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HOME AT LAST - Deborah Raney - One Free Book

Bio: Deborah Raney's novels have won numerous awards including the RITA, National Readers' Choice Award, HOLT Medallion, the Carol Award, and have three times been Christy Award finalists. She and her husband, Ken Raney have traded small-town life in Kansas-the setting of many of Deb's novels-for life in the city of Wichita.

Welcome back, Deborah. Tell us a little about yourself and your background.
I’m a farmer’s daughter who was born in Texas, but moved to Kansas as an infant and have called this beautiful spot of God’s green earth home for all but about 2 years of my life. My husband Ken and I have 4 kids and now 7 grandkids who all live much too far away. 

How did you become interested in writing?
As a child, I had bronchial pneumonia that turned into asthma. Because wheat and hay were the two things that seemed to trigger my asthma attacks, I spent a lot of time moping indoors while my brother and 3 sisters played outside. But my wonderful mom turned that time into something that changed the course of my life: she read to me, then introduced me to chapter books, and by the time I was 11 and spent a summer reading all of Laura Ingalls Wilders’ Little House books, I knew I wanted to grow up and write books that would give people the same pleasure as Laura’s books had given me. 

What compelled you to write a book on this subject? 
I’ve become really concerned about what seems to be a new wave of racial conflict in our nation. For many years, it seemed like we were making strides. But with tragedies like the ones that happened in Ferguson and Charleston, I couldn’t ignore the subject any longer. Home at Last isn’t my first novel with a theme of racial reconciliation. Because of the Rain (originally titled In the Still of Night) and Above All Things also deal with racial issues, but Home at Last is the first time I’ve written from the viewpoint of a person of a different race than me. I didn’t take that task lightly, but as with any novel where I write a character different from myself, I first did my research, and then asked people like my characters to read the manuscript and let me know if there was anything that didn’t ring true.

What is the main theme or point that you want readers to understand from reading your book?
My Scripture theme for this book was Galatians 3:28: “There is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, nor is there male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.” And that was my theme. We are all one in Christ, and therefore we are all brothers and sisters, and should love and care for one another as such.
Are there some specific lessons you hope readers will learn and apply to their lives after reading your book?
It’s a tall order, but I hope readers will be compelled to be more compassionate, more understanding, less judgmental, and more full of God’s grace to each other—even when we disagree on some matters.

What makes your book different from any other books similar to yours that are in circulation today?
Twenty authors could write a book using the same synopsis as a starting point, and you would end up with twenty completely different stories! That’s the beauty of God’s creativity within us! We each have a unique and individual voice. 

How does the book intertwine with God’s call on your life and how you are currently serving Him?
Though I didn’t really set out to have a common theme running through all my novels, after writing more than thirty books, the theme that has surfaced is redemption—the fact that God can take the most difficult circumstance and turn it into something that ultimately brings Him glory. That’s what my stories testify to.

Do you have a favorite Scripture verse?
Romans 8:28 has always been a favorite because it confirms that theme of redemption that runs through my books and through my own life. 

When you are not writing, what do you like to do? Do you have any hobbies?
I love decorating our home to make it a cozy and welcoming place. We live on a pretty tight budget, but Ken and I go on weekly garage sale jaunts that have allowed us to furnish and decorate our home and home offices on a dime. And have a blast doing so!

As we close, is there anything else you would like to add?
I love these chances to connect with readers. You, readers, are the reason I write, and I love hearing from you and connecting with you online and in person. A little taste of heaven!

Where can my readers find you on the Internet?

Thank you, Deb, for sharing this new book with us. I know my readers as eager to read it as I am.

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Connie said...

This sounds like a book that is very relevant to our present society. Thank you for sharing!
Connie from KY

Anonymous said...

I live in Missouri. Born and raised in Illinois. Since marriage I have lived in Arizona, Michigan, Texas, Arkansas and stopped at Missouri. I love your books. jrs0350 @ yahoo . com

Tonya Robinette said...

I love this series and am very eager to read this last book. I am originally from Virginia, but I have lived in North Carolina for 34 years.


Naomi Shores said...

I live in Indiana. That sounds like a good book.

pol said...

I love to see things about the authors that I read and we see Deborah on FB a lot telling of her estate sales and all her wonderful finds,love them. I would be intrested in reading this book,thanks for sharing. I am a reader from Ga.

CatMom said...

I enjoyed this interview with Deb! She's one of the very first authors I read when I "discovered" Christian fiction some years ago - - and I've been a loyal Deborah Raney fan since. :) I've loved every book I've read by Deb, and this newest one sounds wonderful too.
Thank you for featuring Deb on your blog today!
Blessings from Georgia, Patti Jo Moore

Susan said...

I really enjoy Deb Raney's storytelling style! I live in Mont Alto, Pennsylvania. Thanks for the interview and giveaway!

Kathy Eger said...

Good to hear about your writing! Home in DE.

Bonnie Roof said...

Thanks for the interesting interview, Deborah and Lena!! I love reading books with controversial subjects and dysfunctional characters who become redeemed through the grace of God. I also love seeing how you decorate your beautiful home with your garage sale finds, Deborah!! Can't wait to read 'Home At Last' - thanks for the giveaway opportunity!!

Bonnie, Kentucky

Julie Patterson said...

I really enjoy your books I just finished reading the Hanover fall series it was very good. I ordered the first book in this series as well so excitedt

Deborah Raney said...

Great to hear from everyone! Thanks so much for your kind words. And thanks, Lena, for hosting me. Always a pleasure to be a guest on your blog!

Tiffany Hall said...

I have really enjoyed this series and can't wait to read this new book! Enjoyed the interview too! Tiffany from Louisiana.

Theresa Kitchen said...

Great interview. I am enjoying the retirement life with my husband, one of our daughters, one dog and two cats in Conway, SC just 15 miles from the ocean front at Myrtle Beach!

Theresa Kitchen said...

Great interview. I am enjoying the retirement life with my husband, one of our daughters, one dog and two cats in Conway, SC just 15 miles from the ocean front at Myrtle Beach!

Carla Kersey said...

Very interesting interview. Really enjoyed it! I was also born in Texas and I still live in the state!

Barbara Lynn Thompson said...

I've been wanting to read these books, but haven't had the financial opportunity. Hopefully one day I will. My library is a smaller library. I enjoyed the interview. I'm Barbara from Louisiana.

Anonymous said...

I just picked up the last book in the series; it has been an enjoyable reading experience.

Kim hansen said...

Sounds good. north platte nebraska.

Patty said...

I haven't read any of this series, but it sounds like something I would really enjoy.


Winnie Thomas said...

Thanks for the interesting interview, Lena and Deborah. Deborah, your book looks and sounds so intriguing. Thanks for sharing your time and talents.

Winnie from Utah

Jackie Smith said...

I am a HUGE Deb Raney fan....have read all in this series so am very anxious to read this last one. Thanks for your giveaway.
Jackie S. in GA

Sharon Richmond Bryant said...

Enter me in your awesome giveaway!!
Conway SC.

Linda McFarland said...

Fun getting to know Deborah Raney a little better. Always fun to get better acquainted with an author. Thanks for the opportunity to win!
Linda from PA

rubynreba said...

I agree that we need more compassion in life and I'd love to read this!
Beth from IA