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DISCOVERING THE CITY OF SODOM - Latayne C Scott - One Free Book

Once again, readers, we're featuring a fascinating non-fiction book many of you will enjoy. Because this author also writes fiction, it's an interesting read.

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Welcome back, Latayne. What would you like for our readers to know about you personally?
I am not a woman who decided to write, I was a writer long before I was a woman. I won my first award for writing – an essay on fire prevention—in the third grade. My passion, or even need, to write has come to the forefront recently. Because of a serious illness my husband has, I’ve not been able to work on anything other than short writing projects for over a year. My soul is thirsty right now for solitude and writing.

Tell us about your family.
I’ve been married for almost 40 years, and we have two wonderful adult children who have shown their impeccable wisdom and their love for me by giving me the most adorable four grandchildren in the world.

Have you written other nonfiction books?
Yes, I have. My first book was published by Zondervan in 1979. It told the story—and the reasons—behind my departure from Mormonism. This book, The Mormon Mirage, is unique because it has gone through three highly-updated editions and is still in print now, 35 years after its first edition.

In addition, I have had about fifteen other non-fiction books published. I say “about fifteen” because I’m never really sure how many—whether you count as a single book the ones which have been revised and published under other titles, for instance, which is the case with several of my books.

Do you have any other books in the works right now?
My first full-length work of fiction, Latter-day Cipher, was released in 2009—and you were one of the first and most enthusiastic reviewers of it, Lena. I’ll always be grateful to you for that. For those not familiar with it, I could describe Cipher as a literary suspense novel centered around murders involving Mormonism and its secret codes and practices.

I guess you could say I got “fiction fever,” for, although I next published a non-fiction, I have written part or most of five other novels which are yet to be published. One of them is the novel, A Conspiracy of Breath, that I believe is the crowning achievement of my life, but it’s controversial and may never be published by a traditional publisher.

What kinds of hobbies and leisure activities do you enjoy?
I enjoy “soft” science fiction movies, especially those about time travel and parallel realities. I guess that’s because I would love to have several aspects of my life reversed. And one of the reasons I cling to my faith in Jesus is that I believe He and He alone can give me back years that locusts have eaten and literally change my sinful past by His blood.

Why did you write the featured book?
My co-author, esteemed archaeologist Dr. Steven Collins, has been a colleague and friend for years and has met with me about once a year for several years telling me we should write this book together. So we finally did! And what a pleasure and joy it was.

My husband is reading it right now and loving it. When he’s finished, I get my turn. What do you want the reader to take away from the book?
Lena, I hate to suppose this, but I wonder if more people aren’t looking at and talking about this book because they don’t want to be labeled as homophobic. Of course, anyone who reads it finds that it is about archaeology, not about social issues at all. In fact, the discussion of the sexual practices of the Sodomites takes up only a couple of sentences in the 75,000 words of the manuscript.

I don’t think the Christian world has “gotten it” in terms of how game-changing this book is. The book chronicles a major archaeological discovery, that of the biblical city of Sodom. Biblical Archaeology Review just ran an article about it. What is so amazing is that the massive city has been in the same place for centuries, but for the last hundred or so years of professional archaeology, nobody looked where the Bible said it was because of other “theories.”

What’s the take-away? If the Bible can be shown to be reliable in its geography, maybe the world should take some of its doctrines and teachings seriously, too.

Since I love your writing, I know this book will be a very good read. Where on the Internet can the readers find you?
Well, the ladies of (five other Christian fiction writers) and I blog together, and we also have over 6000 followers on Facebook. But if you’re interested in my writing alone, you can find out about Mormonism, writing, and other subjects at .

Come see me! Ask me questions!

Thank you, Latayne, for sharing this important book with us.

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Discovering the City of Sodom: The Fascinating, True Account of the Discovery of the Old Testament's Most Infamous City - paperback

Discovering the City of Sodom: The Fascinating, True Account of the Discovery of the Old Testament's Most Infamous City - Kindle

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Naomi Musch said...

Was just talking about archeology & the discovery of Sodom recently. (Not with much insight, only having known of it.) Would love to read the book!

Kandra said...

Wow. This sounds so interesting. I would definitely love to be the winner.
Kandra from OK

Melissa M. said...

Would love to read this book! I find most archaeology fascinating, especially Biblical time-periods. I also read "The Latter Day Cipher" and really liked it!

-Melissa M. from TX

Joe Broz said...

I have always enjoyed Latayne's books. Now I cannot wait to have a copy of this book.

Anonymous said...

I would love to win a copy of this book. It sounds fascinating!

Angie Naglis in Alberta, Canada

Cindy Prince said...

I would LOVE to win this book but even if I don't I'm buying a copy soon. I'm polishing my own manuscript now and Latayne's first book "Mormon Mirage" is not only quoted in it, it played a primary role in our family's story. Her writing style made the difference I needed. Can't wait to read this one!

Latayne C. Scott said...

I am thrilled about the enthusiastic response to this column and give-away. I am especially grateful to Melissa, who has previously read Latter-day Cipher, an to Joe, a long-time supporter, and to Cindy: no greater honor than to be quoted!

Elaine McCarley, Arkansas said...

I downloaded this book to my mother's kindle, however, I would be so honored to get a solid copy. I prefer to hold the books I read and pass them on or keep to read again. Can't wait to read it for myself.

Juanita Nobles said...

I would love to read this book. Please enter my name in the drawing.

Judith Couchman said...

I'm a huge fan of Latayne first, and then her writing. Can't wait to read this book. I've also read some of her unpublished fiction works and marveled. She's brilliant, gifted, and creative. And I'm not writing this just to get a free book! I should also add persistent. In her life and work, she's the definition of perseverance.

Latayne C. Scott said...

Judy, thank you for your kind comments and loving support. Elaine, you are also so supportive always. Juanita, you stand as good a chance as anyone of winning!

Judy said...

Latayne, you are a new author to me. This book fascinates me because we are studying Abraham, Sarah and Lot in our Bible study. We just finished reading and talking about the destruction of Sodom. I would love to read about the discovery of Sodom.
I enjoyed the interview with Lean. Congrats on your almost 40 years of marriage!

Judy B from Indiana

Mary Preston said...

What a fascinating read this is going to be

Mary P


Latayne C Scott said...

Judy, you won't believe the detail and insights from Dr. Collins in this book. You will never look at Abraham the same way.

Mary, thank you!

Marianne Barkman said...

I love learning more about people and places in the Bible. It sounds like I have missed a lot by not know you, Latayne or having read your books. Lena is my go to person for inspiring books. Thanks for the chance to win.

Marianne from northern Alberta


Amber Schamel said...

Sounds like a great read! I love archeology and even thought about making it my career. I would love to win a copy of the book.

Amber Schamel
Larkspur, CO

Bookishqueen said...

I have seen this before and have been curious about it. Would love to win.
Rebekah TN

Patsy said...

Wow! To begin writing while in the 3rd grade! I would really love to read this book. It sounds really great!


from: South Mississippi

Rhonda Coleson said...

I am so looking forward to getting this book and peeling away the mystery.

apple blossom said...

thanks for chance to win

live in ND

ABreading4fun [at] gmail [dot] com

sharon m said...

This should be very good! sharon, CA

Library Lady said...

Our library users love reading Biblical fiction.
Thanks for the giveaway.
Janet E.

Jean said...

This sounds like a FANTASTIC read! Thank you for the opportunity of possibly winning this book!!!

Jean Kropid
West Palm Beach, FL

Anonymous said...

Marianne, I do hope my writing can help connect you closer to the Lord.

Amber, I wanted to be an Egyptologist when I was younger. Sometimes I wonder why I let someone talk me out of it. You too?

BookishQueen -- where did you hear about my book?

Patsy and Appleblossom -- I'm keeping my fingers crossed, too. May God choose the winner!

Latayne C Scott said...

OOOPS! That last comment from "anonymous" was from me!

Latayne C Scott said...

Rhonda, dear friend, thank you for stopping by!

Sharon, I have another friend in California named Sharon, but her last initial is S-- Do you know the author Sharon K. Souza? She's terrific.

Library Lady and Jean -- thank you!

rubynreba said...

Thanks for the chance to win this book!
Beth from Iowa

Veronica Sternberg said...

I love learning about archaeology; this one sound fascinating! I'm in MN.

Kristie said...

This sounds like a great book. I am also ex-Mormon so I would be interested to read her other NF too. And "Latter Day Cipher" holds lots of appeal for me too. Kristie from Ohio. kristiedonelson(at)gmail(dot)com Thank you.