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HOPE'S PROMISE - Tammy Barley - Free Book

Welcome back, Tammy. Why do you write the kind of books you do?

My love for writing about the Old West was inspired by my grandmother’s stories of her grandmother and grandfather, a Cherokee Indian woman rescued by a western wagon train scout. Riding horses across the west, historic places I visited there, and journals written by those who lived in the West when it was still being carved—each of these spurred my imaginings, and the stories and characters that began to unfold. My love for romances? Simple. I’m a hopeless romantic. =)

Besides when you came to know the Lord, what is the happiest day in your life?

My second pregnancy was very difficult, and dangerous. I knew I’d never be able to have more children, and I had always wanted a daughter, and I really wanted three children, not just two. So the pregnancy was bittersweet. Then I went for my mid-pregnancy ultrasound, and the technician started asking unusual questions that drove up my concern. “Is this your first ultrasound for this pregnancy? Did your doctor warn you to be aware of anything unusual?” I carefully asked why she was asking these unusual questions, fearing the worst. She answered, “It isn’t my place to tell you this, but you’re going to have twins.” I was stunned. “How do you know?” I asked. She smiled and said, “Because there’s two of everything in there!” She scanned further. I was expecting a second son…and a daughter. I laughed—for probably five minutes—in pure joy.

How has being published changed your life?

I’m living my dream, and every day is my best day. I never had that before, no matter how many different jobs I undertook, and there were many jobs (wedding coordinator, ballroom dance instructor, travel consultant), over many years. When I write, I get to use the gift God gave me. Until I did that, I was never completely happy.

What are you reading right now?

Steven King’s The Dead Zone. Can you believe that was first published in 1979?

What is your current work in progress?

The first book of my next trilogy, which takes place in the Wind River Mountains, in Wyoming.

What would be your dream vacation?

A peaceful Caribbean cruise—no political trauma, no hurricanes, and plenty of time to buy emeralds on St. Thomas. =)

How do you choose your settings for each book?

With each series, a different western mountain range inspires me, each for its own reason. I research the history of the location, and the story unfolds from there.

If you could spend an evening with one person who is currently alive, who would it be and why?

Wow—what a fabulous question! Until Patrick Swayze died, I would have said Patrick Swayze. Now I’d have to pick Antonio Banderas. I love ballroom dance, and, to quote a bumper sticker I once read, “Life is too short to dance with ugly men.” =)

What are your hobbies, besides writing and reading?

In my spare time, you're likely to find me baking, gardening, behind a camera, or hugging a horse.

What is your most difficult writing obstacle, and how do you overcome it?

Outside distractions—disagreements between the kids, the lawn that I have to take time out to mow, bills I have to take time out to pay, groceries I have to shop for, dust dragons that multiply like things cloned, great days outside that beg me to go out and play in them. I try to set aside my Saturdays to do those things, and I try to take Sundays off, so that my workdays remain as conducive to work as possible.

What advice would you give to a beginning author?

Write what you know, write what you love, and never give up. No one who gives up accomplishes their dream.

Tell us about the featured book?

Hope’s Promise, book two of The Sierra Chronicles:

Jake Bennett is finally wed to the love of his life, Jessica Hale—but he isn’t convinced she won’t leave him. Life is a constant struggle for the Bennetts as they battle drought and live in fear of raids on Southerners, and he is not sure that Jess knew what she was getting herself into when she married him.

Jess, however, despairs for another reason—she is unable to conceive a child.

While trying to prove their unconditional love for each other, the Bennetts must defend against attacks on the Paiutes, the doubts that haunt them both, and an unknown force that threatens to destroy all they hold dear. Together, they must stand in faith through betrayal, barrenness, and a very real threat, trusting that God will reward their hopes for a better future.

Please give us the first page of the book.

Western Nevada Territory
May 1864

“Would you care to rest awhile, Jess?”

Withholding a smile, Jess leaned forward in the saddle as her horse clamored beside Jake’s to the top of the rocky bank. When the ground leveled out, she glanced at the progress of the small herd of Thoroughbred stallions close behind, then tossed a lightly accusing gaze to her husband.

“Rest awhile? Are you coddling me, Bennett?”

In the shadow of his hat brim, Jake’s whisky-brown eyes sparkled at her as he grinned the crooked grin she loved. “No, ma’am, I wouldn’t dare.” He nodded sagely to Taggart and Diaz, the hired men with bandanas pulled up against the rising dust, who wrangled on the opposite side of the herd. “But the boys haven’t stood on their own feet twice since sunup, and they’re looking peaked.”

“Peaked?” Jess looked to the burly, orange-haired Irishman and the sinewy, born-in-the-saddle Spaniard and burst out laughing. “Those two wouldn’t walk to their dinner plates if they could ride!”

The sleek, long-limbed Thoroughbreds continued, heads bobbing, toward the mountains, whistled on by the two cattlemen. From her position riding flank, Jess took in the beauty of white nose blazes and white socks flashing amid the bays, chestnuts, and blacks, framed by the red earth and green pines of the Sierra Nevadas.

They were going home.

How can readers find you on the Internet?

I’m at , along with a lot of surprises and goodies!

Thank you, Tammy, for visiting with us again.

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ceemee said...

This is a great book on trusting God with relationships and hardships. :-)

Katrina said...

what a good sounding book!

Tammy Barley said...

Hi, Ceemee and Katrina!

Thank you so much for stopping by! Yep, when we completely trust God, we find peace. What an immeasurable blessing.



Tammy Barley said...

Also--I'm sponsoring "Hope's Promise Vacation-for-a-Day Contest." Read Hope’s Promise for a chance to win
a horseback riding adventure for your whole family! For details and to enter, visit

If you enjoy book videos, the trailer for Hope's Promise on the same Web page, and it turned out gorgeous.


Coolestmommy said...

Love historicals. This one sounds like one I'd really enjoy.

coolestmommy2000 at gmail dot com

A J Hawke said...

I have already read HOPE'S PROMISE and highly recommend it.

Tammy is an excellent writer and great storyteller. I look forward to the next book in the Sierra Chronicles.

I have always though horse huggers were nice people.

A J Hawke

Unknown said...

Please enter me:) I read the first one in this series and would love to read the second one. Thanks!


Tammy Barley said...

Hi, Robyn! Totally cute family photo--I fully believe they do think you are THE "coolest mommy!" =)

Hi, AJ! Thank you again for having me! Yep, I've always found horse-huggers to be wonderful people, and dog-huggers, and cat-huggers too. Animal people are simply good people. =)

Happy Friday, Charity! I'm so tickled you enjoyed Love's Rescue! There's more horse-hugging (and handsome-rancher-hugging) in book two! =)

misskallie2000 said...

Great interview Tammy and Lena. Hope's Promise sounds like a great book that I would love to win.

Thanks for the opportunity to enter.

misskallie2000 at yahoo dot com

grannyvon said...

Good Interview. I would love to win this book. Thanks for the chance to win it.

Tammy Barley said...

Miss Kallie, wonderful to see you here! =)

Happy Friday, Ms. Butler! Yep, AJ does beautiful interviews. I'm so glad you stopped by. =)



Unknown said...

please enter me! :)
God bless!

Tammy Barley said...

Dwat! I misspoke! I'm at both Lena's and AJ Hawke's blogs today--I am SO blessed! Both women give beautiful interviews and are such blessings!

Hi, Kim! You are entered! God bless you right back. =)


karenk said...

please count me in...thanks :)

kmkuka at yahoo dot com

Tammy Barley said...

Hi Karen! The odds are with you. =)

wmmahaney said...

This book sounds great. I would love to read it. Wonderful interview.

Bakersdozen said...

I want to read this. Thanks so much for the great interview. vidomich(at)yahoo(dot)com

MaureenT said...

What a great interview, and what an interesting family you come from!
What a great blessing you received having twins!
Please enter me!

Tammy Barley said...

Thank you so much, ladies, for visiting and leaving a comment! You are entered in the drawing.

Have a gorgeous Friday evening!



Cindy W. said...

Hope's Promise sounds like a book I would truly enjoy reading. Thank you for the opportunity to win a copy.

Smiles & Blessings,
Cindy W.


Lady Araujo said...

I've read Love's Rescue and I fell in love with it. I'd love to read this one... I can't wait for it.
Please, enter me.
Tammy, I'd like to let you know that I'm a brazilian reader. Yeah, you have a reader in Brazil. Thanks for bless my life.

And thanks for this opportunity.

Lady Araujo


Linda Kish said...

I would love to read this book.

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Julia M. Reffner said...

Your story about your twins was so neat. I would love to read Hope's Promise.


apple blossom said...

Please include me. Thanks

ABreading4fun [at] gmail [dot] com

Tammy Barley said...

Hi again, Cindy! You're a wise gal to be working the odds! Your chances of winning a copy are expanding! I sure hope you do. =)

Welcome, Lady Araujo! Thank you so much for letting me know that Love's Rescue has been a blessing to you. Knowing that it did is a huge blessing to me.

Greetings, Linda, Julia, and Apple Blossom! I'm so tickled you stopped by and said hello. I enjoy getting to know you lovely folks little by little. =)

God's great blessings for a beautiful Saturday!


rubynreba said...

I'd love to be entered for this. Thanks!

Tammy Barley said...

Hi, Ruby-N-Reba! You are entered! Your cats, btw, look happy and loved. =)


Patsy said...

The book sounds really good. Would love to read it. Thanks for giving away a copy.

kristen said...

I love that Tammy has dust dragons and not bunnies. I've battled a few of those in my time:)

Thanks for the great interview.

Tammy Barley said...

Hi, Patsy! I love to give away copies. I truly wish I could all of you one! =)

Kristen, those dust dragons make nests in clumps of my Eskimo dog's shedded hair! I suppose you know that I have a close relationship with my vacuum cleaner!

Everyone--if you'd like a free Sierra Chronicles trilogy bookmark, I've just added that option to my Web site ( I'd love to mail you one!

Happy Saturday!


Pain SUX said...

This has to be a great book...part 1 was excellent, cant wait to read this one.


Mozi Esme said...

I could do with a Caribbean cruise, too!

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Judylynn said...

Please enter me in this giveaway - Thanks!


Tammy Barley said...

Happy Sunday, Steph! I'm so delighted you enjoyed book one. A number of people are saying they love book two even more. Book two has more twists and suspense. =)

Jane, I say we should all quit work for a week and cruise the Caribbean as a group--the historical romance fans cruise. =)

Judylynn, you are entered! I'm so delighted you stopped by! =)

God's great blessings for a beautiful Sunday!


Bluerose said...

The story of your twins brought tears to my eyes. Isn't God so wonderful to give us sweet surprises sometimes! :)
I would love to read Hope's Promise!
-Tammy (We share the same name) :)

Sandy Jay said...

This sounds like a great book. Please enter me in the giveaway and thanks for the opportunity.

forwhlz at gmail dot com

Tammy Barley said...

It's wonderful to meet you, Tammy! (Yep, great name. =) ) God has blessed my hugely with being a mom. You feel that you have a great love for others, then you're a mom of three amazing kids, and that love shifts into a whole new gear. They are and always will be the greatest joy of my life. =)

Hi, Sandy Jay--a fellow lover of things wild, by your wolf photo. Wolves still filled the West during the time line of The Sierra Chronicles, and they make an appearance in book one, Love's Rescue. I'm delighted you visited and left a comment. You are entered into the drawing! =)



Nancye said...

This sounds like a book I would enjoy. Thanks for the chance.

nancyecdavis AT bellsouth DOT net

Tammy Barley said...

Hi, Nancye! You're welcome for the chance!

Everybody--there will be more opportunities to win a copy of Hope's Promise this month! Visit to see the blogs I'll be visiting!



Carole said...

Love's Rescue was very enjoyable and I don't expect any less from Hope's Promise. I always enjoy author interviews and appreciate the chance to win Tammy's book.

Tammy, your "happiest day" story was incredible. Thank you for sharing with us.

cjarvis [at] bellsouth [dot] net said...

I would love to read this book! count me in!

dancealert at aol dot com

Tammy Barley said...

Hi Carole--Perhaps THAT would make an inspiring book--all the contributors best moments. I love the idea! =)

Happy Wednesday, Brenda! You are entered!

Everybody--there will be more opportunities to win a copy of Hope's Promise this month! Visit to see the blogs I'll be visiting!

Great big hugs!


Beth Shriver said...

Sorry I missed this the day it went ip! Congrats on another book Tammy! Tammy is a great writer and manuscript editor.Can't wait to read this one:)

Tammy Barley said...

Hi Beth, sweetie! It's so great to see you here! =)

Everyone, if you haven't read Beth Shriver's books yet, you're missing out on unforgettable stories that inspire readers in ways you've never imagined! What gifted authors God has blessed the Christian fiction world with!