Saturday, May 18, 2013

MARY'S BLESSING Is a Selah Award Finalist

We're taking a short break from our regularly scheduled author interviews today for my special announcement.

My McKenna's Daughters Series is about identical triplets born on one of the last wagon trains on the Oregon Trail. Their mother dies giving birth, and they're separated. The girls don't find out that they have sisters until near their eighteenth birthday. Each book is one sister's story.

If you haven't read these stories, you'll want to start with book one, Maggie's Journey, and read them in order.

Maggie's Journey, which released in late 2011, received the Selah Award for Historical Novel from the Blue Ridge Mountain Christian Writers Conference. I thank the Lord for that special blessing. The conference contest director announced this year's finalists in a podcast last Friday.

Mary's Blessing, which released in 2012, is a finalist in the Romance Novel category. There are only three finalists in this contest, so I feel blessed by finaling in this contest again. The winners will be announced on Wednesday, and they are streaming it live. I'll be watching. If anyone else wants to watch with me, it will start at 7 pm Central time. Here's the link:

Catherine's Pursuit, the last book in the series, released in February.

Here's what some people are saying about the McKenna's Daughters Series books:

Lena Nelson Dooley’s stories always satisfy, and Maggie’s Journey is certainly no exception! She’ll grab you on page one with characters and events that reflect real-life joys and heartaches that change the characters forever and won’t let go until you’ve read “The End.” Make room on your “keepers” shelf for this first title in the MeKenna’s Daughters series! —Loree Lough Best-Selling Author of Eighty Award-Winning Books, Including From Ashes to Honor, Book 1 in the First Responders Series

Maggie’s Journey is the beautifully written story of a young woman on a journey to discover both her past . . . and her future. Lena Nelson Dooley’s sensory tale will pull readers in and make them glad they’ve taken the time to travel alongside Maggie. —Janice Hanna Thompson Author of Love Finds You in Groom, Texas

For a poignant story of hardship, heartaches, and happiness in late nineteenth-century Oregon, look no further than Mary’s Blessing by Lena Nelson Dooley. In this, the second of her McKenna’s Daughters 
series, Dooley treats readers to the story of a young woman, long 
burdened with familial responsibilities, and the well-intentioned but 
sometimes clueless man who loves her. More than just a love story, 
this is the tale of two characters’ journey to maturity and faith. 
Amanda Cabot

Author of Summer of Promise and Christmas Roses

Mary’s Blessing is an emotional tale of a determined young woman desperately trying to care for her family in the midst of tragic circumstances. Heartache, joy, drama, and a sweet romance will tug at

your heartstrings and leave you smiling in the end. Keep a hanky handy. Vickie McDonough

Award-winning author of End of the Trail and the Texas Boardinghouse Brides series

Delightful! Catherine’s Pursuit swept me away. My heart ached with Catherine’s longing . . . and then rejoiced at her numerous discoveries—of family, of love. A well-written book that’s worth the read!
—Tricia Goyer Best-selling author of thirty-four books, including The Memory Jar

From the docks of San Francisco to the forested slopes of Oregon City, Lena Nelson Dooley crafts a touching tale of one woman’s discovery of long-lost triplet sisters and 
the search that sweeps both her and the reader away on a 
magical journey of faith, family, and love. — 
Julie Lessman
Award-winning author of The Daughters of Boston and Winds of Change series

Lena Nelson Dooley weaves a fascinating tale of a young woman facing one family crisis after another while questioning who she is and the sincerity of the young man who professes to love her but 
seems more interested in controlling her life. 
Henry McLaughlin Award-winning author of Journey to Riverbend


pol said...

Ahhh Lena Congratulations, this series is a wonderful continuing story of these girls, I have not read them all but enjoyed tremendously what I did read, My heart was so sad when the triplets had to be given to different families and go seperate ways...thanks for the wonderful read.
Paula O(
a Ga reader and fan.

Lena Nelson Dooley said...

Thank you, Paula. I'm sure you'll love the last book in the series.

Jorie said...

Ms. Dooley,

Congratulations!! Ooh this is wicked sweet news indeed!! :) Like Paula, I haven't yet read these lovely books myself -- I believe I already added them to my ILL list through the library! I hadn't heard of this award previously, and so, I celebrate tonight hearing your good news and the blessings that this book series has brought you!

I miss interacting with you on the Society, as I've been absent since mid-April but over the Summer I am hoping to return, as you need openID to leave comments! I'm so thankful that your site has the capture code! :)

If I can remember to 'tune in' I shall! Ooh this must put you on 'pins!' It's at 8pm *whew!* as I just checked, I'm tuning in for a Booktalk Nation event that night!

With fond regards and crossed fingers for a win!


Mary Preston said...

I am so looking forward to reading this entire series. Just fabulous!!

Mary P


Sharon Richmond said...

I have not read any of these books but I can't wait to they sound great!!
Sharon Richmond

Lyndie Blevins said...

Congratulations, Lena, I'm so happy for you.

rubynreba said...

Congratulations! A well deserved honor for you.

Lena Nelson Dooley said...

It's so good to see some of my longtime readers have left me comments.

Lena Nelson Dooley said...

Jorie, I hope you get your chance at the books soon. I'll be looking forward to hearing how you like them.

Lena Nelson Dooley said...

Mary, do you know where they're available in Australia?

Lena Nelson Dooley said...

Sarah, after you get a chance to read the books, I'll love hearing your comments about them.

Lena Nelson Dooley said...

Lyndie and Rubynreba, thanks for the congratulations. They mean a lot to me.