Tuesday, June 02, 2020


Here is my Facebook post from that day. There is no giveaway today.

Welcome to Blackout Tuesday. I don't usually comment on things that are politically charged, but I can no longer remain silent.
Our constitution gives citizens the right to have peaceful demonstrations, and I understand why so many people of all colors and races are participating in them. More power to you.
But when the demonstration crosses the line into lawlessness, it becomes an arrestable offense that has serious consequences. I've watched the demonstrations in Minneapolis and here locally. It seems to me that those who are breaking the law are getting all the attention. But not many are being prosecuted. Their lawlessness gives a black eye to all the demonstrators, even the peaceful ones, who far outnumber those who are committing the crimes.
I am praying for our country. I hope you are, too. And I pray for our people in authority will have wisdom as they deal with these problem.
I also agree wholeheartedly that the policemen who were involved in the inciting event in Minnesota should be charged in the death, every single officer involved. If a person is the driver of the getaway car for a robbery that turns south, and someone else shoots and kills a person, that driver is held just as guilty as the one holding the gun. The officers who stood and watched the horrific killing, should all be charged.
Now I'm climbing down from my soapbox and going back to my prayer closet.

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