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ELECTRIC ANGEL - Sue Dent - Free Book

Welcome back, Sue. God has really been moving in your writing life. What do you see on the horizon?
A horizon to me is simply a visual perception of how far I can see and that's how I apply it allegorically. I concentrate only on what's happening now. I can't afford to spend time speculating about what lies beyond what I can see. What do I see on the horizon—me writing stories that appeal to a lot of readers. And to that I must quote my favorite Captain, Capn' Jack Sparrow of course, "Now give me that horizon."

Has your writing changed your reading habits? If so, how?
Not really. But many other things have changed my reading habits. For example, since so many talented authors have had to go the self-publishing route to escape an industry set on their demise, I now DEFINITELY look at those books as well as ones coming from small publishing houses like mine.

What are you working on right now?
Finally I can get back to the third book in my Thirsting for Blood Series, Cyn No More. My 2007 Bram-Stoker Short-listed, 2009 Pluto Award Finalist Never Ceese has been republished through my new publisher Black Bed Sheet Books. The second in the series, Forever Richard, is due out this September republished by the same publisher. Finally the series will be under one publisher. Black Bed Sheet will also publish Cyn No More. I'm also working on converting all my books into all the different e-book versions available and DRM free too. They will be available exclusively through my publisher.

I'm also having all my books approved by Spring Arbor. Though it doesn't help get my work in to larger Christian bookstores that sell "targeted" Christian fiction (as Spring Arbor says it should) it does make it so my readers can at the very least order my work through these venues. No rest for the weary.

What outside interests do you have?
None. Writing is all I do when I have free time. I love it that much.

How do you choose your settings for each book?
The stories choose the settings. I've no idea where my characters will end up but it's always fun finding out.

If you could spend an evening with one historical person, who would it be and why?
Robert Kirk, an Episcopalian minister in the Scottish Highland [1800's] who set out to collect many striking stories from his parishioners about elves, fairies, fauns, doppelgangers, wraiths, and other beings who, in Kirk's words, were "a middle nature betwixt man and angel." I would love for him to teach me Gaelic as well.

What new lessons is the Lord teaching you right now?
That Pharisaical tendencies still exist. And while being pleasant with folk that lean heavily on these tendencies is indeed tough, it is the Christ-like thing to do.

What are the three best things you can tell other authors to do to be successful?
1. Respect your readers and hire a professional editor. Most small publishers can barely afford to exist much less provide a "free" edit to their authors. Though it's a pricy endeavor, it's an investment that will make the difference in sales.
2. General market publishers aren't inherently "secular" publishers and "Christian" publishers write for one very targeted demographic. Therefore if you're simply an author who is a Christian and choose to write for that one demographic, seek a "Christian" publisher. Otherwise general market publishers are the publishers you need to seek. 
3. You need approval by Ingram's Spring Arbor for customers to even order your books via a Christian bookstore. But since Spring Arbor doesn't check for "targetedness" (it's a word I just made up, ) large Christian bookstores still won't put it in their stores because they have to check to make sure their core market readers won't be offended by it.

Tell us about the featured book.
Here's the description: Because of her cancer, Anna Chadwick wouldn't live long enough to carry her twin infants to term. Yet she wanted nothing more than for them to have a chance at living. Learning one would be stillborn didn't lessen her desire. It would take a she prayed for one. When an electrical entity arrives to take the place of her stillborn, some would reflect that prayers aren't always answered the way we'd expect them to be.

This is one of the first stories I ever entertained writing when I thought I might like to write something for others to read. In some ways it "sort of" is like the movie Powder in that it's about an electrical entity. It's my usual fast paced style of writing and is currently at the British Fantasy Society for their take on it at their request. In fact, they more or less begged for it. You may get an e-book version in any format DRM free at my publisher’s site.

Please give us the first page of the book.

Chapter 1
The two-lane road wound its way around the foothills
of the lower Appalachians like a ribbon carelessly tossed on the
ground. Anna Chadwick gripped the steering wheel tighter and
eased her foot from the gas pedal. The long day’s drive bearing
down on her, she began to reconsider. Nothing about this
makes sense. No one just picks up and leaves everything
behind. I don’t even know where I’m headed.

Panic took root. Confused tears blurred her vision. She
wiped at them with the back of an uncertain hand, then gave her
head a determined shake.

"No! You can do this. You have to do this." She
placed a maternal hand on the small bulge of her stomach. "They
deserve a chance. Both of them."

With this thought, she pushed away her panic and drove
on. Yet when dusk threatened, the uneasy feeling returned. How
much farther would she have to go? Was she on the right road?
The landscape looked the same no matter which road she took,
rolling hills populated by thick pockets of pines. With no
directions, one could easily get lost in an area like this. She’d
taken this road because at the moment she had to make a
decision, it seemed the road to take. Now, she wasn’t sure.
Nothing really distinguished this road from the other five or six
she passed up already. That suffocating thought was enough to
make her consider turning around.

You may go to my publisher website and read the entire first chapter!

How can readers find you on the Internet?

Thank you, Sue. It's always a pleasure to host you on my blog.

Readers, leave a comment for a chance to win a free copy of the book. Please tell us where you live, at least the state or territory. (Comments containing links may be subject to removal by blog owner.)

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The only notification you’ll receive is the winner post on this blog. So be sure to check back a week from Saturday to see if you won. You will have 4 weeks from the posting of the winners to claim your book.

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Author Sue Dent said...

Just to let everyone know, the book is available wherever books are sold and now available on my site at by clicking on the book cover in the bookstore. Within a month you should even be able to order it through your Christian venues due to Spring Arbor approval. Thanks so much Lena for the opportunity to be on your blog again! ;)

Coolestmommy said...

Wow! Let an electrical entity take over your to-be-born child or the child won't live? That's a dilemma for the ages! Can't wit to get a copy.

coolestmommy2000 at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

Please enter me in the drawing.

angela from KY

Author Sue Dent said...

Thanks Robyn. And Wow! describes it perfectly. This story was one of the first that stuck with me when I decided writing for others was what God had in the cards for me. It is straight out general market work though so a little different than an author writing specifically for a particular demographic. The reviews coming in are phenomenal. My friends at the British Fantasy Society are loving it. But then they seem to love all my work which is nice. ;)

Author Sue Dent said...

Actually you may go to to read the first chapter by clicking in the left sidebar as my publisher only has a snippet up OR you may go to this link to read the first chapter: " - Sue.pdf"

Author Sue Dent said...

Electric Angel is for sale on Amazon as well. I'd add the link for Lena but Lena wouldn't benefit so I'll leave it up to her. ;)

Caprice Hokstad said...

Great interview, Sue. Thanks so much, Lena, for highlighting Sue on your blog. I think it was you a few years back who finally convinced me to read Never Ceese, and now my daughter is on the cover of the newer versions. (Yes, she *is* a werewolf, but her name isn't Ceese.)

I have the eBook version of Electric Angel. I was one of the guinea pigs to help get all the bugs out of the shopping cart. Haven't had a chance to read it yet because I'm busy writing a sequel myself, but I wouldn't mind having a print copy if I win the drawing.

Best of luck with Electric Angel.

Author Sue Dent said...

Indeed Caprice! And folks still ask if that is ME on the cover. Right! I wish I looked like that. And how about Never Ceese making ACFW Book Club choice of the month of May 2007 . . at least I think that was the year. Along with being a 2009 Pluto Award finalist. It's exciting to have readers from a different market. Sometimes difficult to get to those readers though. Thanks again Lena!

Raquel said...

Have the ebook format and love love love this book! Gripping indeed, just like the others. You forced me to get in some down time and read it. Finishing it up this weekend because I deserve some me time! :)

All the best Sue!

Lena Nelson Dooley said...

When I first put the interview up, I couldn't find the link on Amazon. It's there now.

Author Sue Dent said...

Well B&N did have it up first but Amazon has had it up for about a week now. Don't let the 1-3 days availability fool you either. They can get that book as soon as you order it. I don't know why they post some of the book status' they post. LOL They're just weird like that. ;)

And thanks so much for working me in so quickly. Wow! I didn't expect that but am delighted. ;)

Unknown said...

Well Sue, as usual your eloquent nature precedes you...

Wow, I might be in the Guinness book of world records but count me in as a willing subject for the "electric" exuberance which could befall me with your great imagination. Really am looking forward to continuing on this great journey where no bones dare travel (a slight reference to my friend BOB), so as to encounter all the characters enhancing just such an experience...

Please feed our hungry minds with more of your talented nomenclature to entice us all into a world of diversity and suspense :)

Author Sue Dent said...

Bob thanks you Maypo3! LOL Well as much as any sharply dressed skeleton can. I am concerned about him though. He's lost a LOT of weight lately. I've put him on some extra calcium pills but they just seem to go right through him. But yes, you will love Electric Angel. Hopefully it will hold most over until I can get Cyn No More finished. ;)

Author Sue Dent said...

Just thought I'd let you know, Lena, I had 297 hits on my blog today. ;)


Unknown said...

I am a bit dismayed at the condition Bob has chosen to "undertake" in the most lively fashion one can portray when you are merely bones and no skin...

I have noticed a bit of a reclusive nature, is that due to his arthritis perhaps??? ROFL

Maybe he needs a change of outlook, face him to the west for a time...

Grandmac said...

Great interview with Sue. I would love to win the book. I am from the great Pacific Northwest.

Lena Nelson Dooley said...

Sue, I'm so glad. I've had authors tell me their numbers on Amazon have spiked as soon as their interviews posted.

Author Sue Dent said...

Well I don't put any stock in Amazon's numbers. LOL My experience with them is that they aren't accurate anyway. But I trust my blog. ;)

Jo said...

WOW! This book is unlike any others that I have yet to read. I really would love to read a copy. Please enter me.

Jo from Southern Arizona

Joanne Sher said...

Okay, Ms PQ :)This one sure sounds interesting! Fascinating stuff, my friend. Of course I'd like to win. Glad you're plugging away, girl!

Author Sue Dent said...

And a book you normally might not hear about if it weren't for Lena. My work has appealed to many who favor fiction put out by Christian publishers yet since it's written for a much broader audience was turned down by all those publishers. Nevertheless it will be available through Spring Arbor. I was very excited when Eric Wilson left a four star review on my Bram Stoker short-listed Never Ceese on Amazon. It's gone now though. I think he quit doing reviews. You can find it on my blog though. Ohhhh, I do so hope you win. ;)

Author Sue Dent said...

Sue tosses p-nut at Joanne but lightly as Joanne throws like a BOY!! ;) How did the FaithWriters conference go. I saw some of Amy's posts. Egads! The power went out. Aw, but not y'all's Power. ;)

I really do hope people continue to enjoy reading this story as much I enjoyed writing it. So far so good!! ;)

Author Sue Dent said...

Oh no! I almost forgot. My publisher does trailers for all his authors and he did one for Electric Angel. Do go watch it if you get the chance. Here's the link:

"" without the quotes of course. ;)

Sarah said...

Would love to win!

Sarah H

Sharon Richmond said...

sounds very interesting, please enter me in the drawing.
Sharon Richmond
Blanch, NC.

Author Sue Dent said...

I do like to emphasize that while all my books to date have been approved for distribution through Spring Arbor, this does not mean my work meets standards put in place by publishers who provide work to a specific Christian market. Therefore it isn't accurate to judge it against their standards.

While I am a Christ follower, my books won't necessarily always have a redemption theme. In fact, they rarely do. But my work will never compromise what I believe to be true.

Electric Angel is actually marketed as Young Adult because as far as general market work goes, mine is certainly tame enough for most ages to read and enjoy. The fact that I have a LOT of fans from readers of "targeted" Christian fiction is another fine example of the wide appeal my stories have.

However, it is very different than anything publishers of "targeted" Christian fiction have put out to date or will ever put out.

There. I've warned you. LOL I just didn't want to leave that off the table. It has been edited by the same fine editor who worked on Never Ceese with me and that was short-listed for a Bram Stoker award in 2007.

Give it a try if you will but just remember. It is what it is and it ain't what it ain't! ;)

Ingrid said...

I loved your Interview and would like to be in your drawing.
Thanks and all the best to you.

I'm from Illinois


Anonymous said...

Please enter me in the drawing. I liked the interview! Great job. Would love to read the book.
dancealert at aol dot com

Brenda from Michigan

Author Sue Dent said...

Thank you so much for reading Ingrid and Dancealert!

Author Sue Dent said...

Oh my, I almost forgot to mention that Never Ceese placed number one in Top Ten Christian Horror Noves beating out House by Dekker and Peretti and Monster by Peretti and Liparulo. Needless to say I was honored! Electric Angel is far more closer to Fantasy than horror though. It primarily demonstrates the love of a mother for her child or children--in a fantastical sort of way. ;)

Author Sue Dent said...

Oh what a NICE surprise. Electric Angel is staff pick at and I'm a featured author moving up to number eight in their site rankings! ;)

peachykath said...

This book has now ended up on my wish list of books. Please enter me in the drawing. Thank you.

Katherine from Northern California

Author Sue Dent said...

Well PeachyKath I hope your wish comes true! BUT if it doesn't and you don't win the drawing, do go to and purchase an autographed copy from me. And if you're into good stories about vampires and werewolves you should definitely check out my Thirsting for Blood Series.

Thank you soooooo much for looking. ;D

Kristie said...

Wow! Your book is so different. Cool! I can't wait to read it! Thanks for the note about the ebook. I'm from Ohio. kristiedonelson(at)gmail(dot)com Thank you.

sarahw said...

wow, sounds like a really interesting story. would love to win it. thank,

Author Sue Dent said...

Yes! If y'all prefer an e-book copy if you win, just let me know! I have ALL formats! AND, if you like, I can sign that for you too. I know! How cool is that?

And Kristie this is a very different book especially for this blog! LOL Even at that it's still a very good about relationship, specifically between a mother and her child. You don't have to enjoy the horror or fantasy genre to LOVE it. ;) It's just a good story.