Saturday, August 11, 2012

FOR SUCH A TIME AS THIS - Ginny Aiken - One Free Book

Because I had surgery on my knee on Wednesday, Ginny has written a blog post instead of the usual questions and answers.

I’m often asked, especially now about my new title, FOR SUCH TIME AS THIS, where I get my ideas. I usually can’t pin down the source, but in this case I can. For years, I’ve written fiction for women in a number of romance subgenres. The reviewer of an earlier book struck a chord with me when she really ‘got’ my writing, and triggered the idea for the Women of Hope series.

As a believer, I know the truth of God’s Word. I also know He is the same yesterday, today, and forever. Adding the two concepts equals my worldview—God, through His Word, speaks eternal truths.

With that as my life’s foundation, I seek to minister, especially to women. Currently, I assist the Director of Women’s Ministries at my church with the desire to encourage and support women in their daily lives. One might think that today’s woman faces issues vastly different from those of the women in Scripture. But beneath the surface, people remain the same, just as our Father made us. Only external circumstances change. The guidance and comfort of Scripture is the same, relevant, and sustaining.

That’s why the stories in the Bible have played out in different places across the centuries. Situations a wife in the Victorian American West encountered are similar to those in the Old Testament, and to some she might face today. Outside details have changed—Queen Esther never imagined fast-food or Facebook!—but how a woman relates to her husband, how she balances duty to her family of origin with her position as a spouse, hasn’t changed much.

In the Women of Hope series, which launches with For Such a Time as This, I try to illustrate what that reviewer saw in my work. Women in late 1800s Hope County, Oregon (a fictitious location in the northwest corner of the state) confront situations faced by women in Scripture, and draw those eternal truths closer to 21st Century women. I hope the stories lead my readers to the guidance Scripture offers for the most complex situations, even for such a time as this…

Thank you, Ginny, for this blog post. I so agree with you that the truths of the scripture are for all times.

Since Queen Esther is one of my favorite Bible characters, I know I'll love this new book. I've even written a dramatic monologue of Queen Esther and presented it for writing conferences and for women's retreats.

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For Such a Time as This: A Women of Hope Novel - paperback
For Such a Time as This: A Women of Hope Novel - Kindle

Leave a comment for a chance to win a free copy of the book. Please tell us where you live, at least the state or territory. And let's do something different today. If you tell us who your favorite woman in the Bible is, you will get an extra chance to win. (Comments containing links may be subject to removal by blog owner.)

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aussie monica said...

I love the Victorian age.

Monica Toronto Canada

Liz R said...

This sounds like a good read, I'd love to win a copy! My favorite woman in the Bible would probably have to be Esther. She was so brave and willing to do whatever it took to save her people and I really admireLthat.

Liz R in AL

Liz R said...
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Patricia said...

We tend to not connect that women back then were reading the same scripture we read today. They just don't have the technology we have today and women had less rights than women today.

My favorite woman in the Bible is Mary Magdalene a female disciple and friend to Jesus.

Patricia and I am from SE Texas

karenk said...

Here's to a speedy recovery, Lena.

Thanks for the chance to read this fabulous novel :)

kmkuka at yahoo dot com
from PA

Unknown said...

i hope your surgery went well, Lena. Mom had complete knee replacement surgery a few years ago, so i know a little of what that was like.
Thanks for the great interview and chance to win. i think maybe Ruth is a favorite Bible character of mine...she left all to follow 'Christ'.

Marianne from northern Alberta


Diana Gardner said...

Esther and Ruth are my favorite women in the Bible. Portsouth, VA

Katie said...

Sounds great! I'm from NC. My favorite woman from the Bible is probably Ruth or Esther. Both were so brave and willing to do what God wanted them to.

God bless!

writingsofrosie said...
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writingsofrosie said...

Oh, sounds amazing! I love Queen Esther's story so much. I've read it over and over again in the Bible. Right up there with Ruth! I'd love to win!
Rosie from OH

Amy C said...

I would have to say the virgin Mary would be my favorite Biblical woman. What faith and love she had.
Lena, I hope you have a speedy recovery.

Amy Campbell
Southwest VA

Lena Nelson Dooley said...

Thanks to all the blessings on my surgery. I think I'm doing much better than some of my friends have with the same surgery. Had one unpleasant side effect from the pain medication, but I'm on a different one now. And I'm not having to use it very often.

I started physical therapy yesterday, and that made me rather sore. I'll keep at it, because I want the knee to work really well.

rubynreba said...

Hope you continue to improve and that the physical therapy goes well. Glad to hear you are doing OK.
This book looks very good!
Beth from Iowa

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you are doing well after your surgery. Hope things keep going well for you.
I would love to win this book.

ASC Book Reviews said...

This looks REALLY good! Please enter me! :)

Amada Chavez, Willard, NM

Melissa Jagears said...

Ever since reading Behold your Queen by Malvern in high school I love Esther stories.


Sparks of Ember said...

What a great idea for a series!
One of my favorite women in the Bible is Rahab. She risks everything to save her family & the New Testament says she was a woman of faith.

I'm from the Black Hills of South Dakota - another great setting for historical fiction. ;)

Sharon Richmond said...

Enter me this book looks great!!
Sharon Richmond
Blanch, NC.

Holly Magnuson said...

It's been too long since I've read a Ginny book! I'd love a chance to read this one.

I think my favorite woman from the Bible would be Rahab, because she was an "outcast" that God used in a mighty way!

GinnyAiken said...

Hi, all. Lena, I'm so glad to hear you're recovering well. You're in my prayers.
I hope you all enjoy For Such a Time as This. It was a fun book to write, and the writing took me back, again and again, to read about one of my favorite women in Scripture. If any of you have questions for me, go at it! I will be back to visit.

GinnyAiken said...

Hi, ladies. Lena, you're in my prayers, and I'm so glad you're recovering well.
I hope all of you enjoy For Such a Time as This. It was a fun book to write, and it took me back, again and again, to the story of one of my favorite women in Scripture. I'll be stopping to visit here, so if any of you have questions for me, go at it!

GinnyAiken said...

Ooops! Sorry about the double post. I got an error message after the first one, so I tried to correct...and you all ended up with a twofer. YIKES!

ASC Book Reviews said...
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Cathy said...

I love these kinds of books! Sounds like a great story. :)

Cathy in BC Canada

Lane Hill House said...

Pick me. Pick me! Please. Kathleen
My first thought is Ruth. But... would love to know Rahab, the woman at the well, Deborah... so many!!

Thank you, Ginny. God's Word is for alllll generations ~*~ nothing new under the sun and His Word doesn't change!

My husband had knee surgery and the icing (ha ha, frosting probably did good too) and stretch band exercise helped later on. Blessings to you Lena! Waiting for this last sister from the wagon train!!! Love, Kathleen