Wednesday, August 17, 2016

COMING SOON - A HEART'S GIFT - Lena Nelson Dooley

Dear Readers, so many of you have been faithful followers of this blog for a long time, and we're gaining new readers all the time. I've announced this on Facebook and Twitter, but with the way Facebook limits the reach of our posts, even if you are my friend or follow me, you may have missed the announcement.

I've decided to keep y'all up on what is going on with my writing life. I will make occasional posts like this with other new information. With these posts, there won't be an automatic giveaway. If it's at a time where there's one available, I'll have one. But today the book isn't available yet.

This books is special to me. It's the longest book I've written, and it has several plot lines that intersect. The last part of the book also includes suspense. 

Here's the back cover copy:

Is a marriage of convenience the answer?

Because of an earlier betrayal, Franklin vows to never open his heart to another woman. But he desires an heir.

When Lorinda is finally out from under the control of men who made all the decisions in her life, she promises herself she will never allow a man to control her again. But how can she provide for her infant son?

Marriage seems like the perfect arrangement until two people from Franklin's past endanger Lorinda. How can he save her?

And how will this affect the way they feel about each other?

Here's the cover flat. I have a wonderful cover designer.

Another new thing with my writing life is "The Lena Nelson Dooley Show" on the Blogtalk Along Came a Writer network. My show is on the third Tuesday of the month at 12 noon. Here's the link to the network:

This link will take you to the network and the shows will be archived there. You can listen to them live or your can listen to them later.

Comment questions:

How do you like my new cover? The book should release before the end of September. I'll keep you up on what's going on.

How about the logo? I'd love to hear from you.


Linda Kish said...

It's a beautiful cover and the book sounds wonderful (as usual).

Lena Nelson Dooley said...

Thank you, Linda. Good to see you here.

Ingrid said...

I think the cover is beautiful, it and the back cover copy would make me want to read it.( Not that I would need any other reason to read your books.) I love the books I've read.

I also like your logo, clever to use the books to replace the l's .

Cindy W. said...

The book cover is beautiful Lena and it sounds wonderful.

I love your logo. Especially with the books forming the "L"s.

Cindy W.

Beth Ann Ziarnik said...

Oh, my goodness, Lena, it's a beautiful cover. Love the story blurb, too. So excited for you! Congratulations and best wishes for a bestseller!

Kim hansen said...

Looking forward to reading this book. north platte nebraska

Winnie Thomas said...

Your book sounds so intriguing and I love the cover! I need to put this on my TBR list.
Winnie T from Utah

Lena Nelson Dooley said...

Ingrid, I'm so glad you like my books.

Cindy, one of my daughters' friends made the logo. That was her idea to use the books that way, and I loved the idea.

Beth, thanks. The best ways to help an author's book become a bestseller is to read it and tell all your friends about it and write reviews on online sites.

Kim, it will release soon. I hope before the end of September.

Thanks, Winnie, I love to be on TBR lists.

Cathy said...

Like the cover! The front catches my attention and gives a "feel" of the book even without reading the summary on the back side. Best wishes for the release. Cathy - TX

Lourdes said...

Love the cover looking forward to reading the book.

Lourdes, Long Island NY

Lena Nelson Dooley said...

Thank you, Cathy and Lourdes, I'll let everyone know when it releases.

Terrill R. said...

I adore the sweet cover. It definitely attracts the eye and leads me to want to know more. The intersecting story lines and longer length are also a strong pull for me. I am a lover of long books that give the reader lots of character depth and story. I'm happy for you and for us, the readers, to get to experience it. Please let us know when it is on pre-order, as well. Thanks for the little preview.

Connie said...

I love the cover and it will be a real attention getter! Great logo also.
Connie from KY

rubynreba said...

Your choice of a cover was a very good choice. The logo is very catchy. I'll be watching for your post when the book releases.
Beth from IA

Lena Nelson Dooley said...

Terrill, Connie, and Beth, I love seeing my regular readers comment on my post. Writing this book was quite an adventure. I'm a seat-of-the-pants writer. I always pray about my book as w go along. Several times in this book, God gave me spiritual insights I'd never understood before. And then he gave me a suspenseful last section in the book. I'm eager to start hearing from my readers after the book comes out.

Sharon Richmond Bryant said...

Looks great can't wait to read it!
Conway SC.