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A ROCKY MOUNTAIN ROMANCE - Misty M Beller - One Free Book, Plus Much More

Bio: Misty M. Beller writes Christian historical romance and is the author of the bestselling Mountain Dreams Series and the Texas Rancher Trilogy.

She was raised on a farm in South Carolina, so her Southern roots run deep. While she was growing up, her family was close, and they continue to keep that priority today. Her husband and daughters now add another dimension to her life, keeping her both grounded and crazy.

God has placed a desire in Misty's heart to combine her love for Christian fiction and the simpler ranch life, writing historical novels that display God's abundant love through the twists and turns in the lives of her characters.

Writing is a dream come true for Misty. Her family—both immediate and extended—is the foundation that holds her secure in that dream.

Welcome back, Misty. Tell us about your salvation experience.
I still remember it clearly, although I was only four years old at the time. I’d been watching a children’s show called Gospel Bill about a Christian cowboy. At the end of the show, he talked about how to invite Jesus in your heart and led viewers in a prayer. I was raised in a Christian family, so the concept of Jesus living in your heart wasn’t new to me, but I remember praying that prayer. Afterward, the first person I told was my grandmother, and she still remains as one of the most godly influences on my life.

You’re planning a writing retreat where you can only have four other authors. Who would they be and why?
That’s a tough one! I’d be torn between spending time with my author “heroes,” and inviting dear writer friends and critique partners to join in the special time. Are you sure I can’t invite more than four? J

Do you have a speaking ministry? If so, tell us about that.
I don’t consider it as formal as the term Speaking Ministry, but I do speak occasionally to audiences. Sometimes at book signings or church events, and I usually teach at book conferences several times per year. As nervous as this introverted writer gets at the thought of being in front of a crowd, I love the opportunity to connect with fellow writers and book lovers! And if I can share something that will bring value to someone else, it’s all worth it!

What is the most embarrassing thing that has happened to you and how did you handle it?
Oh, no! I tend to try to block out the more painfully embarrassing moments, so nothing springs immediately to mind. In general, when I humiliate myself at any level, I apologize, turn beet red, and retreat as quickly as possible!

People are always telling me that they’d like to write a book someday. I’m sure they do to you, too. What would you tell someone who came up to you and said that?
Don’t wait! It will always be a dream until you take that first step. When you’re ready, get books on writing craft from the library and dive in. Plot and Structure by James Scott Bell is an excellent choice! Find a writer’s group to join—either online or in person. You’ll learn so much from seasoned authors and having the support of writers who ‘understand’ will be invaluable through your journey. And most of all, pray for God’s guidance and blessing on each word!

Tell us about the featured book.
I’d love to! This is the second book in the Wyoming Mountain Tales series.

The Wyoming mountain country seems like the perfect place for Zeche Reid to find himself. When a blizzard sends him scrambling for cover, he stumbles upon a lady and her professor father holed up in a remote cabin. His protective instincts won't let him desert them to continue his travels, especially when the father’s haunting memories from the War of Secession put his daughter’s safety at risk.

Fighting her own nightmares after the war, Greta Michelly is trying to settle into this rugged mountain land, but her bad memories are nothing compared to the demons that haunt her father. The haven they’ve found in these Rocky Mountains seems to be the solace he needs to find peace—until a mysterious sojourner appears on their cabin doorstep. She can’t help but be drawn to the wild aura that surrounds the man, but that strength seems to be that very thing that intensifies her father’s struggles.

As Zeche is torn between his craving to protect Gretta and the awful realization that he’s the one putting her in more danger, he’s forced to make a difficult choice. But when a run-in with an elk changes his plans and Gretta is faced with a danger Zeche is powerless to control, Zeche has to find a way to protect her at any cost. Even at the cost of his heart. 

I’m intrigued. Please give us the first page of the book.
Near South Pass City, Wyoming Territory
October, 1866
This storm had the power to ruin his journey.

The ashen snow clouds hung thick in the sky, which meant Zeche Reid wouldn’t have much time before the blizzard hit. Icy dampness seemed to hover in the air as it captured his breath, and even his exhales hung like leaden clouds, harbingers of the coming threat. Chipmunks had been scurrying all morning, hopping from pine to spruce to cedar, searching for the last remaining acorns. All the signs bespoke snow. A lot of it.

He stared out across the rocky peaks of the Wyoming mountains. Snow blanketed most of the pinnacles, but others stored the white only in nooks and crags. In the valley beneath him, patches of brown grass peeked out from the frozen covering. The plants would be buried soon enough.
Which meant he needed to find a place to hole up.

He'd been hoping for a cave, but he may have to settle for that rock overhang just visible on the side of the mountain opposite him. Nudging Biscuit forward, he shifted with the gelding’s unsteady gait as they maneuvered the winding deer trail around the rocky cliff side. A lone flake almost the size of his thumbprint drifted down in front of them.

He’d covered a lot of ground these past weeks since leaving the icy chill of the Sweetwater River. But there was still so much to see and explore in these mountains. Now that his sister, Mara, and her husband had taken on most of the horses and training from their family ranch, he no longer bore that responsibility. And his youngest brother, Ezra, could handle the stage stop on his own, especially as things slowed down through the winter months.

There was almost nothing holding Zeche back. No one who needed him.

The chance he’d been waiting for had finally come. An opportunity to strike out on his own and explore as far into these Rocky Mountains as he and Biscuit could go before spring. Unfortunately, the going had proved slower than he’d expected, especially with several snowfalls making the trails slick. But slower travel gave him more time to take in the views. More time for the majesty of this mountain wilderness to sneak into his chest and take hold.

New snowflakes followed the first, falling in steady procession as he rounded the crest of the mountain and the trail descended more steeply. Something below caught his eye, and he reined in.

A cabin.

With smoke curling from a rock chimney attached to the side of the wooden structure, it looked as out of place in this desolate land as a glass storefront. Yet, the structure seemed to snuggle into the trees around it as if it had always been there.

How can readers find you on the Internet?
I love to connect at my website, FacebookGoodreadsTwitter, Bookbub, and Pinterest.

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Misty M. Beller said...

Thanks so much for hosting me, Lena! It's always such an honor to join your readers!

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A Rocky Mountain Romance sounds like a great read. Thank you for sharing this interview and giveaway.
Connie from KY

Misty M. Beller said...

Great to meet you, Connie! Hope you get a chance to read it!

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Sounds like a good one! Thank you for a great interview and giveaway.

Melanie Backus, TX

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Thanks so much for sharing this interview and wonderful writing talent. Appreciate the opportunity to be a part of the drawing. I live in Waurika, OK, after living most of my life in West Tx. May you GOD continue to bless your writing career.

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Looks great!!!
Abigail in VA

Misty M. Beller said...

Thanks for stopping by, Melanie! Blessings!

Misty M. Beller said...

Great to meet you, Cleda! West Texas is a special place! I've never lived there, but have loved visiting many times; it's so different from South Carolina where I live now!

Misty M. Beller said...

Thanks for stopping by the blog, Abigail!

Beth Gillihan said...

Sounds like a great book. Love the cover. Thanks for the interview.

Beth in Montana

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I haven't had the opportunity to read one of Misty M Beller's books. I enjoyed the interview and would love to read her book. Thank you for this great giveaway.
Barbara Thompson
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Elly said...

I've never heard of this series before. It sounds amazing! I'm intrigued! Time for me to hop on over to goodreads and add this series to my to-read list. 😉
Elly -Indiana-

Misty M. Beller said...

Ah, thanks, Beth! I think that's one of my favorite covers, too!

Misty M. Beller said...

Barbara, I hope you get to read this story and enjoy it!

Misty M. Beller said...

Such a pleasure to meet you, Elly! This has been such a fun series to write; I hope you enjoy it! :)

Winnie Thomas said...

Fun interview! Your books look and sound so intriguing. I'm from Utah, and I've been to the South Pass area a couple of times. That makes it all the more fascinating to me.

Winnie T from Utah

Misty M. Beller said...

Hi Winnie! That area is so lovely, isn't it? Great to see you on the blog today!

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Sounds like a really good Christian and historical fiction. Would love to win.
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