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THROUGH EYES OF HOPE - Lacey Buchanan - One Free Book

Welcome, Lacey, I’ve been looking forward to this interview. What would you like for our readers to know about you personally?
Well, I am a mama who loves my kids madly. I am passionate about what I do in spreading the message of hope through our story because not only does it bring glory to God to share what incredible things He has done for our family. It also makes the world a better place for my boys when one more person understands and accepts the disabled community.

Tell us about your family.
My husband, Chris, works in insurance. He and I have been together since we were teenagers. Next June will officially make fifteen years together for us, and 9 of those married.

Christian is our first born who was born with a disability. He is hilarious and silly and so intelligent. He loves to make people laugh. He’s so much like his mama that I just want to squeal with delight! J He’s in kindergarten and learning to read Braille. He takes karate and is about to test for his first belt. He loves music and funny enough, recording toys! He wants to be a radio DJ when he grows up. He is just rocking this thing called life and enjoying every minute of it!

Chandler is the baby of the family. He is our wild child. He has been the one to test me and push every button I have, and he is so much like his daddy that sometimes I want to scream. Haha!! He is protective over Christian and acts more like a big brother than a little brother. He is all boy. He loves race cars, trains, trucks, and anything with wheels. He is a joy!

And there’s me! I just graduated from law school in May, sat for my Bar in July, and passed! Woo hoo!!! I hope to start a solo practice and start working some by the summer. I don’t plan to go full force at it just yet because I want to have time to focus my energy on the book!

I can’t forget our critters either. We have two Boston Terriers, Steel and Kal, one sweet kitty named Laney, and four fish, lovingly named by the boys: Otis, Dover, Slinky, and Zebra. J

Very creative fish names. I love little boys. I have three great grandsons who range in age from almost 2 to 9. Have you written other nonfiction books?
I have not. This is my very first go with writing a book at all, although I have loosely kept a blog over the years since Christian was born. I say “loosely” because updates have been sporadic, taking a back seat to being a mama and going to law school.

Do you have any other books in the works right now?
I just finished up the 40 Day Prayer Journal that will accompany Through the Eyes of Hope. So far, that is all that is going on in that department, but I hope to be able to write more in the future!

What kinds of hobbies and leisure activities do you enjoy?
What is this leisure time you speak of? Haha! Just kidding! Sort of. J I do enjoy running! I recently completed my very first half marathon back in October, and it was so much fun! I also love to read! I can get lost for hours in a good book if Chris is able to let me take a few hours to myself on occasion! Other than that, I really just enjoy spending time with my boys and my family!

Why did you write the featured book?
I knew that I had to share our story with the world. I knew that our journey was meant to be shared. It was so incredible to see what God did in our lives, and we couldn’t keep it to ourselves. I want to shout hope and encouragement to the world through this book!

I also want to spread awareness for the disabled community. I hope to shed some light on what it’s like to be a family with a disabled member, so that those who have not encountered or experienced something like this can learn and understand and accept people with disabilities, like Christian! I hope this book makes the world a better place for Christian and others like him!

What do you want the reader to take away from the book?
I want them to hear how God turned our ashes to beauty and our weeping into joy, and how God can do that for them, too. Our tragic circumstances don’t have to define us because we serve a BIG and loving God. We can make it through and come out refined.

Is there anything else you’d like to tell my readers about you or your book?
I would love to answer a big question that most people have when they first see photos of Christian or if they encounter us in public. It is absolutely okay to ask questions! We love talking about Christian. And I promise, our skin is not so thin that an innocent question will upset us. J Christian’s disability isn’t a sore spot for us. We love that boy wildly, and we are always happy to explain about his disability and his life! Education is key and I want to educate the world!

Please give us the first page or two from the book.
The first few pages of my book open into an introduction that starts at, well, the very beginning! A birth! The reader is welcomed into the operating room of Christian’s birth to hear about the moment that he took his first breath. The reader is also welcomed into my mind’s eye, as I tell my perspective on what was going on around me; the unexplainable mingling of joy and pain, the terrifying days that lay ahead for us, and the relationship between Chris and myself.

The reader is then led into Chapter one, where we jump back in time to the day I found out I was pregnant and the concerning days that followed. I really think the reader will enjoy following along from the very beginning and seeing just how far Christian has come! From there on, I guess you’ll just have to get the book to find out what happens next! J

Where on the Internet can the readers find you?

Thank you, Lacey, for sharing your story with us.

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mongupp said...

I heard about Lacey a few years back and follow her blog. So glad she's written a book!
Monica, Ontario

partnerofabpd said...

I saw your video on facebook and instantly it was a ray of hope that no matter the challenge God will get you through I am from Minnesota and love watching Christian grow and learn if nothing else it has given me a sense of hope in all my challenges

partnerofabpd said...

I saw your video on facebook and instantly it was a ray of hope that no matter the challenge God will get you through I am from Minnesota and love watching Christian grow and learn if nothing else it has given me a sense of hope in all my challenges

Unknown said...

I've been following sweet Christian's story for years now. Lacey is a terrific mom! They are a beautiful and inspirational family. Jen from Virginia.

Unknown said...

Started following a few years ago after I had watched the video. Instantly fell in love. The strength she had admirable. The love and hope she has is amazing. So excited that she wrote a book. From Washington state

Bayley Paharik said...

I saw Lacey's video on Facebook and was in awe of her faith. Christian is a beautiful little boy. I am from Greensburg, Pennsylvania (an hour east of Pittsburgh).

Susan Johnson said...

I found Lacey on Facebook because of her "life" views! I have so enjoyed watching and reading about the life of this family! I love Lacey, Christian, and Chandler! I cannot wait to read this book!
Susan Johnson
Borger, TX

Anonymous said...

Been a follower since I watched the heart touching video...
Roxann from Newfoundland Canada.

Carmen Hoden said...

Lacey and christian have taught all of us that have followed them about unconditional love and to never give up..Chase your dreams Christian! cant wait to read the book ..hugz from Ohio

Jessica Mooneyham said...

Your family is such an inspiration to so many people. Your boys are such a bundle of joy and i would love to meet yall one day! I enjoy watching christian accomplish so much. Such a joy!!

Amanda Schramm said...

I love that you have given everyone a chance to learn and try to understand what you have been through. we can all be taught something here. love love love!

Amanda Schramm said...

from Ohio

Wonder WomanMom said...

Amazing Story!!!
From Pennsylvania

Tracey Head said...

Love following your family on FB, and would love to read the full story of this amazing little boy! From Georgia

Adriene Patterson said...

I didn't know about Lacey And Christian until I watched them on the 700 Club last week. AFTER watching that segment and praying for their family, I knew in my heart that I just had to follow them. I'm totally blind myself and have no eyes at all. And there's only about 75 to 80 cases that are registered in the United States if that, known to have what I have, or, something extremely close/similar. And to hear Lacey talk about her son and her family, is that she and her husband have taken this journey positively. I know from personal experience that there are some parents out there who're just completely clueless as to what to do and how they should handle a child with a disability. The main thing to do is to treat them as normal as possible. In me and Christian's case, no more no less. Though I don't know her or her family, I feel that I've known her for years. She's doing an excellent job with Christian and trying to juggle motherhood and having a career on top of all of that. I say, keep up the great work Lacey. Believe me, my friend, this journey with Christian has only just, begun. My name is Adriene Patterson from Kansas City Missouri. This comment is from me, and my oldest daughter, Adrianna. She says, "She is praying for your whole family, and little Christian".

Megan Fell said...

I seen laceys story a few years back and fell in love with their journey. I am friends with lacey on facebook.
Megan from Pennsylvania

Krystal Gaffney said...

I fell in love with lacey and chrostian a few yyear ago and now she is writing a book. I wwoud love to have a copy to see how she and god connected. Im going through a divorce and would love to read it. Krystal from Albuquerque nm

Kelly Atwell said...

I love following Christain and Lacey's story.I have been following for a few years now after i seen her you tube video. I would love a copy of her book.
Kelly from Upstate New York

Rhonda Delahunt said...

My name is Rhonda.I would love to read this book. Have been following Lacey and Christians story. Love it. I live in Pasadena TX.

Sunshine Lloyd said...

My name is Sunshine. I am from Elkhart, Indiana. I have been following Lacey on Facebook for years. Her story is so inspiring! I can't wait to read her book, I already love hearing Christian and Chandler stories!

Anonymous said...

I'm Stacey from Framingham, Mass.
I started following Lacey quite some time ago after seeing her you tube video. She is the most beautiful and genuine soul I've ever known. I love following her and her family's journey and would love to read her book.

Anonymous said...

I find this story so interesting, I want to follow this story for as long as Lacey will allow us to!

Connie said...

Lacey has inspired me due to having my son born with a cleft lip and palette. Her story hits home on my life as well and I am so glad that Christian has such a great loving family.

Medford, WI

Krystal Williams said...

I have been following Christian's story from the beginning. Lacey your family is such an inspiration and I love to hear Christian's jokes and his laugh. Keep up the good work and jeep enjoying those boys ☺ Following from Cornelia, Georgia.

PalominoGold said...

AR Can't wait to read Lacey's full story! From the moment I saw her and Christian in the YouTube video I lived the journey they were on. God has given the world a gift in Christian and his family. Many blessings! Lisa

Connie said...

Thank you for allowing me to learn about Christian and his incredible mom. I hope to read more about this amazing family.
Connie from KY

Winnie Thomas said...

Thanks for the wonderful interview, Lena and Lacey. This book sound so wonderful and inspirational.
Winnie T from Utah

Melanie Backus said...

Oh, wow! Sounds like this book is one not to miss! Thank you, Lena.

Melanie Backus, TX

Melody B said...

Sounds like a story everyone should read.

Melody B, Quebec (Canada)

Sharon Richmond Bryant said...

Enter me in your awesome giveaway!!
Conway, SC.