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HONOR REDEEMED - Loree Lough - Free Book

Author Bio, Loree Lough

With more than 3,000,000 books in circulation, best-selling author Loree Lough's titles have earned numerous 4- and 5-star reviews and dozens of industry awards. She splits her time between a humble home in Baltimore and a teeny cabin in the Alleghenies (where she loves to show off her "Identify the Critter Tracks" skills). Loree has more than 80 books in print, including reader favorites like From Ashes to Honor and Honor Redeemed. Her next release, Love Finds You in Folly Beach, South Carolina is in bookstores now. She loves to hear from readers and answers every letter, personally. Visit her at Facebook, Twitter, Shoutlife, and !

Welcome, Loree.

First, thanks again, Lena, for sharing your blog space with me! Of all the writers I know, you have the biggest and most generous heart. No wonder God has blessed you with so many friends!

It's a great pleasure to host all these authors, especially the one's who have become good friends, as you have. Do you have a favorite genre to write? If so, what is it?
Hmm…I'd have to say it's faith-based fiction of the historical kind. I love going back in time, to places where chivalry wasn't just a word…and neither was faith.

If you didn’t live in the part of the country where you do, where would you live?
That's easy: I'd live in my dad's neighborhood, instead of 750 miles away! Mom died this past August, and although he's adjusting as well as anyone could expect, he misses her a lot. Dad retired from his job with the VA decades ago, and they did everything together, so I know it's hard going through every day, alone. He's relatively healthy for an 85 year old guy, but his health is fragile (you may remember me asking you to pray for him a few years ago, when he was diagnosed with colon cancer). If I lived closer, I could share his care with my wonderful sister.

What foreign country would you like to visit and why?
Northern Ireland, so I could hop the ferry and cross into Scotland, because the people in both countries have hearts that are as beautiful as their accents and the places they call home!

Describe what you think would be the most romantic vacation you could take.
Larry and I have been blessed with a few glorious vacations. For example, business put him in Italy some years back, and I got to tag along. Being half Italian, the trip was amazing on multiple levels. (But seriously, how many women get to say they turned 40 in a sidewalk café in Rome, where a handsome waiter—holding a candlelit cupcake—sang "Happy Birthday" in Italian!) This year, God willing, we'll head for Denali and, if the weather allows, a side trip to Barrow (so I can say we cuddled at the Arctic Circle)!

Where would you like to set a story that you haven’t done yet?
Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia. It's beautiful, rugged, quaint and overflowing with historic legend and lore!

What is the main theme of this novel?
Like its predecessor in the First Responders series (From Ashes to Honor), this story  centers around the haunting emotional echoes that shadow individuals who were directly involved in the 9/11 tragedy. Honor Mackenzie, the heroine Honor Redeemed, is struggling with issues from her past—dark secrets that impact her actions and reactions—and the people with whom she interacts. Once her past is exposed to the hero, Matt Phillips, the "domino theory" takes over as they grapple with forgiveness, acceptance, and faith that God will lead them where they need to go.

Tell us about the story.
Honor Mackenzie works as hard at guarding the dark secrets of her past as she does at training search and rescue (SAR) dogs. As for Pulitzer-winning reporter Matt Phillips, not even his former SAR work is as important as sheltering his motherless twin sons.

Then a jumbo jet crashes onto a busy Baltimore highway during rush hour, and puts them face to face at the grisly scene, and they're forced to reconsider their long-standing fear of romantic entanglements. In fact, Matt is still struggling with questions about Honor's past when he learns that she disappeared during a rescue effort.

He leads the search team, desperate to find Honor before a blizzard moves in. But even if he's successful…can they find their way back to each other?

Please give us the first page of the book.

November 1
Patapsco State Park near Baltimore, Maryland

Honor Mackenzie shivered, and not just because the temperature had dipped to near-freezing. The far-off wail of a coyote harmonized with the moaning wind, and the creak of leafless trees only intensified the ghostly atmosphere.

Crisscrossing beams of high-powered flashlights sliced through the sleety black haze and shimmered from the river's surface; the Patapsco seemed alive tonight, pulsing and undulating like a giant, turbid snake. From deep in the woods, Honor felt the cagey stares of a thousand unblinking eyes, and shivered again as she panned a wide arc. The crash had probably sent most critters scurrying…but that's what she'd told herself the night a feral dog bulleted from the underbrush, teeth bared, snarling and—

"Is it just me," Elton huffed, jogging up beside her, "or do I smell gas?"

She jumped, then jumped again to make the first one like an attempt to maneuver around a tree root. "Maybe what you smell is that swill you swallow to take off the chill." Elton was a good guy, but got way too much pleasure out of scaring her out of her shoes.

A puckish grin warned her to brace herself for a biting come-back, but before he could, a frantic baritone blasted through the fog: "Over here!"

"Sending up a flare," hollered another.

Most of the Boeing 747 that plummeted from the mid-November sky during rush hour had landed square in the middle of I-95. The cups shut down all lanes in both directions to enable medevac copters to airlift passengers of the airliner—and those in the vehicles it had crushed—to Baltimore's shock trauma. And because eyewitnesses had reported seeing fiery bits of the plane falling due north of the explosion, her search and rescue team was sent into Patapsco State Park. Honor's unit included a couple of young guys just returning from Texas, where they'd earned Wilderness Certifications. Like thoroughbreds at the gate, both chomped at the bit to prove they could keep up with more experienced personnel. With any luck, they hadn't yet heard the rumors about her past, and wouldn't waste valuable time pummeling her with the usual acerbic questions.

How can readers find you on the Internet?
Most readers find (and write to) me via my web site,
I'm also at Facebook, Twitter, and Shoutlife, and try to add to my blog every few weeks,, and my monthly column, "Loree's Loughdown" can be found at Christian Fiction Online Magazine.

I love hearing from readers, and answer every letter, personally!

Thanks again, Lena, for giving me this opportunity to share Honor Redeemed with your blog visitors!

I love talking with you every chance we get, Loree.

Readers, here's a link to the book. By using it when you order, you help support this blog.
Honor Redeemed

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Loree Lough said...

A little "extra" for all of you: Be the first to find the typo in the sample chapter and you, too, will win a copy of Honor Redeemed!

Looking forward to hearing from y'all. I'll be back soon to visit. Meanwhile, enjoy your Friday!

Michelle said...

It should say, "The cops shut down . . ." not the "cups." :D

I love Loree and her books!! Thanks for a chance to win!

Michelle in CA
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Michelle said...

I also meant to say that I enjoyed the interview! It's always a pleasure getting to know you a little better, Loree. You're like a ray of sunshine! Hope I get to meet you in person someday. : )

Merry Christmas!

Jo said...

What a great interview. I would also love to visit Northern Ireland and Scotland.

I would love a chance to win this book. It sounds terrific!

Jo from Southern Arizona

Judy Cooper said...

It would be nice to win, I enjoy Loree's books. Judy C. in Louisiana

Lane Hill House said...

Para. 7, line 2, The cups shut down... "cops"?

Would like to win book! Missouri

Mary Preston said...

HONOR REDEEMED looks like a great read. I enjoyed learning about you today. So, thank you for sharing.

Mary P


Rebecca said...

Enjoyed the interview. I've always wanted to go to Ireland and Scotland. Maybe one day.
I'm awed by the SAR dogs and their handlers and would LOVE to read this book. Thanks for the opportunity!

Unknown said...

i recently read Beautiful Bandit and it was great! i like reading about those that serve our country and would love to win this book. Thanks Loree for consistently giving us good novels to read.


Sarah Rebekah Richmond said...

Please enter me in the drawing!!
God Bless,
Sarah Richmond

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Enter me!
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Please enter me in the drawing for
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Loree Lough said...

Hey, you guys!

Thanks so much for taking time from your busy days to post comments. I know that wasn't easy, this close to Christmas!

So...are you ready for the big day yet? (All I have left to do is bake and decorate Jesus's birthday cake and get Christmas dinner into the oven and on the table.

Michelle, I would LOVE a chance to meet you some day! (All of the rest of you, too!) Just so happens Michelle was the first one to find the mistake. Way to edit, girl!

The rest of you still have a chance to win the book, once Lena picks a name! If you're the winner, be sure to let Lena know (when you provide your snail mail address) how you'd like me to sign it. I'm more than happy to write a friend or relative's name on the opening page, so that you can give the book as a gift. ( can still read it, if you're very careful about how you turn the pages! LOL)

Well, it's time to turn the oven on. Again. (I baked a couple hundred Christmas cookies today, so's PIZZA for supper! )

I'll pop back here again tomorrow. Meanwhile, wishing you restful slumber and peaceful dreams!


Ingrid said...

Loved the Interview, thanks Lena and Loree, I read some of your books and would love to win this one. Blessings to all

I live in S.Illinois


Sharon Richmond said...

Enter me I would love to win a copy of this book it sounds like a great story! Thanks and God bless.
Sharon Richmond
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rubynreba said...

Love to read this. Looking forward to celebrating the birth of Jesus next week too!
from Iowa!

Aizess said...

Honor Redeemed seems really interesting. A novel with military people is bound to be interesting. So, please enter me in the giveaway!

I live in New York.

Mama Cat said...

Thank you, Loree! This series sounds exciting; I would love a chance to read this. Blessed Christmas! Jeanie in Phoenix

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this bok seems very interesting! I have never read a book about 9?11 should be very interesting.

Alicia from NY

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This sounds like a great book. Look forward to reading it.

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Loree, I do so enjoy your books. Can't wait to read "Honor Redeemed". I enjoyed the opening...typo and all. :-)

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