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So wonderful to have you back with us Miralee. What are some of the spiritual themes you like to write about?
Great question, because I have a reoccurring theme in many of my books, one of restoration and acceptance. My books portray strong lead characters, and especially strong women dealing with difficult circumstances, but they’re often also struggling with internal issues. Some of those issues are: wanting to be accepted for who they are, putting their past behind them and finding healing or restoration from a broken past, and finding ways to trust again when they’ve been betrayed. Readers can expect to find a message of hope, healing and restoration in all of my books.

What other books of yours are coming out soon?
My newest is Love Finds You in Sundance, Wyoming, and Love Finds You in Tombstone, Arizona released earlier this year. I have two other three-book series going to committee in mid August, so I’m hopeful I’ll have some good news to announce about upcoming releases soon. Both are historical romance, but one has a strong women’s fiction thread as well.

If you could spend an evening with one contemporary person (not a family member of yours), who would it be and why?
I’m going to answer this a little differently, Lena, because I’ve been privileged to meet many of my heroes who are authors, and I’m not a huge fan of TV or movies, and I do get to spend time with special friends. If I could meet any contemporary person (you didn’t say they HAD to be real) it would be Father Tim and Cynthia from Mitford. For readers who don’t know, they’re the main characters in Jan Karon’s Mitford series books. I think it would be lovely to sit down in their kitchen, chat with them, meet Dooley, and pet Barnabas, their big dog. And maybe stroll down the street to the coffee shop and meet a few of the other residents, as well!

What historical person would you like to meet (besides Jesus) and why?
Again, I’m going to think outside the box just a bit. It might be awkward to sit down and try to find something to visit about with a historical person I’ve never met, but if I could transport myself back there (instead of bringing them here) and plop myself down in the middle of a time period or event I think it would be Egypt while they were building the pyramids and tombs…and visit one of the palaces and meet one of the pharaohs. Wouldn’t it be awesome to see HOW they did that? And discover some of the secrets that scientists are still trying to figure out?
By going outside the box, you're revealing more of yourself to our readers, and that's a good thing. How can you encourage authors who have been receiving only rejections from publishers?
You’ve arrived if you’ve been rejected. No rejections mean you probably haven’t done a lot of work or taken many risks. If we only sit at home and write, and are too afraid to send our work out for fear of rejection, we’ll never attain our goals. So honestly, rejection is a sign of success. You’re moving forward, you’re paying the price—now put that rejection behind you and don’t take it to heart. Realize that there’s not a published author out there who hasn’t been rejected at some stage of their career—and many of us multiple times. It’s not personal, it’s business. You might apply for a dozen jobs and only get hired at one. You may not have been a good fit for the other 11, or they may have filled their quota, it’s not a direct reflection of who you are. Shake it off and get back to work. That next proposal may be the one that lands you that contract!

Tell us about the featured book.
It’s not just a historical romance, it’s a Western. I’m having a ball writing books set in the Old West with lots of action, adventure, good-looking cowboys, strong heroines, and a subtle (and believable) faith thread. Here’s the back cover blurb to give you a feel for the story line:

Angel Ramirez is tired of living a lie. But can she live like a lady?

On the run from a dangerous outlaw, Angel works her way across several states disguised as a boy and working as a varmint tracker and horse wrangler. After taking a job on a Wyoming ranch owned by a bachelor and his widowed sister, she finally reveals her true identity and must fight to prove her worth as a ranch hand while somehow discovering her role as woman.

Hiring a woman doesn’t sit well with Travis Morgan, and the dark-haired beauty is causing a
ruckus among his cowboys. Just as Angel decides she’ll never be able to please her boss, an
unexpected surprise arrives from across the ocean and makes trouble on the ranch. Will Angel leave with the person who’s come so far to claim her? 

As you know, I love to write western romances, too, since I just won the Will Rogers Medallion Award for western fiction. Please give us the first page of the book.

Texas Panhandle, 1887
Angel Ramirez woke with a start, her heart pounding a rolling beat in her chest. Someone was in her room.

Inching her fingers under the edge of her pillow, her hand brushed against the cold steel of her Colt revolver. She eased the gun out and waited, allowing her vision to adjust to the partial darkness of the muggy August night. Uncle Jose had taught her to wait, never to rush when confronting an intruder—the first shot might be her only one.

Rolling over onto her side, she pointed the gun at the door. “Who’s there?”

A half moon sent tentative fingers of light through the small window near the foot of her bed. A dark form stepped forward. “It’s Jose. Put your gun down, m’ija.” Her uncle’s accented drawl was absent—the words short and clipped. “Get dressed and meet me outside. Hurry now.” He slipped out the door and closed it carefully behind him.

Angel drew on her trousers and long-sleeved shirt, tugged on her boots, and shoved her sombrero onto her close-cropped curls. After a quick look around the room, she grabbed her rifle and headed outside. Jose raised his hand for silence and drew her into the nearby stand of trees, not far from their small, three-room cabin. “Keep your voice down. I don’t want any of the men in the banda to hear.”

The hair on the back of Angel’s arms stood on end. “What’s wrong?”

“Another cattle raid. I won’t leave you behind. It’s not safe for you here.”

“With the men?”

“Yes. Bart Hinson’s up to something.”

Angel sucked in a breath between her teeth. “Hinson. He’s the worst of this bunch. I don’t like the way he looks at me.”

Jose stifled what sounded like a curse and gripped her arm. “If anything happens to me tonight, promise you’ll ride out of here and never come back.”

How can readers find you on the Internet?
Web site:   (you can find pictures of our research trips to the historical locations, my journey into writing, family pics & info about my books)
Blog:  (I do an occasional book giveaway for my book & other authors, as well as random posts on daily life)

I'm giving away gifts to anyone who purchases my new release (an Old West romance...or a "Western"), Love Finds You in Sundance, WY, from Amazon on August 1st, the release date. You must purchase ON that day to get the gifts. If you do, you'll also get your name put in a drawing for gift cards & copies of three of my other titles. Summerside is also kicking in a few books to give away.

Here are the four gifts you'll automatically get, besides being entered into the drawing for the gift cards & books.

You'll receive.....
* A four page epilogue that tells you what happens after the story ends (the book doesn't contain an epilogue...this was written just for you!)
* Five pages of recipes, some old family favorites used by my mother and grandmother
* A Sneak Peek at the first chapter of the new book I'm working on. That's right, you'll be the only group of people who get to read the first chapter BEFORE it releases!
* A fun list of baby names that were popular in 1889, when Angel Ramirez was riding the range in Sundance.

For more details you can check out my blog at www.miraleesdesk.blogspot.​ com

Miralee, what a fun idea. I just might have to do something like that when my next book comes out. Thanks for dropping by and sharing with us.

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Patsy said...

I have read several of the Love Finds You Series and love them. They are all so good! I know Miralee's book will be a great read. Would love to read it.

From: Mississippi


peachykath said...

I have read Love finds you in Tombstone Arizona and really enjoyed how Miralee tied in that book with her first book Last Chance, California. I can't wait to read this book and have added it to my book wish list. Please enter me in the drawing. Thank you.

Katherine from Northern California

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Thanks for another great interview, Lena and super giveaway, Lena and Miralee. i would love to win. mitzi_wanham[at]yahoo[dot]com from Peace River Country, Alberta

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What a great interview! The Love Finds you series is amazing and I look forward to reading this one too!
Thanks for the chance to win!
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Anonymous said...

Miralee is such a talented writer. I can't wait to read this book!


Miralee Ferrell said...

This is my fourth LFY, and I LOVE writing them. Thank you for supporting the series.

Katherine (peachykath) I'm so tickled you've read and enjoyed two of my four LFY novels. I hope you'll enjoy this one, as well. And I also have one set in Bridal Veil, OR

Marianne, Thanks for taking the time to read my interview & stopping by!

Cheryl (scottsgal) I've decided Western fiction is my favorite to write. This one is loaded with action, cowboys, horses and romance. Hope you like it!

Kari, since you're in Oregon (I'm in WA) you might be interested also in LFY in Bridal Veil, OR. It's a ghost town now, but located in the Columbia River Gorge, only about an hr from my home.

Salena, thanks for stopping by! I appreciate your support very much.

Robyn said...

I love the LFY series. I also love historical westerns. Sounds like I'd best be purchasing on Aug. 1 for the bonus goodies. :-)

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Vickie McDonough said...


This sounds like an exciting book. Great picture of you and your horse. I had horses when I was young. I miss riding them, but I'm not sure I could climb aboard one now.

I hope things go well with your series that's going to committee.

fictionfan1 [at] me [dot] come

Anonymous said...

Please enter me in the drawing. Thank You!!!!
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Miralee Ferrell said...

Robyn, be sure you stop by my blog & leave a comment so you'll get your name in the hat for the 'extra' free stuff. You'll get four items free if you buy my book, but there are several items given away for people who leave comments. And thank you SO much for actually reading this interview, not just leaving a comment!!

Vickie, I so appreciate your support, and thank you for your thoughts and prayers for my new series.

Kathleen L. Maher said...

Oh, my! That sample had the hairs on my arms standing up! I can't wait to read this one.

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Boy it was hard to find this comment box ; ) But well worth it to try and win one of your books Miralee! I have greatly enjoyed all of your books I have read and can't wait to read Love Finds You in Sundance Wyoming!

Miralee Ferrell said...

Angela, thank you for stopping by!

Kathleen, I'm so glad you enjoyed the opening page!

Rebecca, how many of the LFY books have you read so far? I love writing them!

Jo & Thimbleberry, I'm so tickled you like my books. Thank you!!!

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Miralee Ferrell said...

Thanks, Courtney, I always love hearing from a reader. This is one of my favorites that I've written.

Hi Emma & Krista, thanks for stopping by and entering. Krista, I see you're in Gresham, I'm just up the river from you on the WA side!

Katy, my heroine, Angel, knows how to use her rifle quite well, as you'll discover if you happen to buy the book. Thanks!!

Rose said...

I'd love to read this book!!!!
Rose from WA

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I love the Love Finds you books. Please include me in this giveaway thanks

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Miralee Ferrell said...

Rose, where in WA? I'm in WA too!

AppleBlossom, Sarah and Kelly, I'm so glad you enjoy the Love Finds You books. This is my 4th and I have a ball writing them. It's readers like you that make it possible for them to continue.

Mrs Greer, I LOVE Westerns, too! Hope you pick up a copy of one of my westerns and enjoy it.

gahome2mom--thank you for sharing this giveaway on FB, that's awesome!

Abagail, thank you for stopping by.

Kristie, would doing some world travel be awesome? Thank you for stopping in!

Merry said...

I enjoy stories set in the west and when a female character disguises herself as a man... so many things can happen!
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