Tuesday, June 25, 2013

HOTLINE GIRL - K Dawn Byrd - One Free Ebook

How did you come up with the idea for this story?
I wonder what it’s like when people fall in love online. I explored this in Hotline Girl. My hero and heroine already know each other, but don’t know each other online when she starts to counsel him. When an unpopular girl counsels the most popular guy in school online, will he accept her love when he finds out who she is?

If you were planning a party with Christian authors of contemporary fiction, what six people would you invite and why?
Michelle Sutton, Lena Nelson Dooley, James Scott Bell, Brandilyn Collins, and Donald James Parker because I’d like to brainstorm with them.

Thank you for including me. I'd love to brainstorm with you and the others. Now let’s do that for a party for Christian authors of historical fiction, what six people would you invite and why?
Francine Rivers, Deanne Gist, Julie Lessman, Mary Connealy, Liz Curtis Higgs, and Melanie Dickerson because I could learn a lot from them (I’m published in WWII Christian fiction, but no other eras.)

Many times, people (and other authors) think you have it made with so many books published. What is your most difficult problem with writing at this time in your career?
I work a full-time job and in addition, am on call with my job many weekends. This leaves little time to write.

Tell us about the featured book.
Here’s the cover blurb:
When the school counselor asks Abby to work a counseling chat line, she begs her to choose someone else. When Race, Abby's three-year crush, begins using the chat line to talk about his girlfriend problems, can Abby be impartial when she really wants to tell him to dump her?
Race notices Abby after she has a complete make-over. He begins to spend more time with her and feels like a cheater because he likes the hotline girl too. How can he like two girls at once?
Abby is thrilled when Race begins spending time with her, but she's crushed when he tells the hotline girl that he likes her and wants to take her out. Is he a player? Will he even want to be with her when he finds out that she is the hotline girl and knows all his deepest secrets?

Please give us the first page of the book.
"What would you do if he asked you out?" Marge asked.

Just like Marge to bring me back down to earth when I’d been gushing about my crush and how cute he’d been in trig class. “I don't think I have to worry about that since Race has a girlfriend.”

“But, say he didn’t. Would you go?”

A slow, quiver began in the pit of my stomach. “Of course, I'd go.”

“You wouldn't be afraid?”

“I'd be nervous, but what's to be afraid of? Race is a nice guy.”

She rolled her eyes. “Puh-lease. We don’t even really know him. How can you say he’s nice?”

“He's been in school with us forever. I feel like I know him.”

“He's like all the other popular guys. He’s so shallow and self-centered.”

Frustration bubbled within me. “How can you say that? You don’t even know him. Isis brags all the time about how romantic he is. Race sends her flowers and texts her to tell her goodnight. I saw him kiss her on the cheek once too and it was so sweet. I want a guy like that.”

“Why don't you settle for a guy in your league? Someone you know.”

“What are you getting at?”

“Wouldn't you be more comfortable going out with someone you know?”

I wasn't sure what she was hinting at, so I took a chance. “Why? Do you know someone who has a crush on me?”

She grinned, showing braces that were silver and blue, our school colors. “Maybe.”

“Who? You have to tell me who!”

Marge glanced around to see if anyone was listening. “I promised I wouldn’t, so I can’t say who. Keep your eyes open. You’ll figure it out.”


“Don’t ask. You know I’m not going to tell you.”

I closed my mouth. Marge lived by strong Christian principles and I knew that if she’d made a promise, she’d keep it. My cell phone rang, and I reluctantly hit the answer button.

My mother always called at the worst times. “Hello, Mom.”

“Abby, we need to talk.”

“About what?”

Papers shuffled, and I imagined her placing case notes in a chart and closing it. She was the school psychologist and was as calm and steady as the day was long. She’d heard it all and seen it all, and how she kept her sanity, I’d never know. One thing was for sure, the psychology field wasn’t for me. I wasn’t a touchy-feely kind of girl, unless of course, you had a newborn animal in your arms; then I was all hands.

How can readers find you on the Internet?
Facebook Christian Fiction Gathering: https://www.facebook.com/groups/christianfictiongathering/

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Hotline Girl

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Sounds like a great summer read! I have never heard of this author but am definitely adding this book to my TBR pile! Thanks for the chance to win! Great review! :)
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What a unique twist on the storyline! I'd love to read this.

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I would love to read this book.


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It's certainly a very current subject matter and promises to be a fantastic read.

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Brainstorming with you is fun, girl. I enjoy it.

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A hotline girl! now that's an interesting plot line and I would love to win and read it. sharon, CA

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Sounds very interesting :) Would love to win this.

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Sounds great. My 13 year old daughter reads with me, and it sounds absolutely perfect for her, too!
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Hotline Girl sounds like a fun read. Please add me to the drawing!
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