Sunday, December 26, 2021


IMPORTANT: Instructions for winners  - When you send me the email, make sure your subject line says this: Winner - (book title) - (author's name) If you don't do this, your email could get lost in my hundreds of emails per day. I WILL SEARCH FOR POST TITLES STARTING THAT WAY.

Some people don't read the instructions of how to enter. Unfortunately, they don't have a chance to win. so next time you come and leave a comment, be sure to read all the instructions if you want a chance to win.

Maryann (NY) is the winner of The Lowborn Lady by Peggy Trotter.

Janice (AZ) is the winner of Deadly Target by Elizabeth Goddard.

If you won a book and you like it, please consider giving the author the courtesy of writing a review on Goodreads,,, Barnes and Noble, or other Internet sites. Reviews are such a blessing to an author.

Also, tell your friends about the book you won ... and this blog. Thank you.

, everyone. If you won a print book, send me your mailing address:
Click the Contact Me link at the top of the blog, and send me an Email.

If you won an ebook or audio book, just let me know what email address it should be sent to. Remember, you have 4 weeks to claim your book.


Lucy Reynolds said...

This is up next on my TBR pile.

Library Lady said...
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Library Lady said...

Our church library readerslove to read books
in this time period.
Janet Estridge