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Sharon writes “stories for the hero in all of us,” about ordinary people experiencing God’s grace in unexpected ways. Known for their authenticity, emotional range, and spiritual depth, her novels include contemporary fiction such as The Secret Life of Becky Miller or Stepping into Sunlight and the groundbreaking Sword of Lyric fantasy series which includes The Restorer’s Son–Expanded Edition. She’s been a Christy finalist and won three Carol awards.

Sharon’s undergrad degree is in education, and she earned an M.A. in Communication. When she isn’t wrestling with words, Sharon enjoys speaking to conferences, retreats, and church groups. She loves interacting with visitors at her website and blog: sharonhinck.com 

The Restorer’s Son-Expanded Edition

Book two in the groundbreaking Sword of Lyric series, The Restorer’s Son won a Carol Award for speculative fiction.

Plunged again into the gray world of Lyric and Hazor, Susan and Mark search frantically for their teenage son, Jake. All signs hint that a trusted ally has betrayed them and threatens their son. A target of assassins and more political intrigue, false leads and near misses beset their path, which leads them into the dark prisons of Hazor before the One’s purpose is revealed.

Cast out by those he trusts, the new reluctant Restorer prefers to cross swords with the One rather than submit to His will. Pursued by his calling, he journeys to Sidian, where he finds a boy without a home, a king with burning questions, and a nation torn by darkness. As he embraces the tasks the One has set before him, this new Restorer learns that the One requires his all—perhaps even his life.

This new expanded edition of The Restorer’s Son includes an in-depth devotion guide for readers who want to dig into the spiritual themes of the book, bonus scenes providing glimpses of the story through a variety of characters, and fun extras including links to songs and recipes.

What was it like developing new material for this new edition?
Books are like children. I treasure each of them in different ways, and among the novels I’ve written, I try not to have favorites. However, I confess that The Restorer’s Son has an extra special place in my heart. Because of that, it was fun to revisit the characters and world of this story. Kieran’s attitudes were loosely inspired by a verse in Judges where Gideon is told God will use him to save his people. Gideon’s response is basically, “If God is for us, why have all these bad things happened to us?” It’s a question many can relate to, and part of the reason that Kieran is such a beloved character. 

The new devotion guide gives readers an opportunity to dig deeper into the Biblical inspirations that helped inform the book, as well as find personal application. About forty pages of new content, including bonus scenes and a new song composed for the book, make this edition a new experience.

How did you decide where to put in bonus elements?

Working with the publisher, we decided it was important to keep the flow of the story intact and free from distractions. So the book is designed with a large back-of-the-book section that can be used either after finishing the story, or during the reading of the main story. Small symbols and page numbers at the end of chapters direct readers to bonus scenes, and QR symbols in the margin invite readers to explore audio files, or recipes, or rules for playing Perish – all without interrupting the story.

It was important to me that people would feel that it was worth the investment to own The Restorer’s Son-Expanded Edition, even if they had a copy of the original edition, so we packed this book with lots of added value.

Besides an entertaining read, what do you hope people experience in The Restorer’s Son-Expanded Edition?
My hope is that readers will catch glimpses of the way the One speaks to each of us in the language we understand, and that we can go to Him with our difficult questions. For those who are walking very painful roads, I hope the story will help them feel acknowledged. The journey is hard, heroic, and sometimes frightening. But we are never alone.

Where can people find the book?
To order The Restorer’s Son-Expanded Edition: http://urlcut.me/aM3
Kindle version: http://urlcut.me/aM2

Sharon, thank you for visiting with us.

Readers, I read the original, and I know you'll love this book.

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Nancee said...

Soumds like an exciting book. Thank you for the offer.
Nancee in Western Michigan

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed the interview and hearing about your book.

JoyAnne in TN

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Janet Kerr said...

Oh, series are great. Yours sounds like an interesting one.
Please enter me in your draw.
Jan, from Canada


Unknown said...

This sounds great!! I can't wait to read all the new content! :)

Leauphaun from British Columbia

G.R.I.T.S. said...

Wow, it's amazing what you can miss when your at school for a couple of months. I see you have a new book, looks wonderful Lena!! I can't wait to read it.

Another great interview as usual!!!

Rae :)

Mary Preston said...

I'd love to read the entire "Sword of Lyric" series. THE RESTORER'S SON looks like such a great read.

Mary P


Lady DragonKeeper said...

I'm glad to hear that this series is back in print! I read the first book thanks to our public library, but was unable to finish the series because the library only had "The Restorer" and we couldn't find the rest. Thanks for the chance to win a book bag -can't have too many book bags!


P.S. I'm from Hawaii :)

apple blossom said...

looks like a good book thanks for chance to win

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Sounds like an awesome book. Im always looking for a new bookbag! Thanks for the offer. Im from NC.

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Loved the first one in the series!

Anna W. from GA

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Looks great. Portsmouth, Virginia

Sharon Richmond said...

Enter me!!
Sharon Richmond
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Sharon Hinck said...

Thanks for all the excitement, everyone. :-) I'm also glad to have this book back in print and available to everyone.

By the way, if your local library doesn't have a copy, be sure to request it... they will often order in a copy for their system if patrons request it. :-)

Sarah Elisabeth said...

I was hooked after the first book, and can't wait to read the second!

Sarah from Texas

Abigail Mitchell said...

Sounds Interesting! Please enter me in the giveaway! Thanks and God Bless!
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Katie Marie said...

Th expanded edition, ehh? Sounds too good to pass up, count me in!

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This book is right up our alley... The girls and I enjoy a good fantasy.(swords) lol Thanks gahome2mom/gmail/com

Jo said...

What a nice offer. The book sounds great and I just love book bags.


Anonymous said...

I loved the Becky Miller series-maybe because my name is Becky and I could relate to it in many ways. I haven't read The Restorer's Son yet but will be reading it soon.

Becky in MN
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rubynreba said...

The book sounds very interesting. Love to have a new book bag!
Beth from Iowa

Anonymous said...

Loved the original, Sharon, so it's hard to imagine the expanded edition could be better, but it is! I love the characters in this series. Thanks for giving us even more reason to go deep into the world of Lyric and learn about the One.

Stacy in MN