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LOVE'S ETERNAL BREATH - Naomi Rawlings - One Free Book

Welcome back, Naomi. Why do you write the kind of books you do?
Because I love being able to share my faith and God’s love in my writing. I hope my books are an encouragement for other believers.

Besides when you came to know the Lord, what is the happiest day in your life?
The day I got married. (You can tell I’m a romance writer, can’t you?)

How has being published changed your life?
My oldest son has a lot of medical expenses, so the money I earn from my writing had gone almost exclusively to pay for that. It’s a huge blessing to be able to provide for my son’s needs without having to work outside the home.

What are you reading right now?
I just started Debra Clopton’s Windswept Bay Series.

I love her writing. What is your current work in progress?
Love’s Bright Tomorrow. It’s the sixth book in the Eagle Harbor Series, and it will probably be the last book for that series as well.

What would be your dream vacation?
Somewhere with a warm beach and no children. At this stage of my life, quiet and relaxation are more important than an actual location.

How do you choose your settings for each book?
When I first moved to the coast of Lake Superior, I was entranced by both the beauty and the danger the lake held. It was only natural for me to set a novel in this rugged location, which then turned into a series of novels. You get the idea.

If you could spend an evening with one person who is currently alive, who would it be and why?
My best friend, Melissa Jagears. Because sometimes being with friends is nicer than being with strangers, no matter how famous those strangers are.

I so agree. What are your hobbies, besides writing and reading?
Hiking. I love hiking, but I don’t find the time nearly as often as I’d like.

What is your most difficult writing obstacle, and how do you overcome it?
At the moment, finding time to write. I try to set aside certain times each day where I write and don’t let other things interfere, but sometimes life ends up happening instead.

What advice would you give to a beginning author?
Write every day, and study the authors whose books you love. What makes you love their writing? Figure it out and try to do the same in your own novels.

Tell us about the featured book.
Lindy Marsden once dreamed of having a husband, a house, some children, and maybe even a sewing machine. But since she grew ill five years ago, those dreams have become too much to hope for. Now she just wants to provide for herself and help the abandoned children she found living in the woods until their father returns … and avoid doctors for the rest of her life. Their medicine never leads to any good, and she has the scars to prove it.

Seth Harrington loves being a doctor, but treating patients in the small town of Eagle Harbor is nothing like working at a prestigious Boston hospital, especially with the other doctor in town trying to steal Seth's patients. When he’s called to treat a reluctant woman, Seth finds Lindy Marsden’s fiery dislike for him rather insulting. He has the ability to help her, but she wants nothing to do with him. Until she shows up on his doorstep one night ...

When the plight of a young abandoned boy brings Seth and Lindy irrevocably together, Seth finds himself in the most difficult situation of his career. His expertise can help him heal the sick, but will his love be enough to soothe Lindy’s wounded soul?

Come visit the rugged yet beautiful coast of Lake Superior and the remote historical town of Eagle Harbor that readers can’t get enough of.

Please give us the first page of the book.
Eagle Harbor, Michigan; August, 1883
“I told you not to come back.”

Lindy Marsden looked into Jenny O’Byrne’s brown eyes and attempted to scowl as fiercely as the irate woman in front of her—if Jenny could even be called a woman. Given her youthful face and unblemished skin, Jenny couldn’t be more than sixteen or seventeen.

“I brought you bread and flour, even some sourdough starter from the bakery so you can make your own bread.” Lindy would have made the words louder, her voice firmer, had she the breath to do so. But after walking two miles uphill to reach the cabin, her lungs were wound tighter than a jack-in-the-box and nearly ready to burst. She sucked in a small breath. The burning sensation would abate. Eventually. If she rested long enough.

She hoped.

She set the sack with the dough and flour on the rickety table, then straightened and held out the loaf of bread to Jenny, drawing in another small breath before she spoke. “Don’t be upset with me.”

Even with the door open, the cabin was so dim it should’ve been impossible to see Jenny’s anger. But the woman’s fiery eyes burned through the shadows nonetheless. “What part of ‘don’t come back again’ is that difficult for you to understand?”

The part that entails leaving children to starve in the woods. But if she ever hoped to return, she dare not speak the words.

I’m eager to read the book. How can readers find you on the Internet?
One of my books is free right now, so if readers want to try my writing, they can grab a copy of the first book in the Eagle Harbor Series, Love’s Unfading Light.
Get your copy here:
Amazon ~.~.~ iBooks ~.~.~ Nook ~.~.~ Kobo ~.~.~ Google Play

Otherwise readers can find me on Facebook or on my website: One of my favorite ways to stay in contact with readers is through my author newsletter. Those who sign up also get a free bonus novella.

Thank you, Naomi, for sharing this book with us.

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Caryl Kane said...

I enjoy learning more about Naomi! This series sounds wonderful.

Caryl K in TEXAS

Vera Godley said...

This sounds like a wonderful story to read and the time period for medicine was both interesting and scary. Abandoned children always picks at the heart strings. Would love the opportunity to win this one.

Vera in the center of North Carolina, USA

Naomi Rawlings said...

Hi Caryl and Vera, thanks for stopping by. I had fun writing this book, and yes, little ones do tend to tug on heart strings.

Diana Flowers said...

Thanks for the interview and giveaway opportunity! Naomi, it touched me what you said about rather spending time with your bestie, Melissa, than someone famous. There's nothing like a best friend! I have two in this series on my Kindle...would love to read the whole set!

Diana in SC

Kim hansen said...

Love her books. north platte nebraska.

Abigail Mitchell said...

Your books look so good. Would love to win!
Abigail in VA

Library Lady said...

Thanks for giving me the chance to win Naomi's book. We have her books in the church library. Janet E.
Hot and Sunny Florida

Anonymous said...

Another new author for me! Manitoba, Canada


Patty said...

I grew up in MI but haven't had the chance to read any of Naomi's Eagle Harbor novels.

Patty in SV

Patty said...

The above comment should have been from Patty in SC!

Cindy W. said...

I would love to win a copy of Naomi's book. The cover is beautiful and it sounds wonderful.
Thank you for the chance to win.

Cindy W. from Indiana

Connie said...

Naomi, thanks for sharing your thoughts and the first page of Love's Eternal Breath. It sounds very intriguing.
Connie from KY

Winnie Thomas said...

Lovely interview, Lena and Naomi! It's always fun learning more about authors, whether they are new-to-me or familiar ones. I've read several of Naomi's books and have loved them. She is an amazing author. Thanks, Naomi! I have this book on my Kindle, so you don't need to enter me in the drawing.

Naomi Rawlings said...

Thanks for stopping by, everyone. How neat to see some of you have already read one of my books!

rubynreba said...

I remember the first book I read of Naomi's, Sanctuary for a Lady. I've read many since and enjoy them all!
Beth from IA

Sharon Richmond Bryant said...

Enter me in your awesome giveaway!!
Conway SC.

agboss said...

Thanks for the GREAT interview! It's always nice to learn more about authors! Love's Eternal breath sounds like a great read! Love the cover! Thanks so much for the opportunity of this giveaway! I have the first three books in this series and would love to win this book to add to the set :)

Alison from MI

Carolyn said...

author Naomi Rawlings would be a new author for me with this book; having only been reading novels for a few years. I hail from Mn; have visited lake superior and think 'Love eternal breath' would be such an enjoyable read and thanks for introducing us to more of Naomi Rawlings

Sylvia said...

I have enjoyed reading Naomi's Love Inspired novels and look forward to reading this series.

I am a reader from North Carolina.


Anonymous said...

sounds like a great book! Shelia from MS sheliarha64(at)yahoo(dot)com

Naomi Rawlings said...

Thanks to everyone who stopped by!