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This is my first time to have my friend Lyn Cote on the blog.

When Lyn Cote became a mother, she gave up teaching, and while raising a son and a daughter, she began working on her first novel. Long years of rejection followed. Finally in 1997, Lyn got "the call." Her first book, Never Alone, was chosen by Steeple Hill. Lyn has had over twenty-five novels published since then. In 2006 Lyn's book, Chloe, was a finalist for the RITA, one of the highest awards in the romance genre. Lyn’s brand “Strong Women, Brave Stories,” always includes three elements: a strong heroine who is a passionate participant in her times, authentic historical detail and a multicultural cast of characters. Now, Lyn spends her days writing books that show the power of divine as well as human love.

Lyn helped found two RWA chapters Heart of Iowa Fiction Authors in 1994 and Faith, Hope& Love Inspirational Chapter in 1997. She served as president of both. She is Pan Liaison of FHL now. Lyn has also written three articles for the RWR on Classic Romantic Conflicts and the inspirational romance market. Lyn has also taught regional and national workshops for RWA. Now she is an active member of the Wausau WI group of Wisconsin Romance Writers.

Welcome, Lyn. What is the quirkiest thing you have ever done?

I think that would be when I was a senior in high school. Before dawn one morning, I went with friends (who will remain nameless) to the Republican and Democratic Election Offices in downtown Waukegan IL and put "Ringo for President" Posters on their front window. We thought it was fun.

Tell us the range of the kinds of books you enjoy reading.

I love reading cozy mysteries, fantasy, historical sagas and contemporary romantic suspense. I don't care for Thrillers or Horror and am leery of literary fiction though I did enjoy the Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd.

What other books have you written, whether published or not?

I've written over 30 books. To see them, drop by my website ( and click on Buy Books. All the published ones are there. I still have 2 of the 3 book I wrote first that have never been published but I have been thinking about getting them into print. They are stories that aren't as good a market fit as what I write now. But I still love those stories and they will come out sometime. The third, my first attempt at contemporary, I have let die a peaceful death saved on an old disk. Better left undisturbed.

How do you choose your characters’ names?

I use a baby name book. Once friends from out of town dropped in and took one look at the Baby Name book on the coffee table and asked if I was pregnant again. I laughed out loud and said, just starting another book, a different type of birthing. I go by the names meaning and it's sound and if it fits the story. Naming a character is very important to me because I can't write until I find a name that fits my hero and heroine.

What is the accomplishment that you are most proud of?

Raising two children and staying married to the same man while doing so. Kids! Love 'em but they do push parents to their limits. At least mine did. When Dr. James Dobson wrote THE STRONG WILLED CHILD--he must have been peeking into our yard and windows!

Mine, too. I had one of those, but she's a wonderful godly woman now. What is your favorite food?
Watermelon-always and forever!

What is the problem with writing that was your greatest roadblock, and how did you overcome it?

I am a big picture person, can't be bothered with details. I much prefer telling the story than making myself fiddle with the words. But I learned to go over every line and every word until it was exactly right. It nearly drives me nuts but I do it. If you drop by the Novel Journey Blog, I posted my Dramatic Sentences in Seven Steps there this year.

Tell us about the featured book?

In 1836 Texas, Alandra Sandoval is the Tejano lady of Rancho Sandoval. She is determined to show the world of men that she, a woman, can run the ranch successfully without a male by her side. Yet she still longs for future love and a family.

Scully Falconer, a loner, is the top hand on a nearby ranch. He has given his loyalty to the Quinn family and doesn’t ask more than honest pay for an honest day’s work.

Alandra, the lady of Mexican descent, and Scully, the American cowboy, think they have very different paths set before them. But greedy relatives burst onto the scene, threatening to change their way of life. And when General Santa Anna crosses the Rio Grande and marches north to keep his rendezvous with destiny at the Alamo, Alandra and Scully’s lives will never be the same.

How can readers find you on the Internet?

I'm on Shoutlife, Facebook, Twitter and have a website (link above) and blog where I post stories of strong women and other things of interest to women such as recipes. This month I'm collecting Mexican-Style Recipes in honor of my Latina heroine. And I will be putting them into a downloadable PDF recipe collection. I'm also giving away one copy of my latest book each week to women who comment and post recipes.
Researching Her Inheritance Forever, by Lyn Cote 2nd book in Texas Star of Destiny series,
Three generations, Three historic Texas Events 1821-1847
The more I researched Texas history for my Texas Star of Destiny series the more fascinating it became. When the second book takes place, Texas was a state of Mexico. I was especially interested in discovering a people that I had never known as a distinct group. I'm talking about the "Tejano" (the "j" is pronounced as an "h") community in Texas. The Tejanos were the descendants of the Spanish colonial settlers in Texas. The Tejanos then were and are Texans of Spanish descent.

My heroine Alandra Sandoval is a Tejano, not a Mexican as I had thought before I did enough research. At this time, the Americans who had immigrated to Texas still in the hands of the Mexican government called themselves "Texians." These were the two main groups of European descent in Texas at this time. A Tejano Lorenzo de Zavala served as the first vice president of the first Texian Republic government in 1836.

Another prominent Tejano patriot in San Antonio was José Antonio Navarro–1871) The Casa Navarro State Historic Site is nestled in downtown San Antonio at 228 S. Laredo Street, San Antonio, TX 78207.
Casa Navarro is the only historic site in San Antonio dedicated to the interpretation of the Mexican history and heritage of Texas, as seen through the life of Navarro, a prominent San Antonio merchant, rancher and statesman.
Tejanos are still a vibrant part of modern Texas.
Thank you, Lyn, for spending this time with us.
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One of the women excused herself and said she was finished with her meal. The other woman, Lyn, gave me the brightest smile and told me she would be glad to keep me company while I ate. We talked of conference and writing and she shared her experiences in such a loving way.

I will always remember Lyn's kindness.
Thanks Lyn, you're a fantastic writer and a wonderful person.

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Connie, what a sweet memory. Was that the SOLA conference? I think I was doing research on New Orleans for my book BLESSED ASSURANCE.

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