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RESURRECTION OF HOPE - Tamera Lynn Kraft - One Free Ebook

Welcome back, Tamera. What kind of books do you write?
I write Christian historical fiction with a healthy dose of adventure and romance.

Besides when you came to know the Lord, what is the happiest day in your life?
The happiest day would have to be my wedding day. My husband and I have been happily married for 37 years and have two grown children who are married and serving God. My husband isn’t only the love of my life, he’s my best friend and biggest fan.

It’s wonderful when it turns out like that. My husband is, too. How has being published changed your life?
It really hasn’t changed my life all that much except for now I can say I’m a published author. I still work hard at writing and getting published. I do have a lot more marketing to do, and now my deadlines aren’t my own goals that I set for myself. I have to stick to the editor’s deadline. One thing that surprised me was before I was published, I thought all I’d have to do is get one publishing contract, and the doors would stay open. Unfortunately, no matter what stage you are in when it comes to becoming an author, the process never gets easier – just different. Someday I might find that breakout novel that gets my name known out there, but overnight successes normally take years to accomplish. I’m sure that success would also come with its own set of challenges.

What are you reading right now?
I’m reading Every Crooked Path by Steven James. Although I write historical fiction, I’m eclectic in my reading tastes. Steven James is one of my favorite Christian suspense writers.

What is your current work in progress?
Currently I am writing the first novel of a series about Jamestown Colony brides who came from England in 1619 to marry planters in Virginia. Each novel will focus on a different bride. I’m about halfway through the first draft. I also am doing final edits for my first full length novel to be published. It’s called Alice’s Notions and is a cozy romantic spy novel set in a rural West Virginia town right after World War II. Desert Breeze is due to release it in April, 2017.

We need to feature it on this blog. What would be your dream vacation?
I love history, but I also love scenery and nature. My husband and I have enjoyed traveling throughout the United States and finding places that provide both. So far we’ve been to 40 of the 50 states. One place we haven’t been yet that I would consider a dream vacation is Yellowstone National Park. Wyoming has so many historical sites that tell the story of the Old West, and I hear Yellowstone is breathtaking. I would also knock three states off my list since it covers part of Idaho, Wyoming, and Montana. If we drive, we could also visit North Dakota on the way there. That would make it four states. Another place I am looking forward to visiting is Hawaii. When I’m there, I plan to visit Pearl Harbor. Another trip we want to make is to drive up the California coast into Oregon. We also want to go to Utah and visit Brice Canyon and the north shelf of the Grand Canyon. After these trips, we’ll only have Maine and Delaware left on our list. Then we can start a list of countries we want to visit.

Sounds wonderful. How do you choose your settings for each book?
My settings sort of choose me. I love history. Usually when I’m reading about history, I’ll find an interesting event that took place and start wondering about the stories of the people who went through that event and time period. Before you know it, I have the characters for the next novel I want to write. Because of the way I get my ideas, the setting and time period are decided before the story takes shape.

If you could spend an evening with one person who is currently alive, who would it be and why?
I would love to spend an evening with Dr. Ben Carson. He is such an inspiration. Here is a man, who was raised in poverty at a time where his race held him back, but he put his faith in Christ and it changed his life. I also love that he doesn’t back down on his principles, but he also speaks in a respectful way. Many people make excuses why they can’t get anywhere in life. Dr. Ben Carson’s life proves them wrong. I’m still bummed he’s not going to be our next president.

What are your hobbies, besides writing and reading?
I already mentioned that my husband and I love to travel and see new places. I love to knit and belong to my church’s Knit Wit group. I’m also a children’s evangelist for a ministry called Revival Fire for Kids, so I enjoy doing gospel illusions, balloon animals, and puppets. One great thing about being a children’s evangelist is it allows me to travel. I love studying history. I’m also a classic movie enthusiast. By classic, I mean the glory days of Hollywood in the 30s, 40s, and 50s with actors like Humphrey Bogart, Jimmy Stewart, Cary Grant, and Clark Gable. When I was younger I took dance lessons for over 20 years. I became good at ballet (on pointe), tap, and jazz. Now that I’m older, I can’t dance like that anymore, but I enjoy dancing with my husband at weddings.

What is your most difficult writing obstacle, and how do you overcome it?
My most difficult writing obstacle is life. Life keeps getting in the way of my writing time. I have to be ruthless about guarding that time or it will get away from me. I also have to keep myself from getting discouraged when things I can’t avoid happen, like my mom needing surgery. If I’m not careful, I can get myself so worked up about not having time to write that I don’t write when I do have some time. We all have life issues to deal with. The key is not letting them stop us.

What advice would you give to a beginning author?
Don’t be in a hurry. The process of becoming a published author is sort of like watching grass grow. The average fiction writer writes seven novels before the first one is published. Don’t fret about every rejection you get. Keep working toward becoming the best writer you can be. You can do that by reading a lot of books, both fiction and writing craft books. It also is a good idea to join a writing group to fellowship and learn from other writers. I recommend ACFW. When you’re ready, also join a critique group. It helps your writing skills greatly to get feedback from other writers and to learn writing skills by critiquing others. Keep plugging along and learning. When it’s time, it will happen.

Tell us about the featured book.
Resurrection of Hope, published through Desert Breeze, is set in post-World War One rural Ohio. Here’s a blurb.

After Vivian’s fiancé dies in the Great War, she thinks her life is over. But Henry, her fiancé’s best friend, comes to the rescue offering a marriage of convenience. He claims he promised his friend he would take care of her. She grows to love him, but she knows it will never work because he never shows any love for her.

Henry adores Vivian and has pledged to take care of her, but he won’t risk their friendship by letting her know. She’s still in love with the man who died in the Great War. He won’t risk heartache by revealing his true emotions.

Resurrection of Hope is available at these online stores:

Please give us the first page of the book.
Palm Sunday, 1919
Tonight would be the last time Vivian Klein cleaned Mr. Adder's office. After she finished for the day, she'd take the Colt handgun she'd seen in the top drawer of his desk and finish off her miserable life.

Tomorrow morning, the owner of the Greenville Hotel would find her dead body sprawled beside the desk on his fancy wool rug. A certain satisfaction set in as a grin crossed her face. He'd have to find somebody else to clean away the blood.

First, she needed to finish her other chores. After washing dishes and changing sheets, she scrubbed the narrow linoleum floor in the second floor hallway. She tackled the scrub brush with a relish she hadn't felt before. These constant tasks taking over every moment of her existence for the last six months would soon end.

It wasn't like this had been the worst day of her life. A year ago, she received a telegram informing her James, the love of her life, had died in the Great War. She paused for a moment, leaning on her heels, the memories flooding her emotions.

"Soon, my love. I'll join you soon."

Setting aside the heartache, she wiped away a tear and got back to work.

Footsteps shuffled down the hall and stopped abruptly as the fetid scent of cigar smoke mixed with the sweet smell of lilac aftershave assaulted her senses. A prickle crept over her like ants crawling all over her skin. She dropped the scrub brush and stood to face Mr. Albert Adder. She kept her disdain at bay as she looked down at him.

The owner of the Greenville Hotel, as always, dressed in a dapper three piece suit and bowtie, stretched his neck and shoulders reminding her of a rooster trying to crow, but it didn't add one inch to his short stature. He glowered up at her over his bifocals and pointed nose, his dark eyes betraying the deviousness within. "I hope you've reconsidered my offer," he said, his characteristic smirk in place. "I only want to improve your situation."

The knot that never left Vivian's stomach tightened. "If you really want to help me, you could start by paying me a decent salary."

Adder ran his hand over his balding scalp. "I give you room and board. Nobody else came to your aide when you were left destitute. You should be grateful."

She dug her fingernails into her palms to keep from smacking his face. If he hadn't introduced her father to alcohol and gambling in the hotel's back room, she wouldn't have lost the farm. The room still operated even though prohibition had already been enacted in Ohio. "I'll never marry you."

"I know I'm a bit older than you…"

A snort escaped Vivian's lips.

"Lots of men marry younger women. Be reasonable, girl. If you agree to be my wife, you won't have to work so hard. You'll have everything you ever wanted." He touched her arm.

It took everything inside not to cringe. She tilted her chin up with the last vestige of self-respect she had. "I won't change my mind."

Mr. Adder's lips pressed together. "Fine then. If you want to be a scrub woman for the rest of your life instead of the wife of the richest man in town, so be it." He stomped down the stairs and out of sight.

She tried to pick up the scrub brush but couldn't get her trembling hand to cooperate. Please Lord, if there's another way.

It was a useless prayer. God hadn't come to the rescue when James was killed. Or when she cared for her sisters and parents as they died of influenza. Where was He when the sheriff showed up at her door and told her she had twenty-four hours to leave the only home she'd ever known?

God had deserted her. It was time to end it.

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Tamera Lynn Kraft said...

Thank you, Lena, for interviewing me on your blog today.

Caroline said...

Lovely book, and enjoyed learning a few new tidbits about Tamera I didn't already know. You've caught up with my hubby and I on the traveling, Tamera! Lol

Elly said...

Hey, this sounds excellent! I can't wait to get ahold of a copy!
Elly -Indiana-

Connie said...

Yes, I enjoy historical fiction and I enjoy reading about the Civil War era and WWII. Thanks for sharing Tamera's interview and first page.
Connie from KY

Melody B said...

I, too, enjoy historical fiction set in the Civil War era. I also like books set in the southern states in the 60s.
Resurrection of Hope sounds like a great book. Thank you for the giveaway opportunity.

Melody B from the province of Quebec, Canada

Mary Preston said...

I love to read historical novels. Very happy to read right across history.

Mary P


Beth Gillihan said...

I love historical novels! I like them all but my favorites are the wild west of the late 1800's and the victorian era.

Elly said...

By the way, I LOVE historical fiction. It's my favorite genre! My favorite time period is definitely medieval, hands down. I can't get enough of it! But I really just love reading any time period, so long as it's got a good storyline.

Tamera Lynn Kraft said...

Carol, I'm glad I caught up with you. LOL.

Tamera Lynn Kraft said...

Thanks, Elly.

Tamera Lynn Kraft said...

I love Civil War and WW2 also, Connie.

Tamera Lynn Kraft said...

Thanks, Melody.

Tamera Lynn Kraft said...

Thanks, Mary. I love all eras of history too.

Tamera Lynn Kraft said...

I love westerns, Beth.