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A LOVE SURRENDERED and A LIGHT IN THE WINDOW - Julie Lessman - One Free Book (Winner's Choice)

Julie Lessman is an award-winning author whose tagline of “Passion With a Purpose” underscores her intense passion for both God and romance. American Christian Fiction Writers 2009 Debut Author of the Year and winner of 14 RWA awards, Julie Lessman was voted #1 Romance Author of the year in Family Fiction magazine’s 2012 and 2011 Readers Choice Awards, as well as #1 Historical Fiction Author, #3 Author, #4 Novel, #3 Series, and Booklist’s 2010 Top 10 Inspirational Fiction. Julie resides in Missouri with her husband, daughter, son, daughter-in-law and granddaughter and is the author of “The Daughters of Boston” series—A Passion Most Pure, A Passion Redeemed, A Passion Denied and the “Winds of Change” series—A Hope Undaunted, A Heart Revealed, A Love Surrendered. You can contact Julie through her website and read excerpts from each of her books at www.julielessman.com.

How did you come up with the idea for these stories?
Well, my two newest books—A Love Surrendered and my Christmas e-book entitled A Light in the Window: A Irish Christmas Love Story—are the final two novels in the O’Connor family saga, so I suppose I need to explain where I got the original idea for this family epic since each book springboards off the prior one.

As most of my readers already know, I started writing the first book in this saga, A Passion Most Pure, at the age of twelve after reading Margaret Mitchell’s Gone With the Wind. I immediately knew I wanted an Irish family coping with a war (like GWTW), but didn’t have the audacity to try another Civil War epic like Margaret, so I settled on WWI instead.

As the 12th child in a dysfunctional family of 13 kids, I also knew I wanted to portray a family the way God intended a family to be—flawed but steeped in faith. The result is the saga of the O’Connors, a passionate but imperfect family of six children who love God and each other in the best way they know how, all interwoven with a secondary love story between their parents. The first three books in The Daughters of Boston series highlight the love stories of each of the three oldest daughters, and the second series, Winds of Change, focuses on the youngest daughter and two sons. Oh, and the Christmas e-book? Ah … that’s the prequel I’ve been longing to write and finally did, which details the tumultuous love story of the saga’s happily married parents, Marcy and Patrick O’Connor.

If you were planning a party with Christian authors of contemporary fiction, what six people would you invite and why?
Ooops, sorry, Lena, I’m primarily a historical romance reader, but when I do read contemporary fiction, I can tell you right now that there would need to be ten authors at this party or none at all. My Seeker buds who write contemporary are a must—Mary Connealy, Debby Giusti, Audra Harders, Ruth Logan Herne, Myra Johnson, Glynna Kaye, Sandra LeeSmith, Tina Radcliffe, and Missy Tippens—every one a gifted author with a unique style all her own that captures me each and every time. And then, without question, my dear friend Patti Lacy as well, one of the few women’s fiction authors I simply will not miss because she is flat-out riveting.

Now let’s do that for a party for Christian authors of historical fiction, what six people would you invite and why?
For me, parties are about good friends, so again it would have to be my Seeker buds who write historical fiction, and those are—Mary Connealy, Janet Dean, Pam Hillman and Cara Lynn James. And without question, NO party would be complete without two of my dearest author friends and prayer partners, Laura Frantz and MaryLu Tyndall—women whose hearts beat to the same rhythm as mine and whose work I absolutely love!

Many times, people (and other authors) think you have it made with so many books published. What is your most difficult problem with writing at this time in your career?
Ha! At this time in my career?? How ‘bout ALL of my career, which has been the same age-old problem I’ve struggled with more than anything else, and that is the annoying focus on sales, contest wins, good reviews and contracts. BUT … the good news is that after almost five years of being published, I have finally turned a corner on that nasty problem, thank God, through a combination of prayer, fasting and a pretty amazing book entitled The Well by Mark Hall, pastor and lead singer for Casting Crowns. You see, my church has been urging each of its 6,000 members to read this book, and once you do, it’s pretty obvious why. Like Jesus told the Samaritan woman at the well, He is the only source of “living water,” and to try and draw our confidence, peace, hope and joy from stagnant holes such as success, people’s approval or talent will never truly satisfy and will only make us sick.

For me, getting published was like hopping aboard the scariest roller-coaster on the planet, and let me tell you, as much as I LOVE angst, drama and thrills in my books, I have a fear of heights and HATE roller-coasters! Everything happens so fast—you go flying to great heights with contest wins, wonderful reviews that bring tears to your eyes, and connections with reader friends that deepen and enrich your life. And then in the next pulse-freezing second, you go crashing back down to earth with 1-star reviews that cut your heart out and a truly awful obsession with Amazon rankings and book sales. The good news is that God has used this crazy lifestyle to ground and level me in HIM despite the endless ups and downs, for which I am eternally grateful.

Tell us about the featured books.
Gladly! Although I usually only have one book release a year, I’m very excited to announce that I have THREE books coming out in a six-month span. A Love Surrendered—the final book in the O’Connor family saga—released October 1st. Then my Marcy/Patrick e-book prequel, A Light in the Window: An Irish Christmas Love Story, released November 9 and I am SO proud to say that my artist hubby designed the cover and my daughter modeled for it! Then, April 1st, book 1 in my new Heart of San Francisco series, Love at Any Cost, releases, so there’s lots of “Passion with a Purpose”—my tagline—coming, and here are the blurbs for the two books out now:

A Love Surrendered:

He broke her sister’s heart …
Will she be next?
Orphaned in Iowa, Annie Kennedy moves to Boston to stay with her spinster aunt, longing for romance to fill the void of her parent’s death. But when she falls hard for Steven O’Connor, the man who broke an engagement to her sister, Annie is worried. Will he break her heart, too, when he discovers who she really is?
A Light in the Window: An Irish Christmas Love Story:

One woman. Two men.
One stirs her pulse and the other her faith.
But who will win her heart?
Marceline Murphy is a gentle beauty with a well-founded aversion to rogues. But when two of Boston's most notorious pursue her, attraction, dreams and faith only muddle her mind. Can the light in the window illuminate the path of true love?
They both sound wonderful. Please give us the first page of each book.
A Love Surrendered:
Boston, Massachusetts, May 1932

So help me, if I get caught tonight, Peggy Pankow’s name is “Mud.” Susannah Grace Kennedy braced herself against the cool of the salty sea air—and her guilt—and hurried down the dark street toward Revere Beach, almost regretting she’d let her new friend talk her into sneaking out of the house. A crescent moon rose while the waning light of dusk cast purple shadows on the boardwalk where streetlamps were just beginning to glow. People milled on the seashore, mere silhouettes backdropped by a fuscia sky glinting across restless waters. The sound of music drifted in the air along with the scent of the sea, and suddenly a tingle of excitement trumped any worry she had.

“Hey, Suzi-Q,” Peggy had said after class last week, “my big sis says we can tag along to Ocean Pier on Friday night.” Her brown eyes had sparkled with the dare of adventure. “Wanna go?”

Suzi-Q. Susannah winced, the little-girl nickname her family had coined a painful reminder of just how much her life had changed in three months. Her smile was patient. “Peg, it’s Anna now, remember? Not Suzi-Q or Suz or Susannah or Gracie or anything else that reminds me of a past I’m trying to forget.” She battled the familiar malaise that always accompanied thoughts of her once happy home. “Besides,” she said, her voice trailing to a whisper, “I’m not that girl anymore.”

“Okay, okay, but I refuse to call you Anna. Too stuffy.” Peg pursed her lips. “I should call you Dr Pepper Girl the way you guzzle the stuff when Aunt Eleanor’s not around, but with that strawberry blonde hair and cute freckled face, you’re an Annie through and through.”

“Annie” chewed on her thumbnail. “I don’t know, Peg, you don’t think ‘Annie’ sounds too young or rural?” she asked, anxious to shed her small-town roots. “After all, I’m a city girl now, looking for a new name and a new life.”

“Nope, it’s perfect.” Peggy wriggled her brows. “And you mean love life, don’t you?”

Annie’s stomach dipped and rolled like the seagulls over Revere Beach, and she gulped down a sliver of nail. Love life. Not just sterile words written in her diary this time back in her hometown of Badger, Iowa, or in one of her many handwritten novels. Nope, this would be real flesh-and-blood kisses from real flesh-and-blood men. She swallowed hard. “Uh . . . maybe.”

“No maybes about it, kiddo,” Peggy said with a wink. “A deal is a deal. You tutored me in algebra? I tutor you in love. What kind of romance writer will you be without research? Not to mention our bet—you swore you’d get your first kiss at Revere Beach or I get to keep your favorite sweater, remember?” Peggy sighed when Annie hesitated. “For criminy sakes, Annie Lou, you’re a woman who’s never been kissed, and this is your chance. Besides, Ocean Pier is the perfect place to lose your heart.” She elbowed Annie in the side, eyes agleam with mischief. “Or your reputation. What do you say, wanna go?”

A Light in the Window: An Irish Christmas Love Story:

Chapter One

Boston, Massachusetts, Summer 1895

I will not throw up … I will not throw up ...
Eighteen-year-old Marceline Murphy set her overnight case on the O’Rourke’s wraparound porch and pressed a quivering finger to the brass doorbell, a battalion of butterflies barnstorming her stomach. The last time she’d been this nervous was at the age of eleven when she’d frozen on the top limb of a massive pine tree in the backyard of her best friend Julie O’Rourke. The memory of Julie’s older brother Sam climbing up to rescue her made her hands sweat even now, his body close behind as he helped her down, limb by limb. At the bottom he’d tugged on her pigtail with that dimpled grin that had always fluttered her pulse. “Best keep your feet on the ground and your nose in a book, Marceline,” he’d whispered in her ear. “You’ll want to stay far away from danger.”

Danger, yes. Marcy swallowed hard.

Heights and Sam O’Rourke—two things that made her dizzy.

She heard the thump-thump of hurried footsteps on the other side of the door and nervously smoothed her hair. Carefully puffed and pulled back on the sides in the new Gibson Girl style with a tortoise-shell comb, the rest of her long blond curls trailed the back of her powder-blue shirtwaist. Adjusting her wide black belt, she slid a damp palm down her cream gabardine skirt that loosely hugged her hips before it spilled into a bell shape at her ankles. Children’s laughter floated on the summer breeze while a pink sky reflected in shiny parlour windows, casting a rosy glow on a white wicker swing. Marcy breathed in the fragrance of the scarlet pillar roses that coiled and tangled on a trellis at the end of the porch, their scent recalling summers playing jacks with Julie or discussing favorite book heroes while lazing in the swing.

It had been five years since she’d seen her best friend, five long years since Papa had whisked them away to New York for his new job as a vice president for Reading Railroad. But he hadn’t counted on an agricultural crisis that would result in a worldwide economic depression in 1893, costing him and thousands of others their jobs. Some of Marcy’s excitement over returning to Boston ebbed as her thoughts strayed to the financial crisis in which a quarter of the nation’s railroads—including the company Papa worked for—went bankrupt. In New York alone, unemployment among industrial workers exceeded twenty percent, which meant Papa had been forced to return to Boston to look for work. Squaring her shoulders, Marcy shook off the malaise that always settled when she thought of Papa out of a job, but she had no doubt that her faith—and that of her parents—would see them through. Even so, tonight she was back home with her best friend, and she refused to let anything dampen her excitement of seeing Julie again. Especially Julie’s brother.

How can readers find you on the Internet?
Of course, I LOVE to hear from reader friends, so they can feel free to contact me through my website at http://www.julielessman.com, either by sending an e-mail via my site or by signing up for my newsletter at http://www.julielessman.com/sign-up-for-newsletter/. My newsletter is chock-full of fun info on my books and there’s always a contest featuring signed book giveaways including one right now to have a character named after you or a loved one in my next book.

Also, I have a cool blog feature on my website called “Journal Jots” at http://www.julielessman.com/journal-jots1/, which is a very laid-back, Friday journal to my reader friends that would give your readers an idea as to my relaxed style of writing. Or they check out my favorite romantic and spiritual scenes from each of my books on the “Excerpts” tab of my website at http://www.julielessman.com/excerpts/.  Finally, I can be found daily at The Seekers blog at http://seekerville.blogspot.com/, a group blog devoted to encouraging and helping aspiring writers on the road to publication.

Thanks, Lena, for allowing me to connect with your readers, and I’m looking forward to giving the winning commenter a signed copy of any of my books, including A Love Surrendered or an e-book of A Light in the Window: An Irish Christmas Love Story, so GOOD LUCK!!


Thank you, Julie, for sharing both of these books with us. It's always such a pleasure to have you here. You need to contact me to book your next book.

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Paula O(kyflo130@yahoo.com)
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Thanks so much for featuring Julie! I read mostly historical fiction too, and love her books. I've entered many times trying to win one, but don't think I ever have. I have all but the newest e-book=)

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I always think the family of 7 I grew up in was large but I guess, not really. ;)

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Ms. Lessman gives all of us a unique perspective of a loving family who has the courage to take life at the jumpstart and follow their dreams wherever they may lead. I love the pulse of spirit which combines with pure joy and love, as each story interweaves into the next! THANK YOU for offering this giveaway for a chance to WIN one of these beautiful books! May the festive merriment of the season be with everyone! // United States

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Julie Lessman said...

Hey, LENA, thank you SOOO much for hosting me on your blog today!!

AMY ... hopefully this truly will be a "fabulous giveaway" for you if you win, so GOOD LUCK, sweetie!!

PAULA!!! Hey, girl, ALWAYS great to see you on the Web, and WOW, nine kids is nothing to sneeze at, I can tell you that! And trust me -- I'm "anxious" for you to read ALITW too, so here's to a win!!

Oh goodness, PATTY ... you sound like you are about due to pull out a win, girl, so fingers crossed ... :)

LADYSAOTOME ... HA! Seven is PLENTY BIG these days, girl, and the way that you can tell that is from the grocery and clothing bills, right? GOOD LUCK IN THE CONTEST!!

MYRA!!! Soooo fun to see a fellow Seeker here, my friend, THANK YOU!! And I STILL haven't gotten my reviews written on your book and Janet's, Mary's and Glynna's, so please forgive me, but it's coming, I promise!!

Hey, LYNDIE ... hope this "opportunity" pays off for you, sweetie, so here's to a win!!

MARIANNE ... YAY!!! Sooo glad you've noticed ALITW all over the Web because I'd hate to think all my work on promoting didn't catch someone's eye!!

LOL, LADETTE ... I did kind of strong-arm you, didn't I?? Hope it was worth it, girl ... ;)

ALLI!!! YES, I am ... but not too busy to have fun talking to one of my FAVORITE reader friends, darlin', so thanks for coming by and here's to a win!!

KATHLEEN ... girl, you deserve AHU on pure diligence alone, so I'm pulling for you, sweetie -- GOOD LUCK!!


Hannah said...

Those two books look great!
Hannah P

Anonymous said...

Hi, Reading all about Julie and what got her to where she is today was a delight. She is beautiful inside and out. Because of her faith and family support there is no limit to what God will do through her. Thank you for letting us leave a comment.
Blessings to you,
Sandi Borgens

Taliasba said...

I truly enjoyed your interview. I, too, love Gone With The Wind and Casting Crowns! Yes, Jesus will see you through everything!
I loved reading about the new Christmas book. Sounds like an awesome story. Looking forward to reading it as I'm sure many others are, too.
thank you for this opportunity to win a copy of it.
God Bless,

Tracey Krieg
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Julie Lessman said...

Hey, AMANDA ... you sound like someone who hasn't read any of my books, so if that's true, I really encourage you to check out my brand of "passion with a purpose" writing on the EXCERPTS tab of my website where I have posted my favorite romantic and spiritual scenes from each of my books, including both of today's featured books. Here's the link and GOOD LUCK in the contest!!


JORIE ... girl, you sound like a writer to me, which blesses me all the more. Thank you for your kind words and GOOD LUCK in the contest, sweetie.

MEGAN ... I sure hope so, sweetie, but don't take my word for it -- check out the reviews on Amazon for yourself, okay? GOOD LUCK!

LOL, MELODY ... not so hard, girlfriend, I promise. I have at least six reader friends who have won three books or more from me through giveaways, so those are pretty darn good odds, wouldn't you say? Now, here's hoping the next one is you!!

Thanks, Kaye ... would love to send either of these puppies your way, so GOOD LUCK!!

Hey, MELISSA ... thank you, sweetie, and I don't know if it's a "privilege," per se, but I sure would love to send you one, darlin', so here's to a win. :)

JOANN!!!! One of my favorite people and authors -- thanks for coming by, girlfriend, and I'm inclined to agree with you on the cover, my friend, but only because my artist hubby designed it and my daughter modeled for it. :)

SARAH ... you are more than welcome for the chance to win ... not sure it qualifies as a "great book," but I do guarantee some tears and some laughs ... ;)

Hey, BETH ... LOVE your pic, girl --- is that a wedding shot and if so -- is it YOUR wedding???

BOOKISHQUEEN ... first of all, LOVE your addy, girl, and secondly, I am SO glad you've been wanting to read ALITW. Hopefully we can accomplish that on this blog, so GOOD LUCK!

HANNAH P!!! Like I told Amanda above, YOU sound like someone who hasn't read any of my books, so if that's true, I really encourage you to check out my brand of "passion with a purpose" writing on the EXCERPTS tab of my website where I have posted my favorite romantic and spiritual scenes from each of my books, including both of today's featured books. Here's the link and GOOD LUCK in the contest!!


SANDI!!!!!!!!! Girl, it is SOOO fun to see you here, my friend, and I'm still waiting for that Kindle address, so shoot it to me when you can. And if you can't get it, it's reallllly easy to download a Kindle app for PCs, Macs, iPhones, iPads, Droids, etc., so I can always send it to you that way or in a PDF, so let me know , okay? And you already have A Love Surrendered, right??

TALIASBA ... oh, girl, you're making points as a GWTW lover like me, trust me, and you also sound like my books might be new to you. If so, I encourage you to check out my favorite romantic and spiritual scenes from each of my books on the EXCERPTS tab of my website, okay? Here's the link and GOOD LUCK in the contest!!



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Julie is an amazing author and I'm so looking forward to A Light in the Window! Now I just have to decide if I want to finish the other O'Conner books first or go ahead and read it =)

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Both books look absolutely marvelous.

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My goodness your series sound good! I really like Christmas books, thanks for including that.

It is amazing you started writing at such a young age!!


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Julie is my fav. I have all her books except Love Surrendered would love to win a copy thanks.

I live in ND

ABreading4fun [at] gmail [dot] com

PS Yes, I'm a Julie fan....Hi Julie, I know you'll read this because you always do you're wonderful. Trust your Thanksgiving was a good one. and a Merry Christmas to you.

rubynreba said...

Thanks for the chance to win these books. They look very good!
Beth from IA

Julie Lessman said...

NANCEE ... well, we'll just have to see if we can tick one of these books off your "wish list," girl, so GOOD LUCK!!

LOL, LIZ ... decisions, decisions!! Thank you SO much for your sweet comment, and I say go ahead and plow through the others because if you're anything like me, you're going to experience O'Connor withdrawal after ALS, so the prequel will be a nice transition between the O'Connors and the McClares in my next series. WHICH ... is exactly why I wrote the prequel in the first place -- to help me make the transition as well!! Besides, although I am promoting A Light in the Window as a Christmas book, I fully intend to market it as a "love story for all seasons" in the new year since it spans from May to May ... ;)

Thanks, MARE -- I appreciate that and hopefully you will think so AFTER you read them, my friend. AND ... if you haven't read any of my books, you may want to check out my brand of "passion with a purpose" on the EXCERPTS tab of my website where I have posted my favorite romantic and spiritual scenes from each of my books, including both of today's featured books. Here's the link and GOOD LUCK in the contest!!

TICKMENOT!!! Goodness, would I love to know the story behind THAT addy, girl!! ;) And like I mentioned in my comment to Mary above, you sound like a gal who's never read any of my books before, so I invite you to check out the EXCERPTS tab of my website where I have listed my favorite romantic and spiritual scenes from each of my books -- that will cinch it for you as to whether you want to read them or not, okay? Here's the link, so GOOD LUCK, and here's hoping you pull out a win!!

ABS!!! Yes, my Thanksgiving was the best ever, so thank you for asking AND for your kind words!! I wish you and yours a happy and holy holiday season ... oh, and a "win" for you! ;)

Hey, BETH ... I'm intrigued by your addy, "rubynreba" ... are those your cats, perchance?? Addies fascinate me, as I hope my books will fascinate you if you choose to check them out. You can do so at the EXCERPTS tab of my website where I've posted my favorite romantic and spiritual scenes from each of my books, including the two featured today, so check it out here and GOOD LUCK!! JULIE'S EXCERPTS


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Julie Lessman said...

SARAH, you're entered, girlfriend, so God bless you right back and here's to a win!!

LOL, SHARON ... that's what I like ... a gal who's not particular!! Well if you win, darlin', I will be sure to direct you to the best choice for you, okay? GOOD LUCK!!

LYNDIE ... trust me, girl, I would "love" for you to win, too, so here's hoping your comment is the lucky draw!!

KANDRA ... thank you SOOO much, you sweet thing, and I'm hoping you can't go wrong with either one, so fingers crossed!!


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Julie Lessman said...

Hey, ANGELA ... thanks for coming by and GOOD LUCK in the contest!!

LOL, JASMINE ... well then, girl, you will probably like the inside of the book, too, since I am HIGH on drama and sass and the interplay between a hero and heroine, so GOOD LUCK in the draw!!

ABIGAIL!!! Thanks, sweetie, and I will be happy to advise you on which book to select if you win, based on whether you've read my books before or not. If you haven't, I invite you to check out the EXCERPTS tab of my website where I have listed my favorite romantic and spiritual scenes from each of my books -- that will cinch it for you as to whether you want to read them or not, okay? Here's the link, so GOOD LUCK!!


GANISE!!! Hey, girl, waving right back and sending hugs too!!

SHARON!!! OH MY GOODNESS ... you're Irish and have family that lives there??? Then this Irish family saga is DEFINITELY for you, girl, so I sure hope you cinch a win. If you've not read my books before (and it sounds like you haven't), then I invite you to check out the EXCERPTS tab of my website where I have listed my favorite romantic and spiritual scenes from each of my books, okay? Here's the link, so GOOD LUCK!!


Thanks, JACKIE ... and even "greater" if you win, right??? GOOD LUCK!!

VERONICA!!! Girl, you just won A Light in the Window in my FB contest, so SUPER CONGRATS!! If you win here, I'll be happy to send you your choice of my books, okay?


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Marcy and Patrick are my two all-time fave characters so I hope I can win their prequel love story! Rose from KY

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I would love to be entered to win one of Julie's books. I always love the covers of her books. Thank you for the giveaway.

I live in Indiana.

Smiles & Blessings,
Cindy W.

Julie Lessman said...

Hey, CYNDY ... thanks SO much, my friend! These are the last two O'Connor books, so it will be a wee bit bittersweet, I'm afraid! GOOD LUCK in the draw, girl!!

ROSE!!! I know what you mean -- they're my faves too, but maybe that's because their marriage is based on my husband's and mine. :) I gotta feeling you're gonna love ALITW, then, because Patrick is so VA-VA-VOOM and Marcy is just so darn sweet. :)

Thanks, Cindy -- my covers are really nice, aren't they? Revell does such a great job with them. And then, of course, my hubby is a dream designer, too, because I LOVE his design of the e-book, ESPECIALLY since it's my daughter on the cover! ;) Here's to a win, sweetie.


Kathy said...

Hello! I am from McLean County, Illinois. Thanks so much for the chance to win - love Julie's books.

Julie Lessman said...

Hey, KATH, thanks SO much for reading my books, my friend, and here's hoping your sweet comment nets you a win!!


Callie said...

Oh, I've been dying to read ALITW!!! Thanks for this chance to!
Callie B.

Anonymous said...

Hi Julie !! thanks so much for the chance to win A Light in the Window.. When I first saw the book, I realized I wanted to read it..your daughter is so pretty, so very pretty !!! I love the snowglobe, such a nice cover.. the intrigue got me, I am only 20 minutes from Boston, so it's like reading about home !! thanks again Julie... Chicki Foley rfoley@salemstate.edu

Julie Lessman said...

Hey, CALLIE ... good for you, girl, hitting all the giveaways!! There's also a giveaway of THREE copies of ALITW going on over at Carrie Pagel's blog that I didn't know about till today, so here's the link to check it out:



Julie Lessman said...

CHICKI!!! Hey, girl, SO good to see you pop up here, my friend, and you're only 20 minutes from Boston??? Oh, girl, then you absolutely MUST read the Daughters of Boston series, so here's hoping you win!!

And check out my comment to Callie above because I gave her a link where three more giveaways are going on for A Light in the Window, okay?



Merry said...

With my busy week I almost missed my chance... I love Julie's fabulous books... add me please!
Merry in TX

Julie Lessman said...

MERRY -- you're in, girlfriend, so good job!!! And if you don't win here, check out my Journal Jots blog for more giveaways, okay?

Here's the link: