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WANTED A MAN FOR CHRISTMAS - Janice Olson - One Free Book

Dear Readers, we have another Janice Olson Texas Serendipity series romantic comedy, and it is a Christmas story. I’m really looking forward to reading this one. I loved the first one so much.

Welcome back, Janice. How did you come up with the idea for this story?
Since Christmas is the season for giving, love, and quite often romance, I decided to write a clean Christmas romance.

How did I come up with the idea? I have single friends, who, especially around the holidays, hate to go to parties alone where the majority of people attending are married couples or have dates and they don’t.

The thought struck me two ways. First, what if Whitney Singleton, my protagonist, is in the same predicament but even worse—her boss expects her to have a date for the charitable Christmas banquet since she was in charge of putting it together, and it’s in two weeks—crunch-worry time. And what if she can’t find anyone suitable and who wouldn’t be an embarrassment. Second, I got to thinking, what if the answer to her dilemma was no further than her handsome neighbor next door, but she doesn’t know it? Let the fun times roll!

If you were planning a party with Christian authors of contemporary fiction, what six people would you invite and why?
This list is given knowing full well if I invite authors, we will laugh, have fun, eat a lot of good food, and always talk shop. Here’s my contemporary list:
Lynne Gentry, for her savoir-faire—her handling of affairs, which always shows up in her books. Lynne writes with the same know how, painting pictures with her words, and giving the reader an exciting read.
Kellie Coates Gilbert, for her savvy business sense and matter-of-fact way of looking at things. Kelly’s books are relevant with today’s problems and she handles them in a superior way.
Jackie Castle, for her off-beat practical sense and way of looking at a problem and working it out. She writes contemporary and fantasy and has a unique way at looking at life and portraying it in her books.
Michelle Stimpson, for her funny, funny sense of humor and way of telling a story that will have you laughing, thinking, and wagging you head at the same time. She’s multi-faceted author who strikes at the heart of the matter in a humorous way. Yet, she can be very serious in her writing also. She’s a joy to know and will keep you in stitches at any gathering.
Deborah Raney, she has a sweet, caring quality that come across in her books. And since I have only met her a few times in person and can’t claim her as a personal friend, she would be one I would enjoy getting to know better.
Francine Rivers, her years of writing knowledge and how she conveys her message of import that most often touches the heart of the individuals reading her books. This year it was an honor to get to know her and meet for the first time. We sat two enjoyable hours next to one another while signing books at a conference. Quite an interesting woman.

I love all those people, too. It would be an interesting party. Now let’s do that for a party for Christian authors of historical fiction, what six people would you invite and why?
My historical fiction list would consist of Lena Nelson Dooley, of course. Couldn’t have a party of historical authors without you, otherwise, who would set me straight on my historical incorrectness. You would keep the conversation lively with laughs thrown in. But of course, we would talk shop and you have a vast array of knowledge where historical fiction is concerned.
Patty Carroll, she always has a dry sense of humor that always livens a party or gathering of any kind. And her jump-in-there-and-get-it-done attitude with her writing is refreshing and challenging as she works out her plots to her western historical stories.
Connilyn Cossette, is a friend and new author whose stories take place during Biblical times. Conni with her sweet smile is always insightful. And her art of dropping the reader into ancient Egypt is like you’re there. She would add to the mix very well. Though her first book won’t be out until 2016, but she’ll be one author to put on the list to read. Exciting read.  
Liz Curtis Higgs, is one who would be an asset at a party with all of humor and her knowledge. One talented woman.  
Deeanne Gist, I believe, would be interesting guest to have come. I haven’t met her personally, but the sense of humor she brings to her books I feel she would be a fun person to know.

That would be a fun party, too. I’d love to attend. Many times, people (and other authors) think you have it made with so many books published. What is your most difficult problem with writing at this time in your career?
With the voracious readers out there, an author can never have enough books.

And in answer to your question as to my most difficult problem … time. Time is a killer. I am always working on my next book. And at this point in my life, I can’t afford for the holidays to slow my writing down, but I know it will.

With family gatherings and parties, cooking, writing, editing, posting, and working full time, there just aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done. Invariably, something has to be sacrificed. So I try not to sweat the small stuff. Accomplish what I can. Enjoy what I do get done. And don’t regret the things I couldn’t achieve.  Around this time of year, I guess you could say I’m dynamo on steroids, except I don’t take steroids. (Maybe that’s why I’m so tired.) I work myself into a frenzy getting as much done as possible, then put the things I didn’t accomplish on the back burner for another day, another year. Christmas will roll around again next year, good Lord willing, and I’ll do it all over again.    

Tell us about the featured book.
Wanted A Man For Christmas is Book II in the Texas Serendipity series.

Whitney Singleton is your average single, young woman who has finally arrived at her dedicated field of expertise. At the present time she doesn’t have anyone she is dating and that becomes a problem for her, especially when her boss hints loudly to not come alone to the banquet.

To save face with her employer, Whitney needs a man. But not just any man. He has to clean up well, have good manners, and at least pretend she’s the next best thing to chocolate.

Adam Ryder, Whitney’s single, good-looking neighbor, offers the solution … a holiday Christmas exchange. He’ll be Whitney’s escort to the banquet. She’ll be his date for his Christmas party. At first reluctant, Whitney agrees. However, as time goes along and Adam hints that he wants something more meaningful than mere friendship, how does she back out of their Christmas swap gracefully? Or does she want to?

Please give us the first page of the book.
I, Whitney Singleton, am in serious need of a man. Not just any man, but one who can clean up well and at least hold an intelligent conversation without blurting out … yeah, right back at’cha dude, or some other such drivel. And he can’t be preening before a mirror or acting like he was doing me a favor being my escort.

Talk about desperate … that’s me. And all because of the biggest event of my career—the Children’s Hospital Christmas Benefit. Well, not mine personally, but for the charitable organization where I work.

Going over my options for the right man, I tapped my fingernail on the dining room table, my attention snagged by the Dallas skyline outside my high-rise apartment window. The long arms of darkness were creeping up the downtown buildings, snuffing out most of the light. And here I sat, no closer to a solution to my dilemma than I was this morning.

A dating service was out of the question. My friend, Sally Carlson, suggested one earlier this year. Been there, done that, and the experience was a total disaster. The service paired me up with three losers and then did their best to set me up with number four.  

Bachelor No. 1 talked incessantly about his ten cats and his allergies. I listened, trying not to look bored while inconspicuously picking cat hair out of my food and mouth. Those little fuzzy pikers were relentless floaters, riding on the restaurant AC breeze into my food. Any other explanation for the cat hair would be unthinkable. Don’t get me wrong, I love cats, but there is a limit when it comes to floating hair.

When I complained the next day to the woman at the dating service and asked for my money back, she apologized and hooked me up with Bachelor No. 2, or at least that’s what I thought.

Your tease has me hooked. How can readers find you on the Internet?
They can find me at

Thank you, Janice, for sharing this new book with us. I am eager for my copy of the book to arrive.

Readers, here’s a link to the book. By using it when you order, you help support this blog.
Wanted A Man For Christmas (Texas Serendipity Book 2)


Beth Gillihan said...

Sounds like a fun read. Thanks for the chance to win!

Beth in Montana

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This sounds like a fun holiday read. Just perfect for my Christmas choice.


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I am really enjoying Christmas stories. Merry Christmas!

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sounds like a great book! Shelia Hall sheliarha64(at)yahoo(dot)com

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I love the title! I know this book will be fun and I would love to read it. Thank you for the opportunity.

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I loved Janice's interview and appreciate the giveaway! I would love to win a copy of this delightful story!

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This sounds like such a fun read. Cute cover too.

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Janice Olson said...

Thanks for stopping by. I know only one person will win the book, but I hope you all will consider reading "Wanted A Man For Christmas." Get comfy and cuddle up with "Wanted ..." and a hot cup of chocolate, tea, or coffee, or maybe some mulled cider, and get in the holiday spirit.
One of my readers said he couldn't put it down. He had to read on to see what would happen next.
And oh, yeah, along with "Wanted ..." being a fun book to write, it came with benefits. :-) Whitney's brother Seth, who plays a fairly big part in "Wanted ..." will have his own book in 2016. So be on the look out for an "Airtight Case for Love." which will arrive in the month of "love," February.

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Sounds like a fun read.
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Enter me in your amazing giveaway!!
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Janice Olson said...

Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. I believe you will enjoy the story.

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I enjoyed reading this first page and I admire the guests you would invite to your dinner parties. Now, those would be interesting parties!
Merry Christmas!
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