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FEAR NO EVIL - Robin Caroll - Free Book

Readers, I'm interviewing Robin Caroll with her newest romantic suspense. I got to read and review this book as an Advanced Reading Copy. It's a wonderful read. Even my husband, who isn't much of a reader, loved it. Click on the Reviews-Books I've Read tab at the top of the page and go down until you get to the review.

Welcome, Robin. How did this book come about?

I had the opportunity to speak with several former-members of a gang about their finding Jesus in prison. Hearing their stories of gang-life intrigued me. As a mother, learning of how gangs “recruit” children broke my heart. The idea of writing about gangs to raise awareness hit me and wouldn’t let me go until I wrote FEAR NO EVIL.

Tell us about the book’s cover and what makes it unique.

I have to say, my publisher’s art department ROCKS. This particular cover captures the eeriness of the Louisiana bayou, and the subtle eyes in the top trees….shiver! :-)

Please explain and differentiate between what’s fact and fiction in the book.

Of course the story is fiction, but so much of the details of gangs—how they operate, function, recruit, and react—is very much true. Also, the information regarding social services policies and procedures are quite factual.

How much research did you have to do for this book?

 I was lucky that two previous gang members agreed to allow me intensive interviews. They were open and candid and only asked that I keep their identity secret for obvious reasons. Going into the realm of gangland, even by proxy, was so frightening.

What are some of the most interesting things you found about this subject that you weren’t able to use in the story?

Well, the REAL gang information. Names, criminal acts, etc.

What inspired and surprised you while you were writing the book?

What inspired me was the former gang members’ trek to find Jesus, disengage themselves from their gang, and helping lead others to Christ. Their journey story inspired me to keep going, even when the muck of the facts weighed heavily on my heart.

What do you hope the reader takes away from the story?

I hope readers realize how gangs operate, how all our children are at risk if we’re not careful, and how to help with the situation.

What is the next project you’re working on?

I just completed the 3rd book in this trilogy, IN THE SHADOW OF EVIL, which will release spring of 2011. Now I’m writing the first book, INJUSTICE FOR ALL, in a new trilogy.

What do you do when you have to get away from the story for a while?

Beg my husband to take me out to eat! LOL Or, play with my new grandson! :-)

Who, by the way, is beatuiful! Give him a hug for Grandma Lena, too. Please give us the first page of the book.

Fifteen Years Ago
“No más.”

Carlos jerked off the earphones and sat up in bed. The stench of something burning filtered into his bedroom and stung his eyes.


Drogas. Look at you. Repugnante.” His mother’s voice carried easily from the living room, thanks to the thin walls of the mobile home.

Great. His stepfather was strung out on drugs. Again. It’d gotten worse since he’d been laid off at the refinery. So had the fights.

Joya peque–a! Surely his little jewel hid in the corner of her closet, just like he’d taught her. He had to find her, hold her, and sing into her ear until Mamá and Robert finished yet another argument.

Carlos whipped off the covers, slipped out of bed, and crept over the beaten-down carpet to his door.

Readers, you don't want to miss what comes next.

How can readers find you on the Internet? or on facebook under Robin Caroll

Thanks for the interview, Robin. I know what a busy lady you are.
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I loved the interview and want to win the book. So many people are afraid to write about gangs. Thanks for the chance to win.

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What a great interview. My hubby and I are both involved with Prison Ministry and the importance of being there for the children when they are small and not influenced by gangs. I'd love a opportunity to win this book.


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That is a creepy cover and the subject matter of gangs is one I haven't read about in the Christian market, yet.


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Robin Caroll said...

Hi everyone! Thanks for the kind comments. And I LOVE my cover. I, too, kept going back to the eyes...I think they follow me! LOL

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I've come back to leave my name for the giveaway again, I hope that is acceptable to you, Lena. This is an exceptional interview and strikes in the center of one of the most vicious infiltrating problems in our nation and the world today. It's a war of it's own and only God can stop it. We need to pray for this cause and these lost people just like we need to pray for our nation. I would appreciate the chance to win this book. I have young grandchildren who need information they can believe and pray about. Thank you.

Grace & Peace in Christ,
Barb Shelton
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barbjan10 said... more thought about this book. This author, Robin Caroll needs to be commended for her work and the faith in Christ to be able to tackle such an endeavor. What a beautiful show of trust and faith in Jesus. Jesus is in this, praise Him.
This has been on my mind so much since I first read Robin's interview.

Blessed Be in Jesus,
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Great interview! I always love hearing how Robin comes by ideas for her books. She's such an inspiration to me.

LOVE this awesome cover. (That is huge frame worthy in my opinion.) :D

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misskallie2000 said...

Oh wow, I know I am going to read this book. Gangs are destroying our young people and hopefully this book will help some of our youth to stay away from gangs and help the parents talk to their kids about gangs and why they should stay away from them.
Great interview ladies.
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Wow, sounds like a really good book. Is this the second book in the series? That's what I got from the interview, and I am such a stickler for reading books in order. :)

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