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DUTY TO PROTECT - Roxanne Rustand - Free Book

Since you’re being published regularly, what new avenues will your future books take?        
My plate was really full over the past couple years, and from November, 2010 to December, 2011 I've had six new inspirational novels out, plus two Superromances re-released by Harlequin Heartwarming, which required editing to fit that sweet, wholesome line.  It was a busy time, and during 2010 my dear mom declined and then passed away.  I've had about five months to regroup since finishing my last contract, and now look forward to getting back to work!
Before making a first sale, I wrote one full manuscript that didn't sell.  I plan to revise and self publish it--perhaps I'll even serialize it on my blog at  It should be a fun adventure!  I also plan to get to work on some new proposals to submit to a publisher.  I hope there will be more many more books to come!

What conferences will you be attending this year? Will you be a speaker at any of them?      
I will be on four workshop panels at the Chicago Romantic Times Convention in April--one secular suspense panel and three with an inspirational fiction focus. 

My friends Cindy Gerard, Kylie Brant and I often give workshops at the national RWA conferences, and we hope to be giving one there in Anaheim, this coming July.  I think I've given (or have been on a panel) in around nine workshops at RWA over the years, and really enjoy it!  I don't know about the September ACFW (American Christian Fiction Writers) conference in Dallas.  I adore that conference and wouldn't miss it for the world, and I would love to give a workshop there someday!

If you were in charge of planning the panel discussion at a writing conference, what topic would the panel cover, and who would you ask to be on the panel, and why?      

I really enjoy giving workshops on suspense, career planning, plotting, writing inspirational novels, and one I've done quite a few times now, titled "The First Year and Beyond."  I guess I would pick that one, because it addresses what an aspiring author can do to make a first sale, how to make it through that dizzying first year after selling, as well as professionalism, productivity, and how to best place one's self to make many more sales to come.  Many new authors shoot themselves in the foot along the way and either never reach that first sale or cannot make a second, and I think its so important to be well-prepared.  As for other speakers on the panel, I would choose multi-published authors who are prolific, professional and fun to listen to.  J

How important is it to you to be active in writing organizations?
I would not have sold if not for the wonderful educational opportunities in RWA (Romance Writers of America)---from the articles in the monthly magazines, to the many conferences and workshops I attended, to the dozens of writing contests I entered. 

I discovered ACFW (American Christian Fiction Writers) after switching from secular to inspirational fiction, and ACFW is every bit as supportive, well run, and valuable.  The website offers a wealth of information, the e-mail loop is wonderful, and the annual conferences are amazing.  I think it's extremely important for any serious Christian writer to belong to ACFW.

Where in the community or your church do you volunteer?       
I taught Sunday School for around eighteen years while our kids were growing up, and helped with confirmation when they reached that age.  My husband and I have been regularly scheduled volunteer cooks for the SEMP (Saturday evening meal program) for the indigent population of our nearby city since the mid 1980's.  Recently, I signed up for Stephen Ministry classes as well. I quit my day job to write full time last fall, so I will probably become more involved in volunteering in the future, now that life isn’t quite so hectic.

Who are the five people who have made the most impact on your life, and how?        
Wow.  Good question!  But by far, the main two people were my parents.  I was in foster care until I was three, but then I was adopted by a wonderful couple--good Christians, loving, hardworking folks. I was so blessed. My mom and dad gave me every opportunity they could, put a priority on higher education, and enriched my life in so many ways.  My dad gave me a love of travel, adventure and photography. My mom was a sweetheart--with a whimsical sense of humor, absolute loyalty and protectiveness toward her family, and such class.  She loved to entertain, had a wide circle of close friends throughout her life, and was always such charming company.  My girlfriends all loved her, too.  I miss her every single day.

If you could write the inscription on your tombstone, what would it be?           
She was a warm and loving mom, who always put her children first.

Tell us about the featured book.     
DUTY TO PROTECT is a Love Inspired Suspense that takes place in Colorado and Montana.  It's about a young woman who has spent most of her life in the witness protection program, but now that security has been breached, her parents are dead, she has been framed for murder, and she is on the run.  I had a lot of fun writing this book!

Please share the first page with us.

The soft blanket of new snow glittered under the street lamp and muffled her steps as Emma strode from the city bus stop at the end of the block to the side door of her garage.  Anxiety twisted her stomach into a tight knot of fear.

The snow could muffle the sound of someone else's steps, too.  And even now, that unknown person could be watching her. Waiting. Just as he had waited for her father last week.

She'd been only a few feet away from her dad, pushing a cart of groceries in
the busy Safeway parking lot.  He'd suddenly faltered to a stop. Started to whisper a warning to her.  "We've got to leave," he'd said urgently. "I just saw—

Then he'd fallen face first, a widening pool of crimson spreading through the slushy snow beneath him.   He died at her feet, and she hadn't even heard the gunshot.

Had he seen his killer's face? Why hadn't the shooter taken her out, too? The melee of screaming, frightened people running for cover would have given the shooter ample opportunity to pull the trigger, and he probably wouldn't have missed.  From the perfect placement of the single bullet in her father's skull, the cops figured the killer possessed ample sniper experience.

Which meant it was someone sent by the drug organization that had been trying to kill Emma and her family for over ten years.  And now she was the only one left.

Where can my readers find you on the Internet?    (website, and The All Creatures Great and Small blog)

Thank you so much, Roxanne, for sharing this book with us. It sounds like a book I will love reading.

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Duty to Protect

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