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I AM MY BELOVED - Caryl McAdoo - One Free Book

Dear Readers, we’ve had several of Caryl’s books on the blog. I love her American historical novels. This is the first biblical novel of hers that I’ve featured.

Welcome back, Caryl. How did this book come about?
Reading the story about when King David was dying, the young Shunammite damsel they brought to keep him warm, he married yet it says he never “knew” his last queen. Also, I loved that Abishag cherished him. David has long been my favorite Bible hero as I felt a kinship in my love of praise and singing new songs. She just stuck out—you know how the Holy Spirit does that.

Then I read how Adonijah wanted to marry her after his death, and Solomon killed him for it. What happened to her intrigued me. Plus, I’d always loved the love speech in the Song of Solomon . . . written in his later years. He speaks of a Shulamite, and in researching Jewish material, found agreement that Abishag was Solomon’s Shulamite.

Tell us about the book’s cover and what makes it unique.
For one, the model on the front is perfect for a beautiful young Shulamite. I’d wanted the purple of royalty to be prominent, and the gold accent was a natural choice. I wanted Israel to be in the background scene, and it’s there, but gets pretty covered up.

Please explain and differentiate between what’s fact and fiction in the book.
When I write Biblical fiction, I never, ever change God’s story. I often use other scriptures found in the Bible –not always in the story—to draw some conclusions. That Abishag IS the Shulamite in Song of Solomon, there is no proof. It was gratifying to find that Jewish historians also saw Abishag as the Shunamite.

She’s only mentioned in five verses found in I Kings’ first and second chapters. So the majority of the story is conjecture based on what we know of Jewish ways and her story that IS revealed in the Bible . . . that was not changed, only embellished for the story’s sake. I love Biblical fiction as long as God’s story isn’t changed.

How much research did you have to do for this book?
A lot! Mostly from the Word itself, for instance Rehoboam’s part, the actual building of the temple, Ecclesiastes, and the Song of Solomon. In Song of Solomon, he calls her his sister which is covered by her relationship with Bathsheba in I AM My Beloved.

What are some of the most interesting things you found about this subject that you weren’t able to use in the story?
Can’t think of anything we didn’t use. I wonder about the title. If it throws people that there’s no possessive “s” on Beloved. I wanted the title to say that God—the Great I AM—is my Beloved.

What inspired and surprised you while you were writing the book?
Finding the Shulamite versus Shunamite was the big inspiration. And it surprised me to discover in Ecclesiastes that Solomon wrote it in his later years.

What do you hope the reader takes away from the story?
A deeper love of the Lord and understanding that it is possible to live a life without the things hoped for and it still be a fulfilled, wonderful life when the choice is made to accept His plan. I pray my readers will experience the kind of praise and worship Abishag did.

When writing this book, sitting at the computer, typing, I often just stopped and worshipped, weeping at His goodness, grace, and mercy. For me, Abishag’s story proved very impactful.

What is the next project you’re working on?
I’m working now on TEXAS TEARS, book three in the Cross Timbers Romance Family Saga and my contribution to this year’s Thanksgiving Books and Blessings Collection coming out in early September.

As far as Biblical fiction, I’m planning on a multi-author Kings and Prophets Collection to launch in early 2020. My book will be on Jeremiah.

What do you do when you have to get away from the story for a while?
Every day, at breakfast, lunch, and dinner, Ron and I play a game of Quirkle while we’re having dinner. We play bridge twice a week, every Tuesday evening in a club and every Friday night, a couple comes over to our house for dinner and bridge, and then there’s a 3rd Thursday once-a-month club.

Please give us the first page of the book.
Abishag held the cups level and took small ladylike steps, careful not to slosh. She grinned then placed the wine—except water really, her mother wouldn't allow her real wine—on the stone table.

“The bread isn't quite ready, but almost. Can you stay longer?”

He shook his head. “No, my dear. Regrettably not.”

Leaning in close, he whispered in her ear, stood, then vanished just as he had come. She waited a thumb’s worth of the sundial, emptied both cups, then took them back inside, her parched throat revived.

“Sweetheart, there you are. The bread is ready. Would you want two loafs? Or will you share?” Her mother gave her ‘the look.’ That one that told it all. She never believed her when he came.

All the time, Mother kept talking with Father in hushed tones about her make-believe friend. But she hadn't made him up at all. Namrel was real.

“He whispered in my ear just now. Right before he vanished. He couldn't stay.”
“I see.” Her mother wiped her hands on her apron then knelt down. “What did he tell you?”
“That I will lie with kings but be mother of none.” Abishag smiled then continued in a breathy whisper. “He said my beauty will only be exceeded by my purity.”

Her friend telling her the future, she liked, but not what he said about never being a mother. She wanted real babies, not her rag dolls. That's what one did, grew, got married, and had babies. That part troubled her.
Her mother's eyes opened so wide the white showed all around her dark circles in the middle. “Abishag! Where have you heard such a thing? Little girls know not of such things.”
“I told you, Mama. My friend told me.”

 “And again, who is this friend? What is his name? Have you asked him as I instructed?”

“Yes, Mama. He says his name is unimportant. My guardian angel sent from Heaven.

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Thank you, Caryl, for sharing this book with my blog readers and me. I know they will want to read it as much as I did.

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