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LOVE'S SWEET BEGINNING - Anne Shorey - One Free Book

Welcome back, Ann. What are some of the spiritual themes you like to write about?
Forgiveness and restoration are two themes I return to over and over. Forgiving others when we feel we’ve been wronged is one of the most difficult things we’re called to do as Christians, yet once done, it’s one of the most freeing.

What other books of yours are coming out soon?
In addition to Love’s Sweet Beginning, which just released, I have a novella titled Lessons in Love releasing in April. The collection is titled Sincerely Yours, and features novellas by Jane Kirkpatrick, Amanda Cabot, Laurie Alice Eakes, and me. The stories span the 19th century, and each features an intrepid woman who receives a letter that changes the course of her life.

If you could spend an evening with one contemporary person (not a family member of yours), who would it be and why?
I’d love to spend time with Laura Bush, our former first lady. She seems to be such a warm and gracious person. It would be my pleasure to spend an evening getting to know her.

I’d love to do the very same thing. What historical person would you like to meet (besides Jesus) and why?
My great-great grandmother. She’s not famous historically, but what a woman! Her mother died when she was 3, then her father left her with one of his sisters and took off for Texas with Stephen Austin. He never returned. At 14 she married a circuit-riding preacher who was 16 years her senior, and in 1836 they settled in southwestern Illinois. They were married for over fifty years, and reared 9 living children. She was the inspiration for my novel, The Promise of Morning. To sit and talk with her about her life would be amazing. That day will come when we meet in heaven!

How can you encourage authors who have been receiving only rejections from publishers?
First of all, I’d say if you feel God has called you to write, don’t quit. I received a large number of rejections before I got my first contract. I’d pray after each rejection that if it was the Lord’s will that I continue, would He please send a word of encouragement. Invariably, I’d receive a positive comment from some source or another to keep me from quitting.

Also, do pay attention to those rejections. Is there a common thread? Perhaps you need to do some revising before sending your work out again.

Tell us about the featured book.
Love’s Sweet Beginning is the third book in the Sisters at Heart series. The series is so named since the protagonists in each novel are close friends—sisters at heart. Love’s Sweet Beginning is Cassie’s story. Here’s a teaser:

A young woman from a life of privilege must find a way to support herself and her mother—but will her new boss give her a fair chance?

Please give us the first page of the book. 
St. Louis, Missouri
April 1868
Cassie Haddon jammed a pillow over her ears, hoping to block the sound of raised voices. In the hallway outside her room, her mother and uncle shouted at each other in tones no pillow could smother.

 “You’ve imposed on my hospitality far too long,” her uncle’s deep voice growled. “It’s time you and that useless daughter of yours moved on.”

Cassie cringed. Heaven knows she tried to be helpful. It wasn’t her fault that she’d reached the age of twenty-five without possessing any useful skills. Until the war, she’d always had servants to wait on her.

“If my Phillip were alive, he’d be appalled at your behavior. You’re his brother. You have an obligation to take care of us.” The thin walls did nothing to diminish her mother’s shrill pitch.

“Don’t put on airs with me, Eliza. After eleven months, I’ve more than fulfilled any obligation I may have had toward you. You have a brother of your own drifting around somewhere. Go find him.”
How can readers find you on the Internet?
I love hearing from readers! My website address is www.annshorey.com. I’m also on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/AnnShorey.

Thanks so much for inviting me to your blog, Lena! I enjoyed our visit. 

I love having you on my blog.

To celebrate the novel, author Ann Shorey and Revell Publishers are pleased to present theSWEET BEGINNINGS Sweepstakes, and your chance to win one of three marvelous prizes, all closely connected to the story.

Timeframe & Notifications:
This giveaway starts February 4, 2014 and ends February 20, 2014 @ 11:59 pm (PST). Entry is open to US residents only, age 18 and over.
Winners will be selected Friday, February 21, 2014, and announced at AnnShorey.com
Treasures of Norway Grand Prize

Baker's Bounty Pie-of-the-Month Club

When Cassie Haddon finds work in West & Riley's Restaurant, one of her first tasks is baking pies for a crew of rough workmen. She's never worked a day in her life, and has no kitchen skills, but really, how hard can it be to bake a pie? In honor of Cassie's baking trials (and eventual triumphs) our Grand Prize winner will receive a 6-month Pie of the Month Club Membership to the Grand Traverse Pie Company
       Treasures of Norway Second Prize

Timeless Treasures Prize Pack

Cassie doesn't have many luxuries, as she struggles to reinvent herself and make a life in Noble Springs, but a few small treasures brighten her cottage and lift her spirits. Our Second Prize winner will receive a prize pack filled with some of Cassie's favorite things: a delicate, rose-colored lace shawl, a pewter pen and ink set, and a bath set filled with lavender and lilac soaps and lotion
       Treasures of Norway Third Prize

Sisters at Heart Prize Pack

The women in Ann's Noble Springs series (Faith, Rosemary, and Cassie) are strong, resourceful, creative, and always looking for ways to give to others. To celebrate their giving hearts, our Third Prize winner will receive a complete, signed set of the Sisters at Heart series, to give to a friend, family member, or sister of the heart
How to Enter:
Go to http://www.annshorey.com/contest.html and complete the entry box, anytime between February 4 and February 20.  

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Love's Sweet Beginning (Sisters at Heart Book #3): A Novel - Kindle

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Amanda Dykes said...

Lena and Ann, what a delightful interview! I loved hearing about Ann's great-great grandmother, and see that same strength in Ann. Thanks so much for sharing about the Sweet Beginnings Sweepstakes, Lena! You're a blessing! -Amanda (p.s. no need to enter me to win the book from the comments here- but what a generous idea! :)

Ann Shorey said...

Thank you for the interview on your beautiful blog, Lena!

Melanie Backus said...

Another wonderful interview, Lena, thank you. I would have liked to have met Ann's great-great grandmother myself. Very interesting!

Melanie Backus, TX

Heidi said...

I'm looking forward to reading this series now! Thanks for sharing the interview and giveaway!

Heidi, CA

Ann Shorey said...

Melanie, Wouldn't it be fun to talk to a woman who lived so long ago? I can't imagine how they managed their homes and children!

Ann Shorey said...

Heidi, So glad this blog whetted your appetite for the Sisters at Heart series. I hope you enjoy the stories of the three friends, Faith, Rosemary, and Cassie.

sm said...

I really enjoy "collections", like the one you mentioned in your post. Nice way to try new authors' books. sharon, CA wileygreen1(at)yahoo(dot)com

Jean said...

Thank you for this opportunity!

Jean K
West Palm Beach, FL

Mary Preston said...

Thank you for the fascinating post. The first page grabbed me.

Mary P


Marianne Barkman said...

As soon as I read this post, I headed over to the library to see if they had the first two in the series in Kindle. They don't, but found another series of hers that I will download. Hopefully they have the first two of the sisters of the heart in, but if not, I'll check our bookstore! Her work sounds amazing, and I would be honored to review them. Thanks for the opportunity to win, Lena.

Heather Olsen said...

Thank you for sharing about your great-grandmother and her story. I have always been interested in my family history and their stories, so I can identify with you and wanting to sit down and talk with them.
Thanks for the drawing.
koho onefourthree (at) hotmail (dot) com

Britney Adams said...

Thank you for sharing such a lovely interview! What a fascinating story Ann shared about her great-great grandmother! Such a remarkable woman! I look forward to reading THE PROMISE OF MORNING, as well as the Sisters at Heart series.

Britney Adams, TX

Melody said...

Enjoyed the interview AND the prizes are awesome! Reading the books is all I ever want but I could handle pie with one hand and a book in the other!

Donna, TX

Ann Shorey said...

Marianne, So glad you checked with your library! You can also request that they order the books in if they don't have them--you can do the same with bookstores, too. Both bookstores and libraries like to know what their customers want. :)

Ann Shorey said...

Mary, I'm pleased to know the first page of the book grabbed your attention! I noticed you're from QLD in Australia. We have friends in Toowoomba. Blessings to you!

Ann Shorey said...

Melody, I can handle a book in one hand and pie in the other, too! :)

Ann Shorey said...

Thanks to all who left comments about my great-great grandmother. My cousins and I have done a lot of research into her life. It's thrilling to walk where she walked, and see the land where they farmed in Illinois. (Descendants are still farming in the area.)

Susan P said...

I love all of Ann's books! I can't wait to read this one - the first two in the series were well written. Thanks for sharing with us today!

Patty said...

What a difficult position Cassie and her mother were in! I look forward to reading her story...

Patty in SC

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great book!!!! Thanks for the giveaway!
Sydney Harries

Ann Shorey said...

Susan, thank you for your kind comments about the first two books in this series. :)

Ann Shorey said...

Patty, Cassie and her mother were in a difficult position indeed. I hope you'll enjoy learning what happened next. Blessings!

Merry said...

Great interview. Anne had an amazing grandmother!
Merry in MN

rubynreba said...

Looks like a book I would really enjoy. I love Ann Shorey books.
Beth from IA

Sharon Richmond Bryant said...

Enter me!!
Sharon Richmond Bryant