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WYOMING WEDDINGS - Susan Page Davis - Free Book

Welcome back, Susan. You have a lot of books out now. What is your favorite setting to use in your books?
It’s hard to choose—I love writing about Maine and the West and England.

What do you look for when you’re shopping for a book to buy for yourself?
I look for a story that sounds intriguing. I read certain authors over and over, but I’ll also take a chance on a new author if the storyline draws me.

Give us a little tour of the setting for this book.
This contemporary romance is set in Wyoming. A large part of the story takes place on a 100-mile trail ride in the Medicine Bow Mountains area.

What other books do you have coming out soon?
In September, Captive Trail will release as part of the Texas Trails series. It features a young woman who has escaped from her Comanche captors in 1857. Also this fall, I have a novella in the Christmas at Barncastle Inn anthology. In this collection, guests at the Barncastle Inn can celebrate their holidays in any historical period they choose.

Please give us a glimpse inside your home.
We moved a year ago from Maine to Kentucky, and it’s been a big change for us. Instead of a woodstove, we have central air conditioning. I have a corner room for my office, and it overlooks the driveway and part of the pasture. I love looking out there and seeing lots of birds and occasionally other wildlife.

Is this novel part of a series or a stand-alone book?
My book, Trail to Justice, is first in the Wyoming Weddings collection. The other two books are Hearts on the Road, by Diana Lesire Brandmeyer, and A Wagonful of Trouble, by Vickie McDonough. Each of the three stories can be read as a standalone, but all share the contemporary Wyoming setting, and you’ll see the Groovy Grannies, in their hot pink semi, in all three books.

Tell us about the story.
Ruby Dale finds the freedom she longs for on the back of her horse. An only child since her twin sister died in an accident, she stays close to home, despite feeling cloistered at times. When the chance to compete in a hundred-mile endurance ride arises, Ruby is eager to compete and forget her job of police dispatcher for a day. Riding with the handsome veterinarian makes the event even more appealing.

            Chuck Sullivan finds his social life on the upswing when Ruby agrees to join him on a day-long trail ride in the mountains. And riding alongside her in the Wyoming 100 is even better. But when a friend takes a bad fall and Chuck makes a sinister discovery off the trail, the ride turns from a friendly competition into a fight for life.

Please give us the first page of the book.

Ruby Dale let her palomino gelding, Lancelot, canter across
the prairie toward home. They’d had a good workout—twenty
miles plus—but Lancelot was still ready to go. In two weeks
he’d demonstrate his mettle at the Wyoming 100 competitive
trail ride, but she knew without that proof that he was at the
peak of condition. Both were more than ready for the hundred-mile

This was what she loved—getting out away from the
claustrophobic atmosphere at home and her stressful job at
the police station, alone with her horse. The burnished gold
palomino had given her many hours of comfort in the last
few years. If only Julie were riding beside her.

She was about to pull Lancelot down to a walk to cool him
off when he missed his footing. He stumbled, lurching to the
side. Ruby flew forward onto his neck, clutching desperately at
his mane. She slid down his shoulder but tried to push herself
upright as the horse recovered and found his footing again. Too
late. Her center of gravity had shifted too far. She wouldn’t be
able to get back up into the saddle.

“Whoa, boy!” she called as she slipped down his side. For
a moment she hung helpless, clinging to his mane. Her foot
inched over the saddle. This was always the worst instant of
a fall, not knowing how you’d land. She tucked her head and
pushed off, falling hard on her left shoulder, and rolled quickly
away from the horse’s hooves. For a long moment she lay panting
in the dry grass assessing her pains. Nothing major. Good thing,
or her parents would have fits and forbid her to ride alone, even
though she was twenty-four and well into adulthood.

                Slowly she raised her head. Lancelot had halted and stood
shivering a few yards away. She rose stiffly and stretched
out her limbs. Nothing broken, but she’d have some colorful
bruises by morning. She hobbled to the palomino’s side and
stroked his withers. “Are you all right?”

How can readers find you on the Internet?
Visit my website at:

So glad to have you back, Susan. Can hardly wait to see you again.

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Judy said...

Great interview with Susan! "Wyoming Weddings" sounds like a good read. I'd love to win a copy of it!

Judy B from Indiana

Patsy said...

I've read some of Susan's writings and she is a great author. I know this book will be great as well. Would enjoy reading it.
From the Bible Belt


Susan Page Davis said...

Good morning and thanks, Angela, Judy, and Patsy! It's a sunny day here in Kentucky, and I hope it's a good one for all of you. I'll be working on a new book set in Texas, Lena's home turf. Thanks for your encouragement.

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Big fan of Susan's books - would love to read this one
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What a great interview, will love to read the book.

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I would love to add this to my Susan Page Davis collection of wonderful books! Sounds great! :)

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Susan Page Davis said...

Thanks for coming by, Cheryl, Toyin, and Selena. I've always loved horse stories and trail riding, so this book was a natural for me. The other two stories in the collection are a lot of fun, too.

Dora Hiers said...

Groovy grannies in their hot pink semi? Oh my stars, that just sounds too cool.

Great interview, Lena and Susan. I'd love to add WYOMING WEDDINGS to my Susan Page Davis shelf.

DoraHiers at msn dot com
From North Carolina

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Thank you so much for the chance to win this. This sounds like an awesome read. Thanks again.

I am from Oklahoma.


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What a great interview/post and giveaway. Thanks so much, Lena and Susan, and the chance to win. mitzi_wanham[at]yahoo[dot]com from Peace River Country, Alberta

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Would love to add this to our church Library after I read it

Patricia Cornelius

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Love to read about horses and this sounds like a good read..

Faith's Grandma

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Wyoming Weddings sounds like a great book and I would love to win a copy of it! I enjoy Susan's writing!!

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I would love to win this book!

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Would love to win a copy!
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Sounds like a wonderful book.
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please include me in your giveaway thanks. I live in ND

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Sarah said...

Would love to win!

Sarah H

Susan Page Davis said...

What a great turnout! We had several thunderstorms today, so my Internet was acting up (we can only get it by satellite here), so I wasn't able to check in all day. Nice to see you all. The credit for creating the Groovy Grannies goes to Diana Branmeyer, who has the second book in the collection, Hearts on the Road. She came up with these characters, and Vickie and I liked them so much we decided to put them in all three books, though they make only minor appearances in mine and Vickie's. I hope you enjoy their adventures.

margie said...

It must be quite a challenge to write a book in a series when the other books are written by someone else!! I love horses and the wide open spaces and Wyoming Weddings sounds like the kind of book I would love to read!!! Thank you for the opportunity to win a copy!! margie at mijares dot net

Jo said...

I enjoy Susan's books and would love to win "Wyoming Brides". Please enter me.


Anonymous said...

Love horses, this sounds like a winner...thanks


Kristie said...

Wow! Maine to Kentucky. Talk about different. I HATE moving!! I still have not hung any wall hangings up and I moved in 2009. Oops. Your book sounds great. I'm from Ohio. kristiedonelson(at)gmail(dot)com Thank you.

Susan Page Davis said...

Margie, writing a series with other authors does have its challenges. The connections in Wyoming Weddings are fairly small ones. Vickie McDonough and I are now involved in a six-book series with Darlene Franklin, where we each write two books about members of the same Texas family. That took a lot more coordination. We talk a lot by email and "chat." (Texas Trails series from Moody, debuting in August. My first in the series is called Captive Trail.) And I'm also involved in a longer series put out by Guideposts called Patchwork Mysteries. There are at least 6 authors there, and I've done three books of about 20 in the series. For that one, the editor created a "series handbook" and posted it online for us. With each new book, she updates the characters and places in the fictional town we all write about. My first of that series came out in January and is called Pieces of the Past.

Susan Page Davis said...

Yeah, Kristie, it's HOT here. We got here in May last year and it was hot last summer too. Everyone told us it wasn't usually that hot. Then in the winter we got quite a lot of snow and the kids had about 6 or 8 snow days from school, and everyone said it was highly unusual. Since it's so very hot again now, I'm starting to wonder where all the "normal Kentucky weather" went. We are not complaining--but very thankful for central AC!

Merry said...

I always look for your books Susan and I can't wait to read Wyoming Weddings. Thanks for a chance to win it!
Merry in TX