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MCKENNA'S DAUGHTERS Series - Lena Nelson Dooley - Two Free Books

Of Great Importance in My Writing Life

One of the most important things in this author’s life is my readers. I love all of you. Hearing from you is a high point of my day. Even if you didn’t like some aspect of my book, I like to hear from you. I want to connect with you in every way I can. And you can find me on a lot of online venues—Facebook, Twitter, Shoutlife, Pinterest, Goodreads, my blog, and my web site.

I’m really interested in book clubs and reading groups. I enjoy connecting with you through the electronic technology of telephone calls or Skype video. I’m happy to answer questions about the stories, why I wrote them, and any other question you may have.

My newest series is McKenna’s Daughters. The heroines were born on one of the last wagon trains on the Oregon Trail. Their mother died giving birth, and because of the circumstances, they were separated. It’s not until they are about eighteen years old that they learn they have two sisters. And the desire to find their sisters is strong in each of them.

Books one and two are stand alone novels, which can be read in any order. But you’ll probably want to read book one and two before book three releases in January 2013.

Maggie’s Journey released in October 2011. I’ve heard from a lot of readers. Many of they have been adoptees. They were interested in that aspect of the book, which was set in1885 in Washington Territory. Maggie journey took her to Little Rock, Arkansas, by train.

Maggie had grown up the spoiled daughter in a wealthy family. She had no idea she was adopted. Most people were intrigued by the way she found out. One Christian reviewer put Maggie’s Journey on her Top Books of 2011 list. Then in late May of this year, the book was awarded the Selah Award for historical novels.

Mary’s Blessing is releasing May 15, 2012. Mary has always known she was adopted, but because her mother died when she was eleven years old, no one told her the circumstances. That information really affected her when she found out. Her mother had called her God’s Blessing, but she didn’t feel like anyone’s blessing. Her spiritual and romantic journey intertwine in an interesting and surprising way.

Catherine's Pursuit will release February 5, 2013. It's already up on Amazon for pre-orders, but without the cover. Here's the first peek at that.

I love to hear from my readers whether they liked the book or not. I know you can’t please everyone, so if a reader has a problem with one of my books, I like to know. The opinion might make a difference to how I write my next book. Of course, I prefer that the person be kind in the way they tell me what they didn’t like.

And it’s always a blessing to an author when a reader lets them know how much they liked a book. Especially when they give specifics.

Have you ever let an author know when something in a book bothered you?

Readers, here are links to all three book. By using one when you order, you help support this blog. 
Maggie's Journey (McKenna's Daughters) - paperback
Maggie's Journey (McKenna's Daughters) - Kindle
Mary's Blessing (McKenna's Daughters) - paperback
Mary's Blessing (McKenna's Daughters) - Kindle
Catherine's Pursuit (McKenna's Daughters) - pre-orders for paperback (The Kindle edition will be available when the book releases)

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monica said...

I once let an author know that I wished the book didn't end or that there would be a sequel. But, alas, it was to be a stand-alone book!

Monica Ontario

Maegan said...

I've never personally told an author something I didn't like about their work, but I do leave reviews on Amazon and Goodreads. I think it is very brave of you to openly invite reader feed back when so many do not understand the importance of constructive criticism. I look forward to reading your next book! God Bless!

Unknown said...

i follow a few authors' blogs, and in that case i will let an author know if i love her novel. i write reviews, and always can find something i like about a novel, but have once told an author i didn't finish his novel but think that was because of personal likes and dislikes. i would love to win your novel, perhaps starting with the first one, Lena.

Marianne from northern Alberta


Katie said...

I've never let an author know if there was something I didn't like with their book. Sometimes I will write reviews and I share my honest opinions there. I'll have to take into consideration actually emailing an author, though! :) Please enter me, I would LOVE to win one of these books. I have 2 adopted siblings, so I am always interested in books that have something to do with adoption! I'm from NC.

Katie G.

scottsgal said...

I don't typically contact authors though I do follow a lot of blogs
cheryl in IL

PatriciaW said...

I love to go to the websites of authors. If I really love their book, I will email to let them know. If I really didn't like something, to the point where I can't simply put the book down and I think it's important for the author to know, I will send a polite email then too. I simply try to convey why whatever offended me didn't work for me.

On occasion, authors have emailed me back to either thank me or explain why they wrote what they did. Others simply don't respond.


karenk said...

no, i've never contacted an author if something in his/her novel bothered me.

lena, thanks for the opportunity to read your novels. you are the best :)

karenk...from pa
kmkuka at yahoo dot com

Lena Nelson Dooley said...

I'm really enjoying reading all your comments.

I'm working hard today to get ready to leave for the American Christian Fiction Writers national conference tomorrow.

Jo said...

I have never contacted a author to let them know that there was something that I didn't like about their book

Jo from Southern Arizona

Wendy Newcomb said...

I would LOVE to win one of these books. Thank you for hosting this giveaway.

Wendy in FL


Norma S said...

Hi Lean,thank you for the chance to win two books, i would love to have Maggie and Mary, or Maggie or Mary. It is unusual for a author to say tell them if there is something you did like about their book. Have a good week and God bless you. Norma Stanforth, form Ohio

Judy said...

I haven't contacted an author if something bothered me in their book. I didn't know if an author would want me too. My question to you Lena is, would an author welcome such a question? I don't think a reader should bash an author in a review of their book if there was something troubling the reader. I do think a private conversation would be best. I would love to win one of your books.

Judy B from Indiana

Karen G. said...

I did contact an author to find out if a series of books she wrote were going to continue because I really enjoyed reading them and wanted to know what was going to happen. Got a reply back from the author and was sad that the series was not going to continue. It was not her decision but the publisher.
Have all three of McKenna's Daughters on my wish list, so it would be a pleasure to win one.

Karen, Troy,NY

Shopgirl said...

I don't usually let an author know, but I do blog reviews so I'll say what I liked and didn't like about a book. I'm in MN.

Melody said...

I've THOUGHT but never shared with an author that some ideas didn't flow. I figure..its their storyline, I should respect that.

Would love to win your booka

Missionary wise, from Donna, TX. Heart wise, an OKIE from MO!

Mary Preston said...

I don't know that anything has bothered me so much I felt compelled to contact the author about it.

I have emailed authors when I have absolutely loved their work. I should do this more.

Mary P


pol said...

Good morning Lena, I loved this series and read book #1 so should I win would be interested in book #2. I like your blog and seeing many authors to get to know is nice.
thanks for sharing today.
Paula O(kyflo130@yahoo.com)
a Ga fan

Judy Cooper said...

I have been anxious to read this series, so glad there will be a third book. Please enter me in the contest. I have not found anything to complain about in any of Mrs. Dooley's books. Judy C. in Louisiana.

Lena Nelson Dooley said...

Reading all your comments blesses my heart.

Of course, I'd rather hear what a reader likes about my books. But when a reader gently tells me about something that bothers them about one of my books, it helps me grow as a writer.

I meant every word I said about my readers being important to me. They are the reason I get books published. It's like an actor on the stage. They love the interaction with the audience, and readers are my audience.

Anna Weaver Hurtt said...

Please drop my name in the giveaway hat! :)

Anna W. from GA

Carol N Wong said...

I would love to win book#1.
If I love a book, I always try to e-mail the author to tell them. One time, that I e-mailed, the author said that she was having a bad day, and it turned around when I e-mailed!

I live in Texas.


apple blossom said...

thanks for chance to win
live in ND

ABreading4fun [at] gmail [dot] com

Patty said...

Only if I particularly enjoy a book do I ever contact the author. And only recently have I begun doing that...

Patty in SC

Melody said...

I have such respect for writers and am just in awe with where you pull these new stories from?

Donna, TX

Sarah Rebekah Richmond said...

I would love to win,Enter me!!

Evlin said...

I usually write a review of the book I'm reading. Would Love to win one of your books. Thank you for the chance.

Kevlin from NY

Abigail Mitchell said...

Please enter me!!! Thanks and God Bless!

Blanch, N.C.

ASC Book Reviews said...

PLEASE Enter me!!! I have been dieing to try this author! :)

Amada Chavez, NM

Sparks of Ember said...

I wrote Janette Oke years ago - 1995 - about her book A Gown of Spanish Lace. I was 15 and I knew from US history that the pledge of allegiance hadn't been written yet at the time the book took place. She wrote me back, apologizing for the historical error, and stated that she had just assumed some form of pledge took place at the schools even if the actual pledge wasn't written yet. I still have that letter!

from the Black Hills of SD

Sparks of Ember said...

I think I'd also been confused about the plot - I can't remember exactly what it was now - I felt the plot suddenly shifted halfway through and dropped the earlier storyline. She explained that her intention with the book was to show the power of the mother's prayers, even after her death. I wasn't thrilled with her answer but at least I understood what she had meant for the story to be about.

rubynreba said...

I have not told an author if anythng bothered me about their book. I have, however, told them when I like the book.
Beth from IA

Nancee said...

Lena, I'd love to win these two new books. Thanks so much for offering them in this giveaway!
Nancee in Michigan

Jaedyn said...

I've never taken the time to tell an author something that bothered me about a book... usually only if a book really touched me or I loved it. Although I guess if it was a favorite author I might be more inclined to do it, I just haven't so far.

Thanks for the chance to win! :)


Sharon Richmond said...

Enter me this book looks great!!
Sharon Richmond

Lady DragonKeeper said...

I haven't contacted an author if I didn't like their book, though it might be interesting to email and find out why they wrote what they did.

Thanks for the chance to win!
(P.S. I'm from Hawaii)

Lourdes said...

If I find the subject or language questionable I do. Usually though it's to thank them for their excellent work and to express how much I have enjoyed a book.

Lourdes In Dix Hills Long Island

Diana Gardner said...

I love the covers! Please enter me in the drawing. Thanks! Portsmouth, VA

Lena Nelson Dooley said...

You readers have been having a lot of fun while I was in conference. I did drop in a time or two to catch up on the comments.

I love y'all. Thanks for all the comments.

I'm home now.

Kristie said...

Your books sound great!! I could not imagine finding out that I was adopted and had two sisters. Crazy. I was never told anything so life changing. Thank goodness. I have never told an author about something I did not like. I have been strongly tempted a time or two. Do you think I should? Kristie from Ohio. kristiedonelson(at)gmail(dot)com Thank you.

Lena Nelson Dooley said...

Kristie, that's a good question. I don't know about other authors, but I'd want to know. But I would hope you would couch it in terms that are kind.

Megan said...

I posted a review on Amazon about a book that I love: Veiled Freedom. I stated that I wanted a stronger salvation message and would love to see a sequel showing the character's spiritual growth. Jeannette Windle commented that a sequel was in the works addressing the points I had made. I was thrilled that she responded and even more thrilled about the sequel---which by chance, I happen to be reading right now!!

On a personal note: I am a twin, so the sister relationship is very important to me. What a great premise for a series. I look forward to reading it!

Megan (PA)

Lena Nelson Dooley said...

I've heard from both mulitples and adoptees who love this series.

Jes said...

The books in this series sound fascinating! Such interesting storylines.

jswaks at gmail dot com