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Patricia Pacjac Carroll - Two Writing Books - Free books

Today, I'm featuring one of the women in the critique group that meets in my home, and a very good friend. Patty has written two books every aspiring author needs. This picture is of Patty at the booksigning at the Mall of America at the national American Christian Fiction Writers conference in Minneapolis.

Welcome, Patty. I know these books are different from the usual ones I feature. Tell us the title of each one and why you wrote it.

Things I Learned on the Way to the Last Page is a book for writers trying to get this writing thing down. I started writing years ago and could never finish a book. Then I started learning things that I wished I’d known. So to help struggling writers I compiled the things I wished I’d known in the beginning: basic formatting, computer helps, use of beats, deep POV and character POV, along with character and setting worksheets and writing a synopsis. The book is written in an easy-to-learn style with the use of examples to help explain the techniques.
Writing ~ It’s Your Business is to help the writer get organized and establish the writing as a business. I’ve included Excel worksheets for time, expenses, mileage, sales, submission tracker along with a to-do list. The best thing is it is all at your fingertips on the computer. No paper to chase and lose.

Why are you self-publishing them in CD format?

I decided to self-publish because I wanted to get them into the hands of writers now. The publishing track is long and hard and I didn’t want to wait. Though I am not published in a fiction, yet, I plan to be soon. I have confidence that these books will be a help to all who get them. I even give them a guarantee that if the writer isn’t helped they can get their money back.
As far as the CD format, I had a brainstorm and decided what better way. My Pordable™ Books save paper and in our politically correct green world I thought it would be a good idea. Some people can do fine reading books on the computer while others like the feel of the paper in their hands. So the books can be printed by the buyer for their use. The CD also offers a format in which the reader can download forms into their own computers without having to rewrite them.

These books on disk are nonfiction. Do you also write fiction?

I love fiction and have several stories going right now. From westerns to romances and the supernatural. I don’t seem to have a problem coming up with a story to write.

And Patty has interest from a publisher with one of her books right now. Now, Patty, what would you like for our readers to know about you personally?

I am blessed beyond my imagination—and that is saying a lot. I love the Lord and am thankful that He has given me this gift and the time and ability to go after it. And I really desire to help others on the road to writing.

Tell us about your family.

I have a wonderful husband who gave up his retirement so I could quit my job and write. Hopefully, he too can soon join me at home, but for now he works hard so I can make up things. :-) I also have a wonderful grown son. He is a blessing and I know the Lord has good things for him. And to round out our little family we have a papillon, Jacs. He’s spoiled rotten and wrapped us all around his little paws.

What kinds of hobbies and leisure activities do you enjoy?

I used to own a pet store, but after twenty years we had to shut it down. Couldn’t compete with the big boys and make a dime. After the store was gone I didn’t want to see another fish tank, until this year. One little betta in the fall has turned into several aquariums and once again I find that I enjoy watching the fish swim in their little worlds.

I also love to travel. YAY road trips. Just ask my writer buddy friends.

Oh, yes, we all know about Patty's road trips. Many times one or more of us join her. Do you have any other books in the works right now?

Yes! I have two contemporary romances, two westerns, a spy spoof thriller, and a futuristic supernatural. Needless to say, I try and put blinders around my imagination so I won’t see another story attacking me.

Where on the Internet can the readers find you?

My website is : http://www.patriciapacjaccarroll.com/And my Blog http://patriciapacjaccarroll.blogspot.com/

What do you want the reader to take away from the books?

I want them to get a grasp on the basic techniques that will make their writing come alive. Although writing is a lifetime of learning, there are certain concepts that will take their writing to another level. When I started writing, my story sounded like an episode from Dragnet—just the facts ma’am. It is my hope that after going through Things I Learned on the Way to the Last Page their writing will draw readers into the lives of their characters.

Writing ~It’s Your Business is great for the serious writer who means to make this a career. If you don’t take yourself seriously, no one else will. This book will help you track your time, money, and efforts in this crazy writing life.

Thank you, Lena, for the opportunity to be on your blog. And for all the gracious time you put into forwarding the careers of others. May God bless you double for all your efforts.

And thank you, Patty, for spending this time with us.

Readers, you can order these two books through Patty's website.

Of course, you can also leave a comment for a chance to win a free copy of both books. Your only notification will be the winner announcement on this blog. So check back a week from Saturday to see if you're the winner.

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