent to their inbox every day:

Thank you, Sandie, for another fun interview. By the way, I love your new head shot!

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