Tuesday, January 10, 2017

THE JOYFUL JELLYFISH - Jamie Bryant - One Free Book

Welcome back, Jamie. Do you have plans to write a book for each of the nine fruits of the Spirit from Galatians 5:22-23?
I do. Book Three, The Peaceful Panther, will be available in February 2017. Book four is currently being illustrated and titles for the five others have been created.

When it come to children’s books, is a good story all you need?
In my opinion, No! For children’s picture books the illustrations are key and go hand in glove with the message. I love to write and am blessed with ideas, however without creative illustrations my writing wouldn’t intrigue young children. A picture is worth a thousand words. That phrase was originally quoted, One look is worth a thousand words, in Printers Ink in December 1921, and still holds true today.

Currently you are Indie publishing. Any advice to someone else considering going this route?
There’s an old phrase, “If you build it they will come.” This is not so true in writing. You would think, “If I write it, someone will read it and buy it.” That’s not always the case. You need to either pay someone to market your book, or be prepared to market it yourself. Fortunately, my background is marketing, however I continue to learn daily what works and what doesn’t, and challenge myself in the social media world. Be prepared to daily be doing, scheduling, or calling someone that can move you and your book/books forward for sales.

What do you hope to accomplish with this series, The Fruit of the Spirit Collection?
Getting the word of God into the homes and hearts of parents and children with simple yet practical stories.

If you were on a desert island what five things would you want with you?
Pencil for writing :)
Paper for writing on :)
A lifeboat to get off the island :)

Do you have a favorite TV series?
I absolutely do. Heartland! It’s a series from Canada and is in its 10th season. It’s the longest running series in Canada. For the most part, it’s a family friendly show and portrays their family overcoming even when it’s tough. I love how they still sit down and eat dinner together … even if the conversation gets messy at times.

What would you like to tell us about the featured book?
The Joyful Jellyfish is Book Two in the Fruit of the Spirit Collection. In this book about ‘joy’ Jellyfish has the opportunity to encourage her friend Crab, who seems to be mostly crabby. Jelly uses the passage in Galatians 5:22-23 to explain to her friend about this fruit of the Spirit.

How can readers find you own the internet?
Instagram: @jamiebryantbooks

Thank you, Jamie, for sharing this new book with us. My great grandsons are really enjoying the books you've written.

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The Joyful Jellyfish: The Fruit Of The Spirit Collection-Book Two - hardback
The Joyful Jellyfish (The Fruit of the Spirit Collection Book 2) - Kindle

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Patsy said...

Would love to have this book to share with my grandson.

From South Mississippi

Connie said...

This would be a lovely book to read with my granddaughter! Thanks for sharing.
Connie from KY

Winnie Thomas said...

This book looks and sounds so cute. I'd love to have a copy. It's so nice to have new books around for when the grandkids come to visit.

Winnie T. from Utah

apple blossom said...

thanks for the chance to win a copy of this book
live in ND

kam110476 said...

Hi Jamie & Lena! The Joyful Jellyfish sounds like just the kind of book the kids I babysit would love for me to read - their parents too!
Kristen in OK

Kim hansen said...

Sounds like a fun kids read. north platte nebraska.

Jamie Bryant said...

Wow! Thank you Patsy, Connie, Winnie Thomas, apple blossom, Kam & Kim for being excited about 'The Joyful Jellyfish'. I so enJoyed (pun intended) writing it and it's exciting to know that you all would be interested in reading it to children.

Sharon Richmond Bryant said...

Enter me!!
Conway SC.