Saturday, January 15, 2011

More Winners!!

Katrina (FL) is the winner of Second Chance Ranch by Leann Harris.
Judylynn (TN) is the winner of Softly and Tenderly by Rachel Hauck and Sara Evans.

Cindy Adams (KY) is the winner of Seek Me With All Your Heart by Beth Wiseman.

Diane (SC) is the winner of Caroline's Choice by Martha Rogers.

Kristen (WA) is the winner of America Under Attack by Jeff Kildow.
Congratulations, everyone. Send me your mailing address:

Click the Contact Me link at the top of the blog, and send me an Email.
You have 6 weeks to claim your book.
If you didn't win and you plan to order the book, please use the link provided on the individual interview. By using that link when you order, you will help support this blog.


fredamans said...

Congrats winners! Happy Reading!

kristen said...

Thank you so much, Lena! I'm excited to read America Under Attack!! How cool.
Kristen from WA

Eesti said...

Softly and Tenderly is a wonderfully written book about deceit lies and how God can make them work for His Use. In this book written by Sara Evans and Rachel Hauck, the main character, Jade, finds out that she has married into her own version of "All of My Children." Jade learns that life is not always what is seems and faced with the impending death of her mom from cancer she learns she has to come to terms with the hand that is dealt her. She has to decide if she wants to walk away from all that she has and start her life anew or take the harder road and learn to forgive those trespasses against her.